Right then, LIGHTS! *flash* CAMERA! *click* *whir* ACTION! *CLANK*.

"…You people…"


'We were thinking of name it, The Marauder, after this thing we call,' they lowered their voices, 'The Marauder's Map, you see we had this thing, but it got confiscated by Mr. Annoying Snape. It – '

'I know what it is,' Harry hesitated, 'I have it and…It belonged to my dad.'

The face of shock was evident.

'The son of one of our greatest heroes?'

They immediately got onto their knees and said with a semi-loud voice.

'Hail!' They got back up and laughed.

'So do we have your approval to continue?' who seemed to be Fred asked.

'You have my approval.' Harry replied with a grin.

They grinned.

'Alright, see you later.' The two ran off.

Back in the common room, Harry was glad to see that the common room was empty; taking those shortcuts was a good thing. There was something he wanted to tell Hermione.

'Hermione, recognize this?' he pulled out the jar containing a jumpy bug.

She gasped in recognition.



He quickly hid the jar from view and chucked it into his bag. He opened the portrait, glanced one way, then the other and then ran out with Hermione following along.

He ran all the way up to the Room of Requirement and cast Disillusion charms over him and Hermione.

He took out the glass bottle, and chucked it onto the cement floor.

It shattered, sending shards of glass this way and that.

Out came a spotted bug, running towards the closest window as fast as it could. It transformed back into its humanoid form midway – Rita Skeeter.

She glanced behind her, and tripped over an invisible foot.

She smashed into the floor.

'W-What? Who's there?' she stuttered.

'I am Death.' Harry said in a barely audible voice.

'I am Life.' Hermione spoke.

Together, they said, 'We give and take life away.'

'We are here to take yours away, for spreading lies around. ADMIT IT!'

'What? ALRIGHT! I'M SORRY! I DID! JUST DON'T KILL ME!' she whimpered.

'I'm kidding, it's me. Harry Potter, and I just happened to own the Prophet.' He said as he removed the charm.

'What? Blasphemy! No one owns the Prophet but our founder and his descendants! Truly, the Daily Prophet is owned by Felix Freeman, he's – '

'My great-great grandfather.' Harry interrupted.

'Rita Skeeter. You're fired. And yes, I won't kill you.' He stated, reached forward and sent her to the frigid cold weather of Antarctica, quite incidentally, in front of a polar bear den.

A polar bear dined well that night.



'The potions are ready, Harry.' Hermione said to him one night.

'Great, let's go.'

They snuck up to Professor McGonagall's office in Disillusionment Charms and entered the open room.

They removed the charms.

Professor McGonagall jumped from her seat.

'My stars! Where did you come from?' she asked.

'Outside, obviously, in Disillusionment Charms.' When he saw that she was about to ask how they were able to do those advanced charms, he quickly spoke. 'Don't underestimate the power of the dark side.'

While the Professor looked merely confused, Hermione shot him a glare.

'Anyway, the potions are ready, we're good to go. This is the simplified version of the "Animagus Potion", so it basically will let us know our form. We've been reading books, I think we'll be able to get in learn how to change easily enough." Hermione spoke.

'Good, let's get going then.' Professor McGonagall conjured a mirror, and morphed into a cat, and looked expectantly at them.

Hermione took out two bottles and gave one to Harry and drank down the other one.

They both immediately conjured and sat down on chairs and waited for the potion to take effect.

A minute passed, and nothing had happened.

Harry arched his eyebrow questioningly.

Suddenly, they both blacked out. Seconds ticked by, and McGonagall yawned and curled herself into a tight ball, keeping both her eyes out staring at the pair.

As if some cosmic deity had flipped a switch, in unison, the pair awoke.

'Whoa.' They said simultaneously.

They looked at each other, and then looked at McGonagall.

The cat gave them a nod.



Harry took a deep breath, and closed his eyes. He felt his magical core pulse, each time in unison with his beating heart. Something warm grew in him, like a fire was being lit, deep inside of him.

He felt his mate join, and a blaze of fire, silent yet magnificent, surrounded their cores.

When he re-opened his eyes, he immediately turned to Hermione.

He could not take his eyes off of her.

Staring deep into her eyes, he was mesmerized by the beauty, perfection, of her form. Nothing, not even if the greatest Quidditch players in the world had knocked to see Harry could snap him out of his trance.

Hermione, or rather, her form, seemed to redden for a second, and she turned away.

