by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva, or Monsters Vs Aliens.

Summery: Shinji gets teleported to the Monster Vs Aliens universe, and ends up captured by their military. The reason is, he is now an adult with incredible size and strength!


When a meteor containing Quantonium falls to Earth, it shatters into two pieces and falls upon the town of Modesto, California.

These pieces, coincidentally fall upon two different people.

One is Susan Murphy, a woman about to be married to a handsome and vain weatherman named Derek Dietl.

The other is Shinji Ikari, a teenage robot pilot who was teleported to this universe from his own by the dimension-fluxuating 12th Angel.

Fortunately the meteor pieces were like sponges and had holes big enough for both humans to pass through without injury.

When Susan started to grow giant, she burst out of the church she was about to get married in, and was quickly captured by the military who had tracked the meteor to Modesto.

Shinji's capture is far simpler since he was unconscious when the meteor fell on him. After he had absorbed the Quantonium, he was still too weak and half-conscious to get out of the space rock when he started to grow. Nearly getting crushed inside the meteor, Shinji was knocked unconscious when he exploded out of it, and was captured shortly afterwards.

It would be a full day before he regained his full strength and consciousness.


The buzzing in his ears waking him up, mostly because he didn't recognize the sound of the alarm. Naturally when he woke up he had but one thought.

Another unfamiliar ceiling. He thought as he sat up on the strange metal cote and groggily stood up. The alarm kept blinking and blaring above him, until the metal cot was pulled back into the wall, pillow and all. Once the alarm had stopped, Shinji felt the entire room start to descend.

"Whoa!" Shinji gasped as the room suddenly came to a stop.

The door to the small room opened up, and Shinji felt himself being pushed into a much larger room by the very wall his cot had retracted in to. The new room had a very high ceiling and thick steel walls all around it.

Looking around at the strange room, which looked to Shinji like some kind of meeting room, there was a table in the middle of it, with two chairs on both sides of the long end. On the table was a pair of metal cups, and metal eating implements. Two spoons.

Walking over to the table, he looked down and saw a small metal table with two chairs of it's own right next to it.

"That's strange." Shinji said to himself, thinking they looked like toys to his size.

"Oh, look. Another pair of legs." a strange voice said, catching Shinji's attention.

"Be silent, B.O.B.! You don't want him to hear us!" another strange voice said.

"Oh, do these legs have ears?" the first voice asked.

Walking over to a small door on the other side of the room, that was partly open at the bottom, the young pilot knelt down to see what was underneath it.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" Shinji asked.

Just then a long tube fell from the ceiling and squirted a large glob of food onto it.

"Huh?" Shinji gasped as he walked back to the table. He looked down at it and thought that the food was a little two big for himself, and was directly in the middle of the table, between the cups and spoons.

Two spoons? Am I expected to eat with two hands? He thought. Or is there someone else here?

(Scurry, scurry)

"Huh? What's that?" he asked, looking around, only to hear the scurrying noise coming from the table. He looked down at the food and saw a pair of large eyes appear from behind it. "He-Hello?" he asked.

The pair of eyes moved out from behind the mound of food and Shinji could see that they were connected to a body in a white coat, brown pants, and black shoes. His eyes grew huge when he found himself looking at a humanoid cockroach. But his jaw dropped when the cockroach spoke.

"Hello, young man." the cockroach said.

Now, considering his life, Shinji wasn't really that shocked by this strange sight.

"Uh.... hi." Shinji said, not blinking.

"You know if you don't blink, your eyes are going to be bone dry." the cockroach said.

"Right. Sorry." he said as he blinked.

"Well. At least you're not trying to hit me with that large spoon."

"Do... you want me to?" Shinji asked, picking up the spoon.

"No! I've had quite enough of that, Thank You!" the cockroach said, waving his arms frantically.

"Uh... where am I?" he asked.

"A top secret military bunker called..... Area 52." the cockroach answered, whispering the last part to the boy.

"Ooooookay. I don't know where that is."

"No one does. That's the point."

"So... it's a secret bunker." Shinji said.

"Hidden deep underground." the cockroach explained.

Just like NERV. "And.... who are you?" he asked.

"Oh, forgive me. My name is Dr Cockroach. PhD. And your name?"

"Ikari Shinji."

"Hmm. You're Japanese, so your first name is Shinji?" the cockroach mused/asked.

"Yes." Shinji said.

"Good to know. Now, allow me to introduce you to the rest of our fellow tenants." he said.

"You mean there are other people here?" Shinji asked.

"Oh, several hundred people, actually. But we're not people." Dr Cockroach said.


Dr Cockroach looked at the large boy.

"Um.... you did notice that you are rather... large?" he asked.

