Rather it was rumors that for once had turned out to be true or rather someone close to Harry and Draco had gone blabbing to The Prophet no one was sure but the day after Harry had been given the potion an article appeared on the front page of the paper.

Harry Potter Romantically Involved With Draco Malfoy?

It has come to this writer's attention that war hero and Quidditch star Harry Potter who's recent break up with long time girlfriend caused quite a stir in the wizarding population, has recently become involved with one Draco Malfoy.

As everyone knows Malfoy's family were strong supporters of you know who and even though the current Lord Malfoy has gone out of his way to put an innocent face to the public, even going so far as to become the head of security for Minister Shacklebolt,

This writer has to question the you Malfoy's motives. He has been a frequent visitor to the hospital and is also being rumored to have brewed the potion that is supposed to cure our savior.

Another mystery that is raising eyebrows is the little girl who has also been a frequent visitor to Mr. Potters room.

The child who we know little about appears to be Draco Malfoy's daughter as she has the tell tale Malfoy hair. Is it possible that Mr. Malfoy was hoping to ensnare out young hero's heart with his dream of a family of his own in order to claim more power through his new found connection?

We here at The Prophet hope this is not the case as Mr. Potter has suffered enough in his young life and deserves true happiness.

Draco held the paper in shaking hands he looked over the top of the paper at Harry's still form, unable to believe the allegations.

"All part of being in Harry Potter's life. Are you sure you want to be with him that badly?" Hermione asked quietly entering the room.

"Were you behind this?" Draco demanded. "Do you want me away from him this badly?"

"Calm down Draco, I'm your friend remember? I was the one who coaxed you into going after him. I'm just tired of seeing him hurt and if you can't handle the bad press it would be best to say something now." Hermione frowned sitting in the other chair next to the bed.

"What type of person do you think I am? Do you think I would just put my tail between my legs and run away now? After everything that's happened?" Draco questioned with an attitude rather reminiscent of their school days.

"Draco you are stressed out right now and I understand that. I am too believe me, but taking it out on me isn't going to do anyone any good. I didn't mean that I expected you to take off. I'm just looking out for his best interests." Hermione sighed, Dark bags under her eyes proof that she too had been under the stress of the situation. "I mean what if he's paralyzed when he wakes up? Then what?"

"He won't be, I'm sure of it." Draco stated determinedly.

"You can't know that Draco. There was a lot of damage done before you gave him that potion. What if it can't fix everything? Are you going to stick around and take care of him? Raise his spirits when he's down? Help raise his daughter when he can't?" Hermione had crossed her arms and tears were forming in her eyes. This was apparently something she had given a lot of thought to.

"Of course I am, Whatever it takes I'll do it. He asked me to love Lexi like my own and I will. Hell I already do, and him too. So yes I am." Draco replied leaning forward to take Harry's hand in his own. He didn't care what the paper said as long as Harry loved him. He would put up with it all no matter what for the man in the hospital bed in front of him.

Hermione seemed to have nothing more to say but wouldn't have had much of a chance to respond if she had wanted to.

Dr. Franklin chose that moment to enter the room and run a few diagnostic spells.

"He is healing just the way he should, I don't understand why he hasn't woken yet." Dr. Franklin shook his head in wonder. "Perhaps we administered the potion too late."

"Stop, stop saying that!" Draco childishly placed his hands over his ears. "He'll wake up when he's ready."

"There have been cases like this in the muggle world." Hermione had her thinking look on her face.

"If you say they are cases where they didn't wake up I will curse you." Draco threatened sitting forward ready to do it.

"No, just sometimes the comatose patient doesn't feel they have anything they need to wake up for. Haven't you ever just wanted to curl up and go to sleep and stay asleep?" Hermione asked knowing she had felt that way before.

"So what does he need?" Draco asked his voice shaky.

"Well if that is the case he needs some reason to want to wake up." Hermione shrugged at a loss. "It could be anything that would make him believe life is worth living."

"Well then it's obvious." Draco announced. Hermione and Dr. Franklin gave him identical looks of confusion.

"His daughter." Draco looked at them like it was the most obvious thing in the world. He got to his feet and stopped at the door looking back, he had only left Harry's side to go to the bathroom since giving him the potion.

"If he wakes up I'll tell him you love him and you'll be back soon and will let you know immediately." Hermione assured him not quite sure what Draco had up his sleeve but knowing his reluctance to leave.

