Title: The Secret Love of the Waverly Wizard part 1 of ?
Rating: R/ M just to be on the safe side
Pairing/Characters: Alex/Justin – Jalex, other characters
Warnings: AU and I'm sure I'll think of more

Summary: When did it start? When exactly had he started looking at his annoying, spoiled, bratty, impulsive, adventurous, funny, dedicated, talented, beautiful, little sister as more than that, as a woman.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to Wizards of Waverly Place. Goddess I wish!

Chapter 1



There was this sick thing between them. It was something that never should have started but now he couldn't stop it, or wouldn't stop it. Sometimes he wasn't sure which his reason was. Most days he felt like his choice had been taken away from him; that living without her would be like living without air or water or bread. She was living. But then some days when the guilt washed over him anew, he knew that he chose this sin that was condemning them both to hell.


When did it start? When exactly had he started looking at his annoying, spoiled, bratty, impulsive, adventurous, funny, dedicated, talented, beautiful, little sister as more than that, as a woman. He couldn't remember the exact moment because it really had been more of a gradual thing.

As his little sister, he had always had the authority to laugh at her whether she wanted him to or not. He remembers laughing when she struggled to learn to tie her shoes or zipper her coat. He remembers how much it frustrated him when he'd try to help her and she would purposely mess up, like singing a b f r e l g when going up and down the stairs in the substation. He would keep correcting her and would only laugh at her antics later when he was sure he was alone. It was when they were older that they could laugh together. In contrast to their childhood, if he really thought about it though, it was more Alex laughing at him, or criticizing him which then led her to laughing at him. Not that they had a bad brother, sister relationship, because they didn't. It was what worked for them, what made their relationship special, different than what they had with Max or their parents or friends. And after 20 years of it, well, Justin was used to it. It was comfortable, reliable and he loved it, loved her for it.

Alex has always been dedicated – dedicated to driving him out of his mind. The majority of the time she did it unconsciously, annoying him with little things like sleeping late and roaming the halls at school instead of going to class. He worked so hard and she just skated through life. And then there was when she called him bozo and other colorful names every chance she had, or when she palled around with his friends, or got away with everything and wrapped their dad around her little finger. She was also dedicated to getting into trouble. Lucky for her, he was dedicated to getting her out of it.

Justin would need his hands and feet and maybe every hair on his head to count the times that Alex had gotten into a bad situation and he'd bailed her out. There was the time when she had taken then train car out of the substation and traveled around the subway. She'd nearly gotten killed. His heart had stopped when he'd realized what she'd done and he swears every minute she was gone, was taken off his life.

He'd also covered for her when she went to her first drinking party. She'd snuck out for probably the millionth time and crashed the party for graduating seniors. He was still genuinely astounded that it was the first drinking party that she'd gone to, considering her track record. Surprisingly, it was not the first party that Justin had attended, being a senior after all, but being the good son he was, he'd never imbibed anything stronger than a soda. And it was a good thing for Alex that he held himself to this moral code because he'd been clear headed when he'd carried her home and then held her hair back when she lost the contents of her stomach. He was pretty sure their parents knew what happened that night but assumes that after seeing their baby girl so sick, let the case drop. She'd been punished enough.

And then there was the time that trumped all others, when she had wished their parents had never met. They had almost died, almost ceased to exist. To Justin, the latter seemed worse because no one would have remembered them, mourned them. They would have been nothing.

Ugh, and on top of it all, she'd won the wizard competition!

But Alex was talented, or at least lucky enough to win. After all he'd been studying longer than she and he'd always studied a lot harder. The thought of losing to her again in the future, actually made him feel ill. So when they had gotten back to NY, he had thrown himself into his magic, focusing on elemental magic to make up for what he already knew. But nothing had changed for Alex. Instead, she worked on her mortal skills. He'd come back from his alien language club and hear her practicing her drums. And she spent more time working on her foliage and art. Admittedly, she'd gotten pretty good at both. Maybe she knew the future battle wasn't going to be like the last, maybe this time around she knew trying was futile and just accepted it. Really, it had just been a fluke that she'd won the first time and she knew that was the truth. And as long as Max didn't actually grow a brain, Justin knew the magic would be his.

But working on other skills had a positive effect on Alex. She worked a little harder in school (their parents wouldn't get her new art supplies if she didn't and it's not like she'd spend the little money she eared waitressing) and managed to get her grades to mostly b's with a couple c's mixed in. Except for Spanish, she could never get better than a d in Spanish. She admittedly cheated on the Spanish Regents but her teacher let it side, rather than have her repeat the class. It was her better grades and her official membership in the Happy Helpers Club, though she never attended, that got her into college in the city. She would still live with their parents but planned on going to class four days a week. Or at least they hoped she would go to class.

If he were forced to admit it, he always thought of his sister as beautiful. He had watched her grow up, seen her through the gawky stages. There was the time when she had been obsessed with glasses because some star on TV needed them; she'd been maybe eleven at the time. But it was before her face had lost all of its chubbiness and her eyes had been too big for her head. And she would wear such large glasses that her forehead seemed to vanish, making her look more like a bug than a girl. And while Alex wasn't a tall young woman, he couldn't say girl anymore, she had had a growth spurt soon after her quinceanera. All of her pants were suddenly too short, the same with the sleeves on her tops. And it had taken a few days and a new wardrobe to get used to the added height. The best part was when she knocked her head on the pipe when she went to the basement. Justin had laughed for hours over that. And then she had hexed him.

But now at 18 she is beautiful. Guy's eyes follow her wherever she goes and Justin has caught himself staring at her a little too much the last few times he's been home from college. Her features are soft even with the angularity of her face. Her eyes are sharp and there is a confident air around her that only comes from being Alex Russo.

Sometimes, Justin thinks this change in how he looks at her wasn't gradual. Sometimes he thinks it was going off to school that made everything so different. That not seeing her every day, not seeing the zits or suffering the pms, and not having to suffer the competition between them, changed everything. When he came home for Thanksgiving his freshman year it was like he didn't know her. Yes, they fell back into their bickering routine easily but when he went back to his dorm room a few days later, he wanted to text and email Alex, not the little sister he'd had all his life and the person she had still been at the end of summer. No he wanted Alex, the woman, whose tops always showed a little less much skin to be considered indecent but made his mouth water for more. He wanted the Alex who he was capable of having a real conversation with because she wasn't dumb and didn't pretended to be in order to get a guy. The Alex, who used paintbrushes to hold up her hair instead of chopsticks; who would actually start a book and finish it, the woman who had goals and worked towards them. She had become an adult.

And she was legal…

She was going to be his.