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Ken: Man, what an inferiority complex!
EH: Shut up, you...

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Ken: Can we continue?

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Ken: Like you don't?
EH: That's it! Miyako, get the shovel. Someone's digging his own grave.
Miyako: Yes, Ma'am!!

Last Chance: On with the fic!

Under Stress

He paced in front of the lavender haired girl, her tears drying. His sore hand pumped unconsciously.

"Who do you think you are?" he hissed through clenched teeth for the seven thousandth time that day. "You think yourself good enough to berate me?" His tone was dangerous, tempting her to slip up. "You think you are in any position to make a fool of me? WHO THE BLOODY FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!" She whimpered once as he stepped closer. His voice was beginning to hoarse and every cell of her body ached.

You think your head's achin', I'm not finished yet...

Her lips parted to offer another plea for mercy, but the swelling was causing too much pain. He had chained her up against the wall in a secluded room in his fortress. She stood through most of the beating, but her legs had given out and she hung by her wrists. Crimson blood oozed gently from the corner of her mouth and her left eye was bruised shut. The Kaizer was right-handed; so most injuries were inflicted on her opposing side. Nearly an hour ago, in his fury, he had broken one of her ribs. Breathing was torturous and she had been silent since then. How stupid she had been in the first place, how easily caught. The echoing voices in her head only served to sear her wounds.

During the fight with Deltamon - how long ago that seemed! - she'd been captured. After the eight Digi-heroes had escaped his sand trap and beaten back his hoards of Bakemon, they forced the lone Airdramon into retreat. As the haughty figure disappeared into the horizon, Yolei - or what they thought was Yolei - metamorphosed to become the white, mocking figure of a Bakemon. She had become his prisoner. The young girl didn't know for sure how long she'd been working (using that term lightly) in his citadel. Time had lost all meaning as one day blended into the next. Neither was she sure if her comrades were even trying to rescue her. What she was sure of, was that the proud teenager that first entered this cell had died.

Infamous for her loud and irritating mouth, she had underestimated his ability to enjoy human suffering and called into question his sanity. In front of Wormmon. She'd embarrassed the EMPEROR, perfection in flesh, in the audience of that worthless worm. Her sarcastically singeing words as she brought him breakfast this morning began: "Before I leave, KEN, I just wanted to know if YOU knew which of your many split personalities is keeping me captive? And could you ask them why? I have a nauseating feeling that it has something to do with the huge amount of cameras installed here and the stack of adult magazines I keep having to sweep around. Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to ask WHOM it is I'm speaking to..." When he kept silent for so long, unable to meet her glare, she realized how presumptuous she'd been. And how much shit she was in.

I won't be mistaken, how soon you forget...

She'd never try to test his authority again. That is, if she lived. If he allowed her to live.

Take back what you said, and I'll spare you pain...

That's what really had upset him. The truth in her question. As irritating as it was, it deserved a share of his introspection. Who really had chosen? The smooth dictator, the weak adolescent, or the libidinous, carnal beast? He leaned his face close to hers, deciding to answer her long-dead question. She squeezed her right eye tight shut, sending the last of her tears cascading across bruises. Wishing he'd end her life, the horrible existence he proved he could offer, she gasped - half whimpered and sobbed out loud, inviting her throbbing chest to stab at her brain.

"I'm sorry... please... please... master," she offered, awash in supplication. "Please, master, stop. I can't take anymore... Kill me. Thank you for punishing me... Just, please... Kill me." Miyako half-believed it and sincerely hoped he would. It would be better than continuing to be his sadistic toy.

Then you can spare me all your fucking lies...

He grabbed her face with his intact left hand and whispered, barely restraining his rage.

"Who let you talk? I didn't say you could talk, did I?" She shook her head shamefully. He chuckled in a deep baritone before he started. "Kill you? No, slave, I think I'll let you suffer." She winced and went limp, all hope stolen. "But I've given your little insurrection some thought and have concluded as to who captured you. Would you like to know?" Since her only other option would result in insane anger unleashed on her body, she nodded. Still grasping her jaw, he tipped her face slightly heavenward and allowed himself a moment of weakness.

