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Live Again, Noblesse Requiem.

All these years, it's been a pain; a pain to live that is, not physical, but mentally. I really don't know what to do now, now that the war has devastated families, killed friends… Friends like Remus Lupin, my own Godfather, my last, say, "relative" alive, the Dursleys don't count, Sirius Black was killed, Alastor Moody, Fred Weasley not including Nymphadora Tonks, and countless many others that I do and don't know of. Even with magic, the one thing magic couldn't do, is revive the dead. In ways I'm glad that there wasn't a way to raise the dead, and sometimes, I really wish there was. Thankfully, since there wasn't a way to raise the dead, Voldemort will be dead forever his horcruxes are gone, nothing left to revive him now. But there will never be a way to revive my parents, Remus, Sirius, and those innocent people who died in a war. There will never be away… So now I live here with my closest friends, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley, and I'm lying down on this bed, staring at the ceiling. Speaking of which, Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, has lost a lot of customers recently, ever since George fell into depression of his twin brother's death, he couldn't think of any new ideas. Some people were scared of his one eared face. Heh, ol' Gred and Forge's business is falling apart. Wasn't such a happy ending like those story books, eh? Well all I can say for sure is that my life is screwed. If I had a chance to live again I'll take it. Truly, the only reason for life now is to live the remainder of my days in peace and with my friends. I-what?

A flash of light had appeared, and Harry was plunged into the bright radiance.

What? What happened…?

You have been broughthere, Harry James Potter, age 22, for jurisdiction.

What-I died? Am I in heaven?

No, you are a special case. This is not quite heaven, rather… A branch of heaven.

What…do you mean?

You are a special case; you have been brought here to the revival room before your time has come.

Wait… so I'm being judged, before my time?

Not quite, you are lucky person, Harry Potter. Otherwise, we would not be seeing you for another 122 years. The council has agreed. Those who are truly in need are seen and their life examined, if they are worthy. There case will be brought before the council and even more thoroughly examined. The council is very strict.

So if I'm here now…

You are not here, only your mind is.

Right, so if my mind is here now, will I be receiving the results of the examination?

Yes, all people examined by the council will not know a thing, except you, and I repeat you are a special case, Harry Potter.

Wait, what happens if, say the council judges me and say, I fail. Argh! I don't know what I'm sayin-

Not to worry, I understand. If they judge you and you are considered a bad…"egg" shall we say. You shall continue living your life as if nothing happened. As you never knew a thing, since you wouldn't know of our examining anyways.

So that I'm listening to you right now…

Means that you are not one of them.

So what happens if I get the "thumbs up"?

If you get the "thumbs up" you will another chance in life, and retain your current memories.

I get another chance in life?!!!

Well, yes.

Why the "well"?

You are a special case, Harry Potter. What I mean when I say 'well' is that a person of your chose shall also be given there memories back a month after your new "meeting", provided that you chose someone that you will see normally. You may tell the person of your meeting here, but only that person. You will receive a special phone, which you must carry along every single moment of the day - save the shower – should you chose to accept this. It will give you almost everything you wish, if you ask, as long as it's not unreasonable. The council shall watch you till the end of your days.


The council has not sent anyone back for more then a millennium, the last one being… I don't remember. It's been to long. The last one sent back did not have the choice of returning someone else's memories. *sigh* It's complicated, but it is our say, "Statue of Secrecy" of yours, that you will never reveal your time here, if you do, punishment will be involved. If you wish to return think of a time of where you would like to begin anew.

I understand. I would like to restart my life from the day where Hagrid the Gamekeeper of Hogwarts comes to the shack out on the sea.

Very well, do you accept this offer of new life?


Very well, Power and wealth come with many responsibilities. Noblesse Oblige, may you return to our realm as a messiah. Good luck.

As a messiah? What do you mean by that? You want me to save lives? I –

Harry Potter was swept away.



Harry James Potter awoke on the hard ground from a loud bang from the thunder outside and the raging sea's water hit against the shack.


Wait, that wasn't outside…


The door smashed open as Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia came running down in pajamas with a gun in Uncle Vernon's hand.

"Who are you and what are you doing? This is trespassing! In the middle of the sea! I have half a mind to-"

"Shut it Dursley!" boomed Hagrid's rough voice.

Harry Potter put his hands in his pockets for warmth. Surprisingly, in one was a cell phone, and in the other was a small necklace with a Pegasus on it. He quickly looked at the cell phone as Hagrid and Vernon argued. It had no buttons on it just an earpiece inside it. The instructions were to stick it in his ear. As he put the earpiece in, the weight disappeared and the earpiece was "imbedded into him".

Congratulations, you have regained your memories.

Wow, it's like telepathy! Thought Harry as he regained the events that had happened "earlier".

"You won't tell him anything!" Vernon screamed.

"Hah! Not tell the son of Lily and James Potter about Hogwarts?"

"Hogwarts?" Harry said, feigning confusion.

He rolled the necklace around his fingers, he knew exactly who to give it to, Hermione Granger.

Inside his mind, Harry Potter's heart was racing.

This is the beginning of my new life.