I saw him I saw him AGAIN!

"Bella?" He whispered

"Yes?" I asked softly trying to fight back the tears. I knew what was going to happen, he was going to tell me he didn't want me, and that he moved on.

"Oh Bella, I miss you so much." Uh? This wasn't how the dream was supposed to go

"Oh Edward I missed you too." I told him honestly.

"I wish you would come back to Forks and stay with me this time." I told him

"But Bells I can't I'm no good for you." He told me coolly

"No when you're not around I'm in more danger. You protect me." He nodded seeing where I was coming from and knowing it was true.

"Will you come back?" I asked with no hope in my voice.

"I don't know maybe. I'm not the only one who misses you though." I nodded knowing who he was talking about, a tear fell down my face and I lay face first in my pillow. I would do anything to see Alice or even have her stay. I would even sacrifice her taking me shopping and even giving me a makeover.

I was suddenly woken up by my alarm clock. I got up and got dresses for school. I ran down stairs and got my pop tart. Charlie had already left for work so there was no reason for me to stick around for a little bit. I walked outside to my truck and I drove to school. First period was Biology. I walked in the room and d there he was, my angel, Edward had come back like he said he would in my dream. The glue I had used to put my heart back together had shattered into a million pieces again when I saw him. I ran to my seat and a tear ran down my cheek. I have missed him so much.

"Edward?" I whispered

"Yes Love?" I wasn't hallucinating he was really there. I held my hand out and ran my hand through this hair. To see if he would disappear like he did in my dreams when I touched him in my dreams. He didn't move or pull away. He just smiled my crooked smile.

"Come on, let's ditch" he suggested. I smiled and he took my hand and we ran out the door. We slammed through the doors. He took my hand and we walked out to the forest behind the school. Once we were3 hidden he took me on his back and gave me a piggy back ride to our meadow. It felt good when the wind blew through my hair. We were finally at m meadow and I knew everything was going to be okay. He put me down on the ground and he sat down next to me.

"I'm so sorry. What you said last night was true."

"Woo woo how do you know what I dreamt of last night?" I all of a sudden held my head just in case he could read my mind. He laughed at my actions. "Bella you weren't dreaming, I was actually there hold a conversation with you" I gasped "Bella I lied when I left, I have always loved you and I have never stopped, I never wanted to leave you but I had no choice.

"But you did! Why?" I asked I wanted answers and I deserved them.

"I did it for you and I thought you would be safer. But look where that got you, hanging out with werewolves... what were you thinking?" I nodded "Bella I am never leaving you again." He told me in confidence. I nodded again because I could speak. He leaned over to kiss me.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! That was my alarm clock. It was all just a dream. Now I knew he was never coming back and I would never see him again.