"Thank you, I won't be long." Draco rushed out the door before he could have any second thoughts. A few hours later he was back with Andromeda and Lexi.

Andromeda had a grave look on her face as she looked at Harry lying in the bed. She looked to Draco and asked in a tone that seemed like it was the millionth time she had asked holding a crying Lexi in her arms.

"Are you sure about this? This is a little girl we are dealing with and her emotions are not a toy. I don't know how you could have managed getting him custody in a few hours when he's been trying and failing for years, and what if it doesn't work?" She hissed the last part with her hands over Lexi's ears.

"I don't know if it will work, okay?" Draco ran his hand through his hair making it stand on end. "But what if it does? Don't you want Lexi to have that chance?"

Andromeda frowned but placed Lexi on the floor and Draco gave her a nudge.

"But Daddy's sleeping," She looked up at Draco with wide eyes gripping his pant leg. "What do I say, What if he can't hear me?"

"I'm sure he will hear everything you say sweety, just tell him about coming to live with him if he will wake up. He'll hear you." Draco was convincing himself as much as he was the little girl gripping his pants.

Lexi nodded and walked determinedly to the bed and climbed up on it looking at her Daddy. "Daddy you need to wake up now, Daddy Dray said I could come live with you if you did." She stopped and looked at him for a minute and when he didn't respond she laid down on his chest crying. "Please wake up Daddy, I want to come live with you and Daddy Dray and maw maw Cissa." She wailed.

Hermione turned to look at Draco, "Are you seriously going to move in with him or is this just a ploy?"

"If he will let me then of course I would." Draco replied his arms crossed over his chest.

"But isn't that what started the fight that landed us here in the first place?" Hermione asked skeptically. "You didn't want that yet?"

"I want Harry and I want to be with him as often as possible. I don't want to miss him like that again." Draco replied shaking his head.

"Please wake up Daddy, for me." Lexi cried out one last time before quieting and the only sound to be heard in the room was her crying. Everyone in the room was beginning to believe the plan had failed until there was a rustle of fabric and Harry's arms wrapped around Lexi hugging her to him.

"Anything for you sweetheart." He mumbled. His voice was hoarse from disuse.

"Daddy you are awake!" Lexi squealed.

"No I think I'm dreaming." Harry teased. "Someone pinch me cause I'm pretty sure my little girl just told me she was coming to live with me."

Draco walked over and lifted the blanket pulling on one of Harry's leg hairs.

"Ouch! What was that for?" Harry yelped unable to even see the culprit due to Lexi's hair in his face.

"Told you he wouldn't be paralyzed." Draco leaned over to whisper in Hermione's ear. "You said to pinch you so I did." Draco shrugged.

Harry tucked Lexi into his side so he could see the blond better. "Draco?" He asked dumbly taking in the man's wrinkled clothes and his hair sticking up every which way, a light beard growing on his usually clean shaven face.

"Um, Hey." He chewed his lip nervously suddenly unsure of himself.

"You look like shit." Harry smiled trying to sit up.

"Yeah well, even with your bed head adding to your usual birds nest I still can't say the same. You look gorgeous to me." Draco blushed slightly knowing there were still people in the room.

"Andy, could you take Lexi out for a few minutes?" Harry cleared his throat and everyone in the room other than Draco made a swift exit.

"We need to talk Dray," Harry was frowning. He winced in slight pain as he finally got into a sitting position.

"Please don't tell me you're going to give me the 'It's not you it's me' talk." Draco's earlier elation quickly deflated.

"No, no. I'm just afraid you're going to give me that talk." Harry stared at his hands. "There was this guy in America." He began.

"I know, I don't care." Draco cut him off.

"You know? But how? Did he tell you?" Harry cocked his head to the side confused.

"No, he gave me your letter." Draco replied, sitting down in the chair he had been occupying non stop.

"My letter? I don't really remember. Yes I do I wrote you a letter in case. In case I..." Harry dropped off the sentence there. "But I cheated on you Draco how can you even look at me after knowing that?"

"But that's just it Harry. You didn't you stopped. Damn Harry I love you too much to not forgive you of just about anything. I don't care I just want you." Draco leaned forward grabbing Harry's hand.

"I still feel... wrong. I kissed him. I made out with him on his couch and almost got in bed with him. But all I could think of was you and he wasn't you." Harry had tears in his eyes. "I don't really remember much else about the trip to be honest with you. That, the letter, the start of the mission and waking up here." He looked around the room as if he was seeing it for the first time.

