Author's Note: Hi there and welcome to my first crossover of Doctor Who and Sonic the Hedgehog! I'm not too sure how readable this is if you're not too familiar with either of the series, but I'll do my best in explaining things - for now just know that 1) the alien man called the Doctor and his human companion Rose travel space and time and run into odd situations on a daily basis and 2) Sonic is a blue hedgehog faster than sound battling an evil scientist and therefore an odd situation all of his own. Have fun!

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Hedgehogs And Relative Chaos In Time

by Taranea

Chapter 1: Doctor In Distress

"Woah! Where are we going now?"

The surprised cry echoed through the shaking wide chamber as a blonde, teenage human girl tried to hold on to a circular console in the middle of it, her face glowing with excitement (and just that little bit of motion sickness. But it really wasn't that bad.) The chamber itself seemed to be a criss-cross of spaceship control room and golden coral reef, with some old car seats thrown in for the hell of it. A huge, glowing column was moving up and down in the middle of it, bathing the cavern in bluish light.

"I don't know! But according to this distress signal, somebody needs help!" This came from a tall and grinning, spiky-haired man in a blue suit, also hanging onto the console but with considerably more style than his flailing companion. He was pulling and pushing all sorts of levers and wheels, but if that made the shaking better or worse it was hard to tell.

"What were you in your former life, a sort of, I dunno, obsessed ambulance driver?" the girl laughed as she had finished her question, the room they were in lurching to a final, juddering halt and sending her flying in a rather undignified way onto her backside. Her trainer-clad feet shot upwards as she went down and her usually pretty face with its full lips, high cheekbones and dark eyebrows screwed up upon impact. The apparent madman on the console (who had unfairly managed to stay on his feet, despite his lanky form) shot her an amused look.

"No, actually. In all nine of them, I haven't. Just a Doctor, that's me." Then he frowned. "Well. Actually, there was that time on Betelgeuse, when I was driving an ambulance, but that was because this woman from the 34th century was pregnant - all Jack's fault - and about to give birth and there were about two dozen raptors on hoverboards chasing us down-"

"Doctor," the girl cut through the excited babble of her skinny friend with a tone that suggested she had had quite a bit of practice at interrupting him. She tried to straighten her pink cotton jacket, rolling her eyes as she looked at the slightly older man again. "Come on, just tell me where we are!"

He gave her a bright smile. "Oh, Rose, all the right questions! Now, let's see..." He bent over the console screen, muttering as his eyes scanned over the strange symbols,"...though I have to tell you that raptor story at some stage, contains a few brilliant last minute ideas on the side of little ol' me - ah, here we are! On Mobius, that is."

"Mobius," Rose repeated, her eyebrows raised. "Is that a nice planet?"

"Very similar to Earth, I think, though I haven't been here before." His brown eyes flashed brightly as he said that, as if those words were for some reason an announcement that Christmas this year came early.

Well. A Christmas that didn't involve England getting attacked by aliens, anyway. The Doctor, as he had been called, adjusted his red tie and motioned for the door. "Ready for some adventure?"

Even without his waggling eyebrows, Rose couldn't help but grin in return. The Doctor's enthusiasm was more infectious than leprosy - and a lot more fun to contract. She grasped his outstretched hand, eager to set foot onto one of the many outlandish planets their spaceship, the TARDIS, regularly dumped them. About half of them usually turned out to be 21st century London anyway, so a true strange planet always stirred some excitement in her. (Although talking of stirring her, the young Doctor with his tousled brown hair, small sideburns, handsome angular face and friendly dark eyes usually did that all by himself.)

Just as they were about to open the doors and depart the TARDIS, something went very strangely bonk. Against the outer wall of their ship, that was.

"Doctor?" Rose had stopped. "What was this distress call about, again?"

"Well, only one way to find out, isn't there?" He grinned like an imp, before yanking the door open and stepping outside into brilliant sunshine and a green meadow. "Oooh, countryside. Love countryside. With uh, checkered earth, apparently," the space traveler added as he set eyes onto one of the features of Mobius. "I think I even read something about this planet having talking cows, wouldn't that be great?" Then he frowned. "Although I'm not too sure how you would milk them in that case, as advanced as this civilization is supposed to be they probably would have sexual harassment laws. That would mean tea without milk."