"You mean, compared to you?" Shinji replied.

"Yes. But compared to me, you are approximately fifty feet in total height, my dear boy."

"I... am?" Shinji asked.

"Oh, dear. Alright." he said, clearing his throat. "You are here, my young friend, because you are no longer classified as a 'normal' human being. Much like myself and the others."

"Others? Who?"

The humanoid cockroach smiled as he pointed down to the floor.

Shinji looked down and gasped when he saw two figures. One looking like a cross between a small ape and a fish, the other looking like a bluish jell-o mold with a single eye.

"What the...." Shinji gasped.

"Easy! These are our friends and fellow prisoners. First off, we have The Missing Link. We call him Link." Dr Cockroach introduced.

"Yo!" the fishman said. "What's up big guy?"

"Hello." Shinji said with a small bow.

"And the blue mass of jell-o is B.O.B." Dr Cockroach said, indicating the blue blob.

"Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate. But you can call me B.O.B." he said.

"Hi." Shinji said.

"So.. you're the new guy, huh?" Link said. "First it was Ginormica, now this guy. First new monsters we get in years, now two in two days. And they're both giants! Which is kinda cool."

"Kinda suspicious, if you ask me." Dr Cockroach said.

"Hey, guys, is this one a boy?" B.O.B. asked.

"Yes, B.O.B.!" Link and Dr Cockroach said.

"Ginormica? Who's Ginormica?" Shinji asked, wondering if it was the owner of the other utensiles.

"That would be me." a somber voice behind Shinji said.

Shinji turned around and gasped when he saw an attractive woman enter the room, only a couple inches shorter than himself, and dressed in the same black-with-orange-lining jumpsuit he had on. She had blue eyes and bright snow-white, shoulder-length hair. On the left side of her chest was a serial number.


Looking to his own chest, he saw the number, 00006, printed above his pocket.

Looking back to the woman he noticed that her eyes looked really sad, as if she had been crying all night.

"Umm..... are you alright, Miss?" Shinji asked.

"No, no, I'm.... I'm fine. Really." Ginormica said, wiping her eyes clear of tears as she stared at the handsome Japanese man before her. "Hi. Welcome." she said, extending her hand to the only other person the same height as herself. "I'm... Susan. But everyone calls me... Ginormica." she said.

"I'm Shinji. Ikari Shinji." Shinji said, accepting her hand.

"I... guess they didn't give you your new name. Huh?"

"I... get a new name?"


The three monsters just looked at each other, taking note that they were still holding hands.

"Guess they like each other." B.O.B. said.

"Wonder what the new guy's gonna do when he meets Insectosaurus?" Link asked.

Just then the largest door there opened up, to reveal a gigantic 350-foot monster with four insect-like pincers, huge human-like eyes, thick stumpy feet, a lizard-like tail with scales, and brown fur all over his body.

Shinji released Ginormica's hand and just stared up at the massive creature.

"Whoa!" he gasped.

"Glad you're taking this well. I freaked out and ran away." Ginormica said.

Just then, another alarm sounded.

"Alright! Eat Time!" Link cried out as he went over to the small table where Dr Cockroach and B.O.B. joined him.

"Eat time?" Shinji asked.

"Lunch." Ginormica said, moving towards the much larger table.

Quickly moving up behind her, Shinji pulled out the chair and offered it to her. Ginormica smiled for the first time since she had been there and sat down.

Moving around to his own chair, Shinji sat down and began to eat from the large pile on the table. To Shinji, it tasted like a cross between Mashed Potatoes and Pudding. Ginormica, not having much of an appetite, didn't eat as much.

Looking down, Shinji noticed that the other three monsters were eating their own respective meals. Link was eating fish, Dr Cockroach was eating garbage, and B.O.B. ...was eating ham that someone was shooting at him. He didn't bother to wonder where the hams were coming from.

Looking over, he saw that Insectosaurus was eating.... a huge mass of trees.

Wonder how many forests it takes to feed him? Shinji thought.

Once lunch was finished, another door opened up and a human being wearing an American military uniform and a jetpack flew into the room.

"Alright, monsters! Back to your cells!" the man shouted.

One-by-one the group slowly departed, even Ginormica, as Insectosaurus was lead away by a helicopter that was dangling a set of bright lights from it's hooks which seemed to mesmerize the great beast.

Not seeing a place for himself to leave to, Shinji remained. Once everyone was gone, Shinji turned to the jetpack-wearing man.

"Who... who are you? Sir?" Shinji asked.

"The name's General W.R. Monger. I'm in charge of this facility." the much older-looking flying man said. "Follow me please. It's time for your orientation."

