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Draco shut the door to his office and headed down the long hall way to the elevator. He had a report Hermione Granger had left on his desk clutched in his hand. In fact thats where he was going the report was on security at the World Cup this year.

No, Security was not Hermione's department but he couldn't blame her for being worried. Ireland was one game away from going to the cup and Hermione's best friend just happened to be their seeker: Harry Potter.

Stepping into the elevator Draco fell into thought about how he and Hermione had come to be on first name terms to begin with. Five years previously towards the end of the war.

"Please," Draco begged the Golden Trio. "My father is dead they will kill mother too if the light side won't take her in."

"What about you won't they kill you too?" Potter asked.

"I don't care let them kill me if she survives this it'll be worth it." Draco continued to plead. "I don't want to die but for mother I will." He finally broke down crying in front of the group.

"Draco?" Hermione dropped down to her knees and lifted his chin. "Let us save you too."

Draco nodded and Potter helped lift him to his feet taking him to see McGonagall after she agreed to protect him and his mother he turned to Hermione

"I'm so sorry for everything I've done to you and everything I've ever said Thank you for being the bigger person." He turned to the rest of the group. "And I'm sorry to you too Potter and Weasley and Thank You."

Draco was brought out of his reverie as the elevator opened and two young witches stepped in. They appeared to be straight out of school and they immediately started giggling and whispering behind their hands throwing side long glances at him.

Draco rolled his eyes at the attention. In school he had loved the attention, Hell he had put himself on parade but since the war he wasn't like that anymore.

Sure he knew he was attractive with his shoulder length white blond hair and stormy gray eyes, His fair complexion and tall lean physique.

Yea who was he trying to kid he was still sexy.

As the doors opened and the girls left he called. "Bye ladies." In the huskiest voice he could muster and heard them squealing as the doors slid shut.

Finally he made it to Hermione's floor and headed down the hall to her open office door he heard her talking but assumed she was talking to herself as she always did.

He knocked on the door frame and entered as usual before catching sight of Hermione sitting on the couch in her office with a distraught looking male who was hiding his head in his hands his frame shaking with sobs.

"Sorry I'll come back." He mumbled when Hermione looked up.

"No its fine." She replied taking another look and the guy on the couch moving to where Draco was standing. "What did you need?"

"I have a few questions about the report." Draco began but the man on the couch gave out a shuddering sigh. " Honestly Mione' I can come back."

"No what is it?" She argued leaning in to look at the report.

They looked over Draco questions and he started to leave.

"Draco?" Hermione called before he got out the door.


"What day is it?" She asked.

Draco went blank. "Thursday?"

"What do we do on Thursdays?" She sighed shaking her head.

"Oh yeah lunch I forgot meet you in the atrium in fifteen minutes?"

"Sounds good." She nodded and Draco looked at her friend giving her the hint.

"Harry would you like to join us for lunch?" She asked.

' Harry? Harry Potter? No way.' Draco thought to himself as the man sat up and looked at her tear stains still trailing down his cheeks but this was indeed Harry.

Draco hadn't seen the Gryffindor in over two years back then he was pale, thin and sickly looking and had dark circles under his eyes all the time.

Now he was wow Draco had admitted he was gay a few years back but never did he think he'd have thoughts like that about Harry Potter. But he was now tan and muscular, His hair was cut short and gelled into spikes and he'd grown a lot. The brunette had always been shorter than he was but Draco was sure he'd probably only come to Harry's chin now. The biggest improvement Draco saw however was the lack of this frames obscuring his emerald eyes.

Apparently Harry had been assessing Draco as well because Hermione cleared her throat awkwardly.

"Hey Potter." Draco mumbled slightly embarrassed.

"Malfoy." Harry nodded his head. "If it's okay with Malfoy I'd love to." He then answered Hermione's question.

"It's okay with me but you look exhausted maybe you should go home and rest instead." Draco blurted wanting to stick his fist in his mouth.

"I'd be more likely to get rest at practice tonight than I would at home first of all and second of all you've never cared about me before why bother now?" Harry asked no emotion in his voice.

Draco shrugged at him." Fifteen minutes? " He instead asked Hermione.

"Yep Fifteen minutes." She turned to Harry after Draco had left. "He's not that bad you know."

"Yeah I know old habits." He sighed heaving himself off to the couch and thinking to himself.

'He's not that bad if you haven't had a crush on him for seven years' "Why don't you go on down I'm going to clean up a little bit."

Hermione agreed casting one less worried glance at her friend, Draco joined her a few minutes later and they waited for Harry.

"So is Potter okay?" He asked.

"He's having issues at home." She replied.

"Oh. Did he and the Weasley girl get married they've been together since we left Hogwarts thats been what five years now?" He wasn't trying to pry he was merely curious.

"No thankfully they never married a divorce is much more difficult than a breakup." Hermione spilled and looked ready to smack herself.

"Are they breaking up is that what's wrong with Potter?" Draco guessed wide eyed in shock.

"That's what Harry seems to think it's coming to." She admitted then abruptly shut her mouth moments before Harry joined them.

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