This story is rated Mature for langauge and allusions to torture and sexual references, mostly in this chapter. Chapters afterwards will contain less Mature content.

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Enjoy the first chapter!


The room is almost pitch black when she first enters, eyes scanning until she spots the vague image of the mattress sitting on the floor in the corner of the room.

She hesitates, then whispers into the darkness. "Ikuto-san...?"

No response is heard.

"...A-Are you here, Ikuto-san...?"

There's silence for a moment, before Iku hears the rustle of skin against cloth. Stepping inside, she closes the door behind her slowly, so Master won't catch them.

Creeping to the bed, she notices the Butlerloid's outfit laying all around the mattress, tattered up and even shredded on one of the sleeves. A shudder passes through her. What torture did Master choose this time?

"...Are you a-alright...?" Her voice trembles a bit, uneasy.

Standing over the mattress, she watches as her brother's figure slowly rises up. His hair is a matted mess, small clumps sticking to his wet cheeks. The only thing covering him is the small, single blanket Master allows him to have.

Iku's knees almost gave out from the sight, but it wasn't fully because of how he looked.

It was because she was the one who should be laying there crying.


Master's footsteps are easy to hear when they come down the hallway. He always wears boots, which make those distinct 'clomp, clomp' noises. They know he is coming.

He is coming for her, because it's her turn today.

And she hasn't even recovered from last night.

"Ikuto-san...! I-I don't...Want to do it today...M-Master says...He brought his f-friends...I don't want to m-meet them!"

They've gone through this before. But they don't like Master's friends.

Master's friends hurt them.

Master hurts them.

Master keeps them locked away for when they are to be 'used'.

"I-I know...Just...Iku-chan..." Ikuto's never looked so powerless in his life. His eyes scan over his sister's wounds, watching as she desperately tries to get her hair back into the onion-like accessory she's supposed to wear.

The footsteps are growing closer. Her face looks even more filled with panic.

He reaches for a moment, touches her arm. Studies the contorted look of pain on her face.

"O-Ow! Ikuto-san, d-don't touch there!" She cries, before looking away. How wrong that sounds with her voice betraying her as it always does...

The footsteps stop. He's here.

"Get out here, Iku! It's show time." The smirk on his face can be heard hinted in his voice.

Iku's body trembled, tears forming in her eyes. She wouldn't, couldn't do this today! Her body hurt everywhere and everything felt as though it were spinning.

She didn't want to taste those horrid tastes. She didn't want to be forced again...Not today, please, not again...

Beside her, Ikuto suddenly stood with a look of determination on his face.

"E-Eh...? What are you d-doing, Ikuto-san...?" Iku asks, tilting her head with confusion. But he doesn't say a word, instead going to the door and opening it up slowly.

Master is right in front of him, the smirk wiped off his face when Ikuto comes out. "I asked for her, not you. Unless you're so eager to join her, you little slut."

He cringes at the verbal abuse, but shuts his eyes and takes it anyway. "No...I...I want to...Go in h-her place, Master. Take me instead." Iku's gasp is heard even by him.

"N-No! Ikuto-san, you don't have to do that! I-I'll be okay! Y-You can't-"

"Just stay out of it, Iku!" His voice was firm, though he immediately felt bad for raising his voice towards her. Master gave a look of amusement at the two before grabbing Ikuto's arm rather violently.

"You really want to take her place? You have guts, but you're not going to have them once we're done with you."

Iku ran towards the door, lunging for Ikuto's arm. She had to reach him, grab him, take him away.

But she was too late.

The door slammed and she was left standing in fear and shock.

Ikuto had taken her turn. Her 'punishment'.

What would Master and Master's friends do to him? Not what they'd done to her, oh God please no...

She fell to her knees and wept, for Ikuto and for herself.

What had they done to deserve a life of constant abuse?


The mattress is hard to sit on, being so close to the ground, but despite this, Iku lowered herself until she sat on the side of it.

Ikuto stared up at her with a tearful look, bringing his arm up and wiping at his eyes with a sniffle. She knew he'd been crying, but she said nothing.

She knew perfectly why, but wished that she didn't.

"Ikuto-san..." Her voiced cracked. Reaching her hand out, her hand met the Butlerloid's wet cheek. Up and down, she stroked it gently until Ikuto moved forward, turning his body the other way before falling into her lap.