Sitting in place of Hermione, was the most beautiful creature in the world – a phoenix. Yet, this particular phoenix was like no other. Her feathers radiated the colours of a sunset, orange, yellow, gold.

When Harry turned to face the mirror.

Just like Hermione, he had also become a phoenix. He was like Hermione, very alike to her, his feathers were a brilliant display of warm colours, yet somewhat darker. He saw a flash of maroon, a flash of gold, a flash of black.

The cat was so stunned, that she had frozen in place.

He turned to Hermione once more, to find her staring at him. Gently, he willed his wings to move.

Gracefully, they flowed, into a brilliant arch of colours. He waved them softly, and then took a leap of faith, and jumped into the air. He flapped his wings, flying in circles around the room. In moments, he felt another warm blast of air as Hermione moved her wings fluidly up into the air to join him. Within minutes, they had gotten used to their new forms.

McGonagall had recovered from her shock by then, and had her neck craned as much as it could, to watch the flight of her students.

As if on cue, the phoenix Aria appeared with a flash of flame and light just as Harry and Hermione settled onto their chairs, fluttering, floating in the air for a gentle stop.

Harry nuzzled his beak on Hermione.

It was like they had rehearsed this, many, many times before they had done it.

Together, they closed their eyes, and reached into the blazing fire, and embraced their flaming cores.



Up in Ravenclaw tower, a small, and quiet girl, overly excited from the day's classes, could not sleep, and had gotten up to stare aimlessly outside the window.

A gentle cool breeze had hit her on the face, as if the wind itself was caressing her.

She blinked, and returned to her bed.

As she drifted off to sleep, a melody, perfectly harmonized could be heard throughout Hogwarts. It was solemn, yet brought happiness to the young girl's mind. Smiling, she fell asleep.

Some might question the cause of this unknown melody. The calm night, filled with sounds of quiet waves, and now, this song, sung by a trio of phoenixes. With a shrill call, another phoenix flew out the window of the Headmaster's dorm, and joined the trio.



It was morning when Harry awoke. He and Hermione had reverted to their human forms overnight, and when he looked over at Hermione, he saw not a young girl, but an angel, the only one of its kind. The crashes of the waves were like a soothing lullaby.

Harry smiled slightly, and kissed Hermione on the cheek.

Hermione stirred slightly, and opened an eye.

He helped her up, and at once, they took in their surroundings.

During their uninterrupted restful sleep, Aria and McGonagall had fallen asleep around them. Aria, on a rock curled up, and McGonagall up in a tree, with her tail swaying in time with the wind.

Fawkes, who had joined them the previous night, was looking at Harry with a peculiar expression. Satisfied that they were awake and alright, he flapped his wings twice, and took off towards the Headmaster's office.

The sun had just begun to rise, bringing a cascading show of light, articulated by the light reflecting of the surface of the lake.

Harry nudged his familiar and his professor awake, and went and sat down on a rock, which Hermione had already occupied.

Aria and McGonagall, fully awake now, laid down on the rock they were sleeping on moments before, and stared towards the horizon, which was almost invisible due to the bright light.

Hermione rested her head on Harry's shoulder, as they gazed at the scenery.

'It's amazing isn't it?' whispered Hermione.

'Quite,' replied Harry, 'it's like life itself, each new day signifying the birth of a new child.'

Smiling inwardly, Hermione thought to herself. 'I sure am lucky to have Harry.'

No, I'm luckier to have you, Hermione.

Blushing, she turned to Harry, kissed him, and together, they stood up and left for their dorm, trailing behind them, were a cat and a phoenix.



Morning came, and students began to wake up and start their daily routines.

Breakfast wasn't anything special, since nothing notable happened; other than a certain Weasley eating food with his bare hands without any sense of shame.

Potions went by, once again, without much happening – nothing out of the ordinary for Potions, that is.

After Potions, Harry and Hermione headed towards Transfiguration.

'So, time for another fun time at transfiguration!' exclaimed Hermione with a smile on her face.

Harry rolled her eyes at her and sighed.

'Only you could ever find fun in that, all you do is sit there, glance at the object and watch as the others try and fail at it.'

'That's what you do. I, on the other hand, I read a book.'

'Oh, so that's why it's fun.' He replied rolling his eyes.

'But it is. Learning is fun!' she protested!

Harry chuckled and continued walking, until a spell slammed into the back of him.

Even the world's greatest seeker can't dodge a point-blank curse.

