Saturday, October 18th 8:00 a.m.


Mulder's eyes begin to slowly flap open… He grumbles and turns over. His arm drapes over the body next to him.

Scully lays quietly and confused. Her eyes are open but her brain isn't ready to register.

There's an odd, quiet pause… then both agents roll and jump out of the bed.


His mouth is open, he looks around…

"Mulder? What's going on?"

"I-I don't know," he sits down in a chair.

"Where are we?"

"I don't know."

"Well what's going on?"

"I don't know."

Scully pats herself down, "well I'm dressed… I have my gun…"

"Maybe we just passed out."

"With no recollection of what happened?"

He reaches into his pockets and pulls out a note, "Mark Hanks comma Big Hat Den."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"Come on."


They exit the room and make their way down the hall. Scully follows, and looks around for clues.


They reach the lobby, a large jolly woman smokes a cigarette.

"What time did I check in last night?"

"I dunno know."

"Do we look familiar?" Both Mulder and Scully stick out their necks. The jolly woman pauses, then looks away.

"I dunno know."

Scully interrupts, "do you have a security camera?"

The woman looks at Scully and rolls her eyes. Mulder takes a brochure from the desk, "Big Hat Den."

He walks out, Scully follows.


Mulder wanders around, Scully does the same in the opposite direction.

She calls, "over here!"

He tries the keys and it opens. He starts the car and they pull down the road. At the end of the half mile road is a large fence.

"I got it," Scully says and hops out. She grabs the side and swings it open then hops back into the car. They pass over the metal bottom and boom!



Mulder's eyes slowly flap open. He takes in a deep breath and stretches his arms out. He knocks the body next to him which falls on the floor. He stares from the bed, curious if he imagined it.

A redhead pops up angry, then confused.



Both hop away from each other. They stand quietly. A few moments pass.

"Does this seem familiar to you?" She asks.

"Yeah, yeah it does."

"Where are we?"

"I don't know." He fishes around in his pockets, "Mark Hanks, the Big Hat Den?"

"That doesn't sound good."

"Come on."


She follows him in the hallway, looking for clues but not finding any.


"Do you have a security camera?"

The jolly woman holding a cigarette rolls her eyes. Mulder finds a brochure with "Big Hat Den" on it.


"Over here!" Scully calls, Mulder tries the keys to the car and they hop in.

"Remind me to forget this," Scully jokes. They reach the fence. "I got it."

She swings the fence open then hops back into the car. As they pass over the metal, bam!



Mulder's eyes slowly flap open. He turns to his side and see's the back of Scully, "uh oh."

Scully gets off of the bed quickly, "you can say that again!"


Scully leans against the car as Mulder tries to find his keys.

"I don't get it… We're in some kind of loop which has a trigger. And the trigger is what keeps us in the loop…"

Mulder finds the keys, "You do get it."

"I mean I get it, but I don't get it. The trigger could be anything. The trigger could be us waking up. I mean we'd have to spend a whole day in bed to see if it was anything but that- and that didn't come out right…"

"What we have to do is test everything. The trigger will make the day repeat, everything else is fine."

"Well we know what the trigger is then. It's the gate."


Mulder and Scully stand by the gate curiously. Mulder picks up a rock and throws it across. Boom!


Mulder opens his eyes and lets out a frustrating sigh. Scully flips over and gives him a look.

He sighs again, "Get use to it."



He wakes up and kicks the bed in a frustrated fury. Scully rolls her eyes as she bounces around.



Scully sneaks into the lobby and grabs the jolly woman's cigarettes. She sits outside and smokes. Mulder comes out with keys in hand.


"I'm taking this loop off."



Mulder comes into the room, Scully still laying there. She watches him. He chugs a Jack Daniels.

"Where did you get that?"

"I stole it from 4D."



Mulder quietly gets up from the bed and comes around to Scully's side. He aims and then whacks her butt as hard as he can. She bolts up and goes running after him down the hall.



Both the agents lay on their backs on the bed bored and tired.

Scully turns onto her side and faces him, "why does the day keep repeating if we've stopped going through the fence?"

Mulder looks at her, her lips, her, "I've been thinking about that myself. I'm not sure yet."

"Maybe it's not us, maybe someone else is triggering it."

He nods, "I'll find out who's coming and who's leaving. You watch the gate."

Scully nods. He goes to get up, she grabs his arm. He turns back.

"First," she whispers, "we have other business."

"We do?" he gulps.

She slowly and softly straddles him. She leans down and sucks on his bottom lip.

"Mulder?... Mulder?"

He jolts awake. "Yeah? What? Yeah?"

She looks down and then away, "I have an idea. Meet me in the lobby."

He looks around out of breath, then down, "oops."