I can't wait to get away...

Enjoying the scent of mingled sweat and blood that filled his nostrils, he brushed her puffy lips with his, lingering in an ironically gentle act. After a small eternity, he pulled back, removing his fingers to trail down her chin. Miyako's eyes shot open, daring to lock with his, irises swimming in questions, yet not daring to make a sound.

"Does that sufficiently answer your question?" he barely breathed.

I ask you twenty more times; don't you hear a thing? You're testing my patience again, careful for your sake...

Hopelessly confused, she opted to lose herself in those kind Ichijouji eyes of indigo. This only re-ignited his fury.

"Did I answer your QUESTION?! ANSWER ME!!" She felt the palm of his comforting left hand connect with her unbloodied cheek.

Take a walk with me there, and I'll show you pain. But who said you can open up your mouth?

Her gasping head hung, and she quickly spat out:
"I'm sorry, master. So sorry. Please forgive me."
"Your answer, please." His eyes burned with shades of anger and humiliation. She shook her head.
"No, master. No, it doesn't. Forgive me, but I'm more confused than before."
"Of course you are, you ignorant leech. You don't want me to demonstrate again, do you?" his tone had grown tired, and she was again befuddled as how to respond, if at all. Acting before she could think, he stepped to the smooth black wall and unlocked the cuffs digging in to and encircling her wrists.

I can't wait to get away...

She started to fall to the floor, unable to support her suddenly mammoth weight; but he slid an arm underneath her shoulder and lifted her into a fatigued cradle.

Thoughts are pissed away, and for a minute I couldn't swallow...

With some effort he stood, the boy of kindness directing his actions and fighting the other - stronger - personalities back.

"Mmm... Miyako. Why do you have to be so bull-headed?" Gently chastising, he continued, "Why can't you just be a good, submissive slave?" Overwhelmed with conflicting emotions provoked by having her torturer and rescuer be the same person, she drew into a painful silence, unsure of her safety. He was boiling over with the blurry sensation she always produced in him. The Kaiser lowered his head, kissing the battered figure reclining in his arms.

Thoughts are pissed away, and for a minute I couldn't swallow...

She spread her lips and Ken took the opportunity to inch his tongue forward, seeking hers out. The two entwined around one another, and for an immeasurable moment, the extent of the universe was two bodies tightly pressed together.

If you think that I'm the one who'll be here come tomorrow, think again...

The youth parted, breathing heavily on each other's damp skin. Despite the stabbing pain stemming from her left lung, Miyako was in heaven. All she could see was that those perfect eyes radiated compassion, a visceral longing. Ken blinked. He opened them, and radiated indifference. Indifference, self-berating embarrassment - and anger.

"I'll send a few Bakemon in here to tend to your wounds," his voice was monotone, robotic. "You can have the rest of the week off to heal, but next Wednesday, I expect you to be doing light cooking." He laid her on the cold concrete.

In time I'll be here, not waiting for you anymore...

The Kaiser walked towards the door. Turning, he added,
"Oh, and never - I mean NEVER - speak to me like that in front of anyone. If you must carry such opinions, I suggest you express them in private. Not to mention with proper respect." She nodded her agreement, never wishing to incur such wrath again. "...and Ms. Inoue?" Her eyebrows lifted. Why had he used that name? Why not 'slave'? He grabbed the door handle and broke eye contact, sighing deeply. "I think I love you... That's why..."

I love you anyway...

She inhaled sharply and he shut the door, plunging her body and her pain into darkness. Shuffling down the hall, he eyed a patrolling Gazimon.

'Because I crave the knowledge of where you are, because I don't want to spend anymore nights alone. Because I can't take my filthy eyes off you.' Lines of sadness traced the boy's face. '...That's why. ...So tired of being alone.'

Is it so rare that I've been sleeping with the dead...?

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