Harry dropped to the floor, fighting unconsciousness. Hermione, also feeling the attack, almost fell over when the brunt of it caused her to stumble, but she quickly recovered and began to draw out the pain from Harry, trapping it in her.

Hermione whirled around, and saw a triumphant Ronald Weasley standing there.

'Hah! I beat the Boy-Who-Lived! I can claim all his assets, and his girl.'

Before Hermione could say anything, Harry spoke.

'He's right…Hermione…I'm sorry…' He closed his eyes.

'No! HARRY! NO!' she began to cry.

Harry opened an eye, and took in the circle of students around the three. 'I'm kidding. If that was an honour fight, then perhaps that would be so. However,' he sat up. 'Since it wasn't, you could be charged with attacking me, and I'm sure the jury would side with me. But of course, since I am the heir of the entire Potter Line, and several other families, including one or more founders, I have the position of the Lord. Any unprovoked attack on a Lord can result in a death penalty, or whatever the Lord in question requests. If I had died however, oh, then the sentence will be chosen by any magical family I have.'

Ron was standing there gripping his wand tightly, slightly pale, but with defiance in his eyes.

'Of course, there is also another choice. Let's see, you or I can challenge the other to a duel right now.'

Ron narrowed his eyes, and he walked closer to Harry as Harry stood up.

'I, Ronald Billius Weasley, do challenge you, Harry James Potter to a duel.'

Harry simply shrugged and put his hands in his pocket.

'Alright then, as the challenged, the rules will be – '

Before he could finish Ron jumped at him, fists swinging.

Without any warning, Ron suddenly switched directions in the middle of the air and crashed into the hard stone wall.

When he got up again, he was picked up by an invisible hand and flung into another wall. The wall cracked and crumbled.

The entire crowd of spectators gasped in shock as Ron was pulled from the rubble once again, and dropped unceremoniously onto the floor in front of Harry.

Nothing could be heard except for the quiet pinging of rocks hitting the floor.

When Ron looked up, he found himself face-to-face with a stone statue of Harry.

Harry started walking around, with his hands still in his robes, looking intensely at the statue of him. 'Hm…darn it! I think I missed it by a bit. Hermione, is my thinking face more of a this expression, or this?' he said, turning from one side to another.

With a wave of her wand, she created a duplicate of the statue, and made tiny miniscule adjustments to it. 'I think this suits you more.'

'Yes perhaps…'he replied.

'He needs to be taught a lesson,' thought Harry.

'Yes he does,' agreed Hermione.

Harry could feel the tense atmosphere surround them.

A few more seconds passed by.

Ron struggled to get up. When he lifted his head high enough to see Hermione's face, he found a wand in his face.

With a wave of her wand, she surrounded the three of them with statues of Harry, in various poses, such as a 'thinking' one, a 'serious' one, a 'don't-annoy-me-I'm-thinking-about-Quidditch' one, and many more.

'Wingardium Leviosa.' she whispered quietly.

Even the simplest levitating spell could cause major damage. The floating form of a semi-conscious Ron slammed into the ceiling.

It was like controlling a ragdoll; she moved her wand slightly, from side to side, throwing Ron against the various statues of Harry.

When she dropped him again, he struggled once more to look up.

'Why you…how dare you? I am your rightful master! I beat Harry Potter!' He turned towards Harry again.

Before she could raise her wand, Ron went flying through one of the statues, and into the wall.

'Oops.' Harry said with an apathetic tone.

He walked over to the struggling form of Ron, grabbed him by his collar with his bare hands, and shoved him against a wall.

'Try that again,' he said quietly, 'and you'll pay the consequences.'

Without another word, he dropped the shaking form of Ron and turned around to leave.



In transfiguration, many other Gryffindors were whispering and talking about the power Hermione and Harry had displayed. They were so distracted that they hadn't even noticed Professor McGonagall had stepped into the classroom. But, the moment she cleared her throat, all was silent.

'Alright class. Today's lesson is abo-" she was interrupted by a staggering Ron, who had just stumbled into the classroom.

'Ronald Weasley, 10 points off Gryffindor for coming in late - ,' she said.

' – but I – '

' – don't do it again,' she finished. 'Now then, as I was saying, today's lesson is going to be on last times, seeing as not all of you have managed to transfigure the most rudimentary matchstick into a needle,' she glared at Ron, 'your matchsticks are on your desks, begin.'

Sighing inwardly, he began turning his matchstick into various objects: a paper airplane, a quill. That is, until a look from Hermione made him stop.


You almost got yourself killed, that's what!