His body shivered like a leaf, shoulders jerking up and down as choked sobs ran through him.

Everywhere, every time he moved, there was pain.

The bend of his elbow was bruised, his leg was skinned up badly, and of course, his lower regions burned with unbearable intensity.

Iku reached down and touched the middle of his back, feeling the various muscles tense up the moment her fingertips made contact with his overly sensitive skin.

They both had that, unfortunately. Being overly sensitive all over. It served only to give Master more enjoyment.

"Iku...chan..." He choked out between his cries. "I...I did it...Do you feel...Any better...?"

Her own tears threatened to spill this time. How could he still be thinking about her and her needs and safety when she was the very reason he was laying here in misery?

She wanted to ask what Master did.

The sounds were still in her mind...


"P-Please, no, Master! Don't! Not there...!"

Iku's body shook as she pressed her ear against the door, catching the sounds of Ikuto's anguish, and Master's entourage laughing at him.

"A-Ah...! No...No! Master, please no...! Stop!" He was begging, but she couldn't hear Master make a single sound.

In her mind, she pictured what they could have been doing to him, but each possibility seemed worse than the last.

Being bound and blindfolded.

Choked and gagged with the most horrid tastes imaginable.

Unwanted pleasure gained by whatever Master could get his hands on.

The Maidloid shook her head and held back her tears. If she ran in there, they would hurt her too. That wasn't what Ikuto would want her to do.

But would he really want her to just stand here and do nothing?

"Stop! Stop...! No, Master...! Don't...Do that...! No no no!!"

A click.

A flash under the door.

Pictures for enjoyment? They've had it happen...

Blackmail, perhaps? Master will do anything to keep them here...

"Stay still, you little whore. Stop squirming or I'll-!"

"M-Master, no-!"




The sobs and screams of pain that ripped from his throat afterwards carried on for minutes, but in Iku's mind it lasted years.

More clicking, more flashing, more crying.

She hesitates, before running from the door.

That's supposed to be her in there. It's supposed to be her.

Listening to Ikuto is like listening to herself, only it brings more regret than if she were listening to her own voice.

He took a fall for her.

And now, she wonders if he'll even emerge from that room alive.


The scars and bruises riddling his body ache in such a way that he feels like a human inferno.

Iku's fingers are in his hair now, combing through the short green locks. Quickly, he checks to make sure the blanket isn't falling from around his waist. He wants to keep himself hidden.

Wants to make sure she doesn't see the pain they caused.

"Y-You...Didn't have to do this...For me, Ikuto-san..." She sounds ready to start crying. Despite the pain he was in, Ikuto managed to reach a hand up and touch her cheek the way she had touched his.

His lips parted, ready to speak. Then they closed again. He didn't know what to say. He could barely talk past his crying, so what was he to do?

Instead, he curled his body up into a semi-tight ball in her lap, his arm dropping off her.

With little knowledge on how to help, Iku did the only thing she knew she could.

Her hands glided along his upper body with ease, rubbing small circles along the most aching of areas. A soft groan escaped his lips, which meant it was working.

Ikuto always did this for her when Master had beaten her as badly as this. They weren't strangers to each others touch, nor each others looks.

They dressed together, ate together (when Master gave them food), slept often on that same mattress together...

Siblings bonded by the helpless position of this forced life...

Momentarily, Ikuto closed his eyes and tried to forget about the pain and the memory of what Master had done to him. Feigning sleep, something suddenly woke him from his vague doze.

Above him, Iku leaned forward, her lips pressed to his forehead in a chaste kiss. He shivered a moment before growing accustomed to the feeling, his eyes closing again with exhaustion.

The burning still persisted, and the emotional trauma was still quite visible. But Iku...She quelled the deepest of the pain within him.

That pain that constantly tore at his heart.

She was his only escape from Master, just as he was her's.

Maybe someday, they would be able to escape from this place...But Master...Would he catch them...?

"...I'm s-sorry...Ikuto-san..."

Iku sniffled slightly above him, still feeling responsible for what had occurred. He merely shook his head, keeping his eyes closed.

"I chose to d-do it...You...You didn't deserve w-what Master was going to do..."

"What did he do...?" She questioned.

Ikuto never answered though, falling into forced sleep right then and there. Once again, Iku was left alone with so