There was a moment of silence.

As no appropriate sounds of dismay were coming from his companion, the Doctor turned around to look. The blonde girl was kneeling on the ground next to their box-shaped space ship, seemingly not paying attention to anything he'd said.

"Hey, did you hear m-" he began, striding toward her, but being silenced as he saw what she was looking at. Right in front of her laid a blue-furred animal half the size of Rose, looking like the result of a very unlikely relationship of a porcupine and one of the cat girl nurses they had encountered on one of their earlier adventures. It was covered in short blue fur and had human-looking arms, hands and legs, a tan-furred belly and muzzle with a pointed black nose, as well as two triangular ears on top of a very large head in proportion to its body. The back of its head and backside was covered in large blue spines and Rose thought she could even see a short blue tail poking out from underneath it. Its eyes were currently closed as it lay on its back, probably because of the rather prominent bump on its forehead.

"Doctor?" Rose asked. "I think I know what just hit the TARDIS."

"Oh. Well, the old girl is rather sturdy, to give her her due. TARDIS: one, Spiky alien: zero," the man continued jovially, although he had now pulled out a silver, pencil-shaped tool and was waving it over the creature. The thing hummed and glowed blue, although that was mainly lost on the alien's pelt anyway.

"Doctor! It could be seriously hurt!" the girl protested at his light-hearted tone, and her friend visibly flinched.

Young human females and small furry creatures. How could he have forgotten?

He tried to speak in a soothing tone as he pocketed his gizmo again. "Not to worry, screwdriver says it doesn't even have a concussion. By the looks of it it ran against the TARDIS and knocked itself out. Seems like we got ourselves a planet with either an overly enthusiastic or not very bright fauna." He winked at her. "Now, how about finding out where that distress call hailed from? Because that was definitely human..."

"I say we should put this little guy in the TARDIS first. Out here it could get eaten by predators." Rose had picked the creature up in her arms where it lay limply like a human child. The Doctor glanced at her worriedly as she carried it back towards the entrance. He had a certain sinking feeling the 'Can we keep it? Please?' -talk was already waiting just around the corner.

Sighing, he ambled a couple steps through the grass, hands in his pockets. Having companions would be so much easier if they didn't insist on complicating his life, be it resurrecting an ancient squid-race bent on exterminating everything that refused to roll around as a giant pepperpot, or taking in a porcupine that had apparently fallen into a paint bucket. Then, of course, he grinned. He wouldn't trade Rose for the universe, and he knew it.

About then was the point when the robot materialized and the Doctor's eyes grew wide.


It was a very eccentric contraption. It consisted of a flat, round disc with two glowing eyes, its metal shining golden. The metal frisbee was hovering a little over his head and from both sides extended an arm downwards, thin steel rods that both ended in another round disc, although these were vertically arranged. It looked a bit like a very strange pair of salad tongs, or perhaps a mechanized jellyfish. On both its sides was a grinning emblem with glasses and a huge moustache, for some reason. The Doctor stared at it, perplexed and too curious for a second to move, and then it was already above him, encircling him with its arms.

"What?" Surprised, the tall man tried to step out of the thing, but then the underside of the disc started to glow and his skin prickled as a cone-shaped ray of light rings washed all over him.


Rose broke through the doors of the TARDIS at a run. She had just deposited the unconscious body of the alien on the car seats for want of a better place, when she had heard the Doctor's cries from outside. As a companion one soon learned that repeated 'What!'s from your space-travelling friend were never a good sign. "Doctor!" she yelled, then gasped as she beheld the scenario before her. Several strange robots or aliens were floating in the air, one of them apparently having captured the Doctor in a kind of energy ray. He was fumbling for what Rose presumed was his screwdriver, but the process was made difficult by the fact that in the ray the Doctor had lost his footing and was being turned head over converse as if he was in some sort of anti-gravity washing machine.

"Rose!" He called out frantically as he saw her, "Get back into the TARDIS! Don't let them catch you, this is a transmat, they-!" The rest was cut off as suddenly the Doctor vanished from within the ray. Rose gaped for a second, but only a second, because now the remaining robots suddenly started turning towards her. And floating towards her. She darted back into the space ship with a panicked dash, pressing her back for a clich├ęd moment against the closed doors.

The Doctor had just been kidnapped.

To be continued...

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