But I –

You know what Moody would say, Cons –

Yes, yes I know, but he did just catch me off guard, nonetheless, are you alright?

Well, I suppose I am, but it wouldn't hurt if you were a bit more cautious.

Yes ma'am.

Hermione let out the equivalent of a sigh, and continued.

I'm still going to kill you for pulling that stunt, you had me really worried!

I'm sorry, love, but I had to! I just have those natural acting skills!

As if, if you had that, then I suppose I'd be…


Oh shush, you get what I'm saying.

'Harry and Hermione, please come up here for a moment,' said Professor McGonagall.

'Yes, professor,' they replied.

In unison, they walked up to her, and together, they entered her study.

Hermione casted a few spells and charms that would ensure their privacy, while McGonagall sat down.

'It was you, wasn't it, with Ronald?' she asked.

'Yes it was.' Harry replied.

'What did he do this time?'

'Just…well, he sent a stunner at my head.'

'What? A stunner? Why, I must inform the headmaster of this, this is unacceptable!' she began to get up.

'It's alright, we took care of it,' he replied, 'hopefully he won't bother us anymore.'

She frowned, 'If you insist Harry, but if he tries it again, please inform me immediately.'

'Yes professor,' replied Hermione, 'is that all you called us for?'

'Not quite, there are two more matters. First off, I cannot have you continue doing this in my class! It's rather distracting to the other students, as well as discouraging, if you wish, you may bring a book and charm it to only to be able to be seen by you.'

'I already do that, professor' Hermione said with a small smile.

'Ah well, as for Harry…'

'Fine, I'll bring some sort of book next time,' he said.

'Thank you. As for the last issue, Sirius Black has escaped.'

A few seconds passed.

'What? Are you serious? Black? My godfather broke out already? He wasn't supposed to do that yet!' Harry exclaimed.

'Nonetheless, it has happened. What do you plan to do?'

'Crap, crap, crap, crap…'

At the end of her patience, Hermione jabbed him in the side. "Enough."

Breathing deeply, Harry regained control of himself. "Thanks".

Seeing as Harry was in no shape to think of a plan, Hermione relayed the first thing that came up in her mind to Professor McGonagall.

'I propose we should just leave it as is, and perhaps we can save him later.'

'He's my godfather!'

'I know, Harry, I know, but we can't help him now.'

Kissing him softly on the cheek, Hermione brought him back out to a group of hardworking students, minus a few who were fooling around. However, the moment McGonagall stepped back into the classroom, they immediately returned to work.

Harry was inconsolable, even with Hermione patting him on the back once in a while. Finally, McGonagall walked up to him and spoke quietly to the pair.

'Ms. Granger, please bring him up to your common room. He is not to attend any classes for the rest of the day, due to a…family issue. You may accompany him if you wish.'

Hermione gave her a grateful look, and helped Harry pack his thing and dragging him off to the common room.



Without further ado, the moment they stepped into the common room, Hermione checked if anyone was nearby, which there wasn't, and she brought him into their secret room.

There, she held him, crying throughout the entire time, with his head on her chest, until he fell into a deep sleep.

When he awoke again later that day, he had reddish eyes, but this time, Hermione noted something different.

Harry's eyes, or his iris, to be precise, were no longer one solid colour. There were multiple colours, cycling through one after another, like a bird flying around, shifting colours. The colours cascaded down like a waterfall, and then twisted upwards, sideways, like a bird.

Breathtaking, beautiful, mesmerizing.

She hugged him tighter, when Harry had finally stopped sobbing, enough to read her thoughts, he looked at her, into her eyes, and they realized that both their eyes were like that. A mirage of colours.

Never still.

Maroon, ruby red, black, gray, emerald green, blue, navy, all those luscious colours of the rich, and all the dull colours of the poor.

Just like their animagus forms.

Hermione decided that it wasn't of any importance. Nothing was, but Harry. She could feel the sorrow, the sadness, and it tore at her heart, as well as Harry's.

She could do nothing but be there for him.

Harry stifled a small whimper, and she pressed his forehead to her mouth, and kissed him. Every time they touched, it always seemed to help him calm down. Finally, she tilted his face upwards, and kissed him on the mouth. His train of thought stopped there, and he returned the kiss. The sorrow was still there, just subdued.

When they broke apart, Hermione looked into his eyes, and held him till he fell asleep.

'Good night, Harry,' she whispered, even though she knew he couldn't hear him.

'I love you.'

End of Chapter 10.

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