"Harry please stop this. I forgive you. Can't we just forget it and move on?" Draco begged not wanting the mental image of Harry wrapped around another man.

"Sorry," Harry blushed. "So what did happen? How long was I out? What did the Prophet have to say?" Harry began to reach out for a change of subject seeing Draco's discomfort.

Draco sighed as if this wasn't much easier of a topic. "You got hit with a curse in America . We came to get you and I brewed a potion to make you better but you didn't want to wake up. You were out for quite a while We didn't know what to do. Lexi did though."

"I almost died didn't I?" Harry asked knowing the answer.

"When do you not? But the-Boy-Who-Lived title has lived up to his name yet again." Draco smirked.

"I'm sorry to have scared you half to death then." Harry grinned patting the bed seeing if Draco would want to be that close to him.

"Nah, I was sure you'd make it." Draco teased climbing into bed laying his head on Harry's shoulder. "I actually don't think I'll ever get rid of you. But then I wouldn't have it any other way."

"So you weren't worried at all? Why then does your hair look like mine there mountain man?" Harry chuckled running his hand over Draco's facial hair.

"Hey, Watch it." Draco narrowed his eyes playfully.

"Just what are you going to do about it?" Harry teased grabbing a handful of Draco's out of control hair.

"I'd refuse to ever kiss you again." Draco folded his arms and turned his head away.

"Fine," Harry sighed moving his hand his face turning into a pout. "That's just not nice. Anyway how long you think it'll be before the Doc let's me out of here. I'd like to go home."

"I dunno. let's ask him shall we?" Draco offered turning to slide off the bed to go get Dr. Franklin.

"Draco wait before you go. Lexi said she was coming to live with me. Was that true?" Harry asked afraid to hope.

"It sure was. She's all yours." Draco's smile lightened up the whole room in Harry's opinion.

"And you?" Harry asked chewing at his lip.

"I'm yours if you want me." Draco shrugged trying to pretend to not care.

"Well don't just stand there. Go get the doctor to see when we can go home." Harry leaned forward slapping Draco on the bum.

"Of course good sir." Draco shook his head.

The doctor ran a few spells checking Harry's progress and agreed he could go home at the end of the week. Harry groaned at the thought of spending three more days in the hospital but the prospect of having Draco and Lexi waiting for him when he got there was enough incentive to suffer through it.

"Well Dray, there is no reason for you to hang out here doing nothing." Harry sighed. "Why don't you go get a shower and clean up a bit. I'll still be here tomorrow."

"Is it really that bad?" Draco asked sniffing his armpit seeming a bit put out.

"No, I just thought you might want to clean up." Harry responded through laughter. "I know how much you pride yourself on your appearance."

"Yeah well, right now I pride myself on you." Draco huffed.

"It's really not going to do you any good to stay here by my side. I'm okay and I'm not going anywhere. Go home and get some sleep. Hell start getting yourself moved in to my place. I just don't want you cooped up in this hospital room." Harry rolled his eyes and the man's reluctance to leave him.

"Well sure if you want to be rid of me that badly." Draco rolled his eyes giving Harry a quick kiss before strolling out the door seeming a bit agitated.

Harry had a flow of visitors in and out the door for the rest of the day. He was glad to see his team mates and promised the captain he's be back in the air as soon as possible and was rewarded with a smack to the back of the head.

"Don't even think about touching a broom until the doctor clears you to do so." Mickey snapped.

"Of course not sir." Harry chuckled.

Ron stopped by late in the evening but only stayed long enough to throw the days Prophet on the bed.

"Hope you know what you're doing." He scowled before walking out again.

Harry picked up the paper and read the article. He was so pissed by the time he finished he was ready to get out of bed and go to the Prophet right then and there.

When Draco arrived first thing the next morning freshly showered and shaven with a smile on his face one look at Harry's frown made him take a step back.

Raw energy might has well have been pouring out of the man. "Why didn't you tell me the horrible lies they wrote?" Harry hissed barely above parsal tongue.

"Because I didn't want to bother you with that nonsense." Draco replied taking his chair.

"Nonsense or not I'm getting tired of The Prophet dictating what I should or shouldn't do with my life. I'm going to put a stop to it as soon as I'm out of this hell hole." Harry raged kicking the blankets off his legs and onto the floor.

"Already taken care of." Draco replied calmly picking the blankets up and placing them back over his boyfriend.