Shinji walked behind the man as another door opened up and he gasped when he saw the massive facility behind it. However, what really shocked Shinji, was the fact that there were dozens of people walking around the facility, the same size as Monger himself. This told him that Dr Cockroach was telling him the truth about his size.

"Back in the 1950's the government decided that the public at large could not handle the existence of monsters, and should focus on more important things, like paying taxes So they declared that monsters didn't exist, and locked them all away in this top secret bunker." Monger said as Shinji followed behind him on a large moving platform.

"And nobody knows about this place?" Shinji asked.

"Negative! This place is an X-File. Wrapped in a cover-up and deep fried in a paranoid conspiracy." Monger explained.

However, right as Shinji past a large tinted window, he stopped, frozen at his reflection, and stepped off the platform onto the concrete sidewalk.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!" Monger shouted, flying back towards Shinji. "What do you think you're doing?"

"I.... what's happened to me?" Shinji gasped, staring at a face he didn't recognize.

"What's wrong, son? I don't see anything out of place. Nothing in that reflection but a 52-foot tall, 30-year old, Japanese man."

"But... I wasn't 30 years old. I was 14!" Shinji said, gently pawing at his face.

"Huh?" Monger gasped. "Are you sure?" he asked.

"Well... yes." Shinji said, gripping his arms and finding them a bit larger than normal. At least from his own perspective and all.

"Well, that's not the case anymore. Whatever did this to you, must have made you more than just a Giant Man!" Monger said, pointing back to the walkway.

"Sir? How long will I be here?" Shinji asked, stepping back onto the mobile platform.

"Indefinitely." Monger answered.

"So... I can't contact anyone?"


"And no one can contact me?"


Shinji was led through a series of tunnels and passageways, until he came to another large room, one which went past the monsters individual cells. Each one next to the other, which was watched over by a tower in the center of the large viewing room.

He rolled past Insectosaurus, who growled and licked the solid plate-glass window of his cell.

Shinji almost thought he looked cute.

He passed Link's cell, which was filled with water. The fish-man was in the middle of lifting weights as he, at least Shinji thought, was going through his 900th rep.

He passed B.O.B.'s cell, the gelatinous mass throwing a ball against a wall, the ball coming back at him and imbedding itself in his body. He spit it out and hurled the ball at the wall again. He then saw his eye get tossed out from his body, ricochet off the wall, and back into his body.

He passed Dr Cockroach's cell, seeing the scientist scratching scientific equations on the walls of his cells.

"What do you think you're doing?" Monger asked the humanoid roach.

"You rescinded my toy box privileges! What else am I supposed to do?" Dr Cockroach asked through the speaker on his glass.

"You tried to build a nuclear bomb! Out of LEGOS!!!" Monger shouted.

"Oh, pish-posh!" Dr Cockroach disregarded his obvious concern. "It's not like I had any uranium."

The pair passed Ginormica's cell, and Shinji noticed that the white-haired woman was just sitting in the corner of the room.

"General... what's wrong with Ginormica?" Shinji asked.

"Oh. She was brought here yesterday. She hasn't fully adjusted, yet." Monger said.

Yesterday. Shinji thought as he remembered what Link said, about two monsters in two days after several years. Monger came to a hovering stop, right in front of what Shinji could only deduce was his cell.

"Do you have any particular needs or hobbies? Something that will keep you calm?" Monger asked.

"I... could use a cello." Shinji replied.

"A cello?" Monger asked, somewhat surprised.

"Music was my hobby." he replied.

"Huh. I'll see what I can do." Monger said as Shinji's platform moved back into his cell. "Oh, and one other thing. The government has changed your name to Colossonoid."

Shinji backed into his cell, and sat down, not the least bit upset at where he was, or how he was being treated. The problems foremost on his mind was that he wasn't at NERV, he wasn't a pilot, and he wasn't going to have to fight any more giant monsters.

If he was 50-feet tall, he couldn't get into his EVA. Which meant he was useless to NERV. All in all, it was...

Better than I could hope for. Shinji thought as he reclined and rested his back against the far cell wall. But then another thought permeated his mind. Ginormica. Ms Susan. She seems so sad. I wonder.... if I can help her? He thought.


Authors Notes:

When I saw the Monsters Vs Aliens Movie, I knew I just had to do a fanfic about it. And of course I wanted to tie it in with one of my all-time favorite fanfic stories, Evangelion.

And just so everyone knows, this will be a Shinji/Susan(Ginormica) pairing.

Also, Shinji will not be going back to the Eva universe, so please don't ask.

The Eva 01 is at the bottom of the San Francisco Bay, farther out from the Golden Gate Bridge, and will not be found by the humans.

Also, I'm probably not going to be updating this story until January. At the earliest.

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