A/N: I'm still working on Misguided Ghosts, but I think when you're writing something a bit darker you need a little fluffy outlet. This will be a short little series of vignettes. No real plot just a series of moments between Sam and Freddie as they get older. As with all my fiction there'll be a lil music quote at the start. Read and review - tell me if you think I'm going wrong.

"Are you still beautiful in Los Angeles? When it's been so long, I can't handle it. Will it really make any difference? Cos I'm so far away. Will we ever change?" – Beautiful Los Angeles, Garrison Starr.

"What's taking her so long?" Freddie huffed. Carly glanced over at her impatient neighbour, pacing the space at the elevator. He looked adorable in his black tux paired with dark converse. He kept messing his hair with his hand and it was driving Carly crazy.

"Beauty takes time," she stated simply, flicking another page of 17.

"Beauty? Sam? Jesus we'll be here until New Years," he muttered, flopping down on the stool opposite her. Carly looked up, arching her eyebrows disapprovingly.

"Hey, she's doing you a favour Freddie, be nice," she said, frowning as he messed with his hair again. "Ok stop that."

She batted his hand away with her own and ran her slim fingers along his scalp, fluffing it out. God he loved the feeling. Carly was perhaps the only girl that could turn him to goo, simply by running her fingers through his hair. He loved how her lips twisted into a thoughtful pout as she evaluated his new style. He loved how she smiled when she finally had him looking how she wanted. She met his glazed eyes and let out a nervous giggle.


"Remind me why you couldn't do this again."

"Cos I have a huge Biology test tomorrow morning, and you know how I get the night before an exam," she told him, turning to the fridge. He followed her over, leaning on the counter, and watching as her head disappeared inside.

"But you'll pass, you know you'll pass. And you know all Sam will do is punch me and spit in my dinner. And I really don't think Grandma is going to like that," he grumbled, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"I've asked Sam to be on her best behaviour, and she promised me she will be," Carly assured him, emerging with two Peppy colas. He squinted at her, considering something.

"What else did you promise her?"

"Huh?" she asked, clearly avoiding his question.

"C'mon Carly, tell."

"I've promised her that you'll do her laundry for a month."

"Carly!" he gasped, exasperated.

"Freddie," she repeated, her pink tongue darting out.

"Why can't her Mom do her laundry?"

"I dunno, something about Fluffy doing something icky in the washing machine."

"I can't believe I'm doing this," he sighed, taking a long swig of the soda, "Got anything stronger?"

"No drinking," Carly chastised, "You got my best friend on board, and I expect her to come back in one piece."

"Can you make sure I come back in one piece?"

Carly smiled again and gently rolled her eyes. "I know you love her deep down."

Before he could even try a snappy comeback Sam's voice cut through the apartment, a high squeal that terrified him down to his core.

"Right. I'm coming down. But FYI, I ain't happy about this dress!" she screamed.

"Sam, just come down," Carly replied, going to stand by the stairwell.

"What the hell have you done to my hair? And why are my underarms stinging?" she called backed. Carly glanced nervously at Freddie, who was nearly ready to give up on the night completely.

"It's called an underarm wax Sam, it'll only sting for a little while," she said, maintaining the fakest smile Freddie had ever seen.

"And the hair?"

"Called hairpins, now come down. I wanna see you."

"Ok ok," Sam muttered, defeated. Freddie could hear her from the kitchen, plodding down the staircase. He was pretty sure her heels where about to go through Carly's wooden floor.

"Oh my God Sam!" Carly smiled, clapping her hands with glee. "You look so pretty."

"I feel like a girl," Sam stated flatly.

"Let's ask Freddie," Carly grinned, turning to the boy in her kitchen, "What do you think?"

He turned, slowly and reluctantly, trying in his head to make up nice things to say to the blonde terror. Stunning, beautiful, magnificent....But when he finally laid eyes on Samantha Puckett the words flew away, and he stood slack jawed, eyes wide.

"Well?" She sounded nervous. Sam was never ever nervous. It was a take it or leave it thing. He let his gaze sweep from her head to her feet. Her hair was clipped back, curls loosely framing her face. And Carly had managed to squeeze her into a slim black dress that showed just how much she'd grown up in the past three years. And for some reason, still unknown, he gulped at the long expanse of skin showing from her neck to her dipping cleavage. "Oi Perv," she scolded, snapping her fingers in his face, "Wanna stop staring at the ladies?"

"What?" he snorted, waving it off. "I wasn't staring."

"Uh....huh," Sam finished slowly, nervously tugging the fabric of her dress. "So are we gonna do this chiz or what?"

"Yeah," he nodded, confused with lack of direction. He walked back into the kitchen and then out, then scratched the back of his head. Carly smiled, charmed.

"Looking for your keys?" she asked, holding them out.

"Yup, ready Sam?"

"No but does it matter?"

Carly gently nudged her friends towards the front door, but stopped them suddenly with her finger and disappeared to find her camera.

"You scrub up well Puckett," Freddie leaned in, whispering.

"Yeah? Don't get used to it. I'm wearing panties that give me a permanent wedgie, I have gunk on my face, and my hairs tight. This isn't something that'll happen often."

She kept rambling, but for some odd reason Freddie's brain stuck with the permanent wedgie reference.

"Right, smile you two!" Carly instructed, snapping Freddie out of his hormonal haze. He blamed the over powering perfume emulating from Sam. Both forced cheesy grins, Sam making bunny ears behind Freddie's head. They then left; Freddie with his hand on Sam's back, guiding her out of the apartment. Carly quietly followed them out to the hallway, smiling as they left.

"Dorkface, if you want to keep that hand, you'll move it," Carly heard Sam warn Freddie as they disappeared around the corner. Carly decided to stay up for them coming back – just to make sure Freddie was still alive when they did.