"What do you mean already taken care of?" Harry asked.

"Let's just say the editor was fired and replaced by a good friend of mine. Problem solved." Draco grinned lounging back in his chair.

"Let me guess," Harry sighed. "The Prophet is part of the mighty Malfoy legacy?"

"It might be." Draco smirked.

"Have I told you yet today that I love you?" Harry's mood lifted significantly.

"No but I wouldn't mind hearing it more often." Draco winked.

"Well I love you." Harry nodded with a smile.

The days went by slowly but finally it was time for Harry to go home. The only stipulation was for Harry to use magical means of travel as little as necessary and not for further distances than necessary.

So they would be traveling by car to the closest Floo point possible. Even though it meant being in the car for a few hours Harry begrudgingly agreed when Draco told him he'd be there too.

When Draco arrived at his usual time that morning Harry was up and halfway dressed his jeans hung loose on his hips his torso bare he was pacing around the room bored and antsy waiting for the doctor to come clear him.

"Morning Dray." He chirped. "Ready to go home?"

"Now more than ever." Draco smirked allowing his eyes to roam over Harry's naked torso.

"Hmph, I'm beginning to think you only love me for my quidditch toned abs." Harry pouted.

"Well it certainly helps." Draco teased stepping closer to run his hands along Harry's bare skin.

"At least it's my abs your after and not my money." Harry shrugged with a laugh. The nurse entered with the paper work for Harry to sign himself out while Draco reluctantly threw him a shirt.

Andromeda came in with Alexis just as they were getting ready to leave.

"She insisted she needed to travel home with her daddies." Andromeda smiled. "I'll see you soon Lexi." She then hugged Harry and Draco and left Alexis with them.

Draco swung her onto his hip before Harry could strain himself by doing it and they headed for the door.

They made it to the ground level of the hospital but as soon as the lift doors opened the group was swarmed by reporters from The Prophets competitors and angry people who had read the article a few days prior about Draco using Harry.

At first Harry was content to push through the crowd ignoring them all with his arm around Draco. He was used to paparazzi following him through his Quidditch career but when one of the angry people in the crowd tried to grab Lexi, He lost it. Draco saw the magic started to flow off of him.

"Harry, calm down. I've got her we just need to get out of here." Draco tried to calm him.

"Then they just follow us everywhere else we go." Harry snapped before taking a step away from Draco.

"STOP!" He commanded throwing his arms out. Everyone froze like they'd all been placed in a body bind. "This is my daughter Alexis I have kept her a secret because of the likes of you! Draco is my boyfriend rather the general public likes it or not I don't go around dictating who all of you are allowed to date I want the same respect. If I am continuously badgered I will leave the magical world and not look back. All of you will remember I was raised as a muggle. I can and will go back to that life if I feel like my life or the lives of my family are in danger." Harry finished his speech and strode proudly out of the hospital to the awaiting car.

The next day every newspaper in the country was running the headline.

Harry Potter Threatens to Leave Wizarding World.

Surprisingly enough after the story of Harry's outburst at the hospital got around the reporters more or less left his personal life alone focusing more on his Quidditch career which he had gotten back to within a few months.

Lexi and Draco traveled with him and made it to every game.

Narcissa was moved into Harry's place shortly before Christmas and spending time playing with Lexi was actually improving her condition.

When Christmas morning rolled around Harry and Draco were woken early by and over ecstatic Alexis and a barking Hopper. With no choice but to get up they headed downstairs while one of the elves assisted Narcissa.

They watched as Narcissa and Lexi tore into their presents smiling and laughing and taking lots of pictures. Finally once Alexis had flown through her gifts like a tornado Draco took a moment to hand Harry his present.

"Before I open this I think Hopper wants you." Harry smiled.

"Sure enough the dog was sitting patiently at Draco's feet.

"Hey Hopper, Want up?" Draco patted his lap and the dog hopped up dropping a small velvet box into his hand. "What's this?" Draco questioned opening the box he found nothing inside of it. He closed it again and jumped in surprise to find Harry kneeling in front of him.

"Draco Malfoy, you have completed my family and made me happy in a way I didn't know was possible. Would you marry me?" He held out the missing ring as Alexis climbed up onto the arm of the chair.

"Say yes." She whispered in his ear.

"Okay, Yes. I will marry you." Draco nodded as the ring was slipped onto his finger.

"I love you Dray." Harry smiled kissing the blond softly.

"I love you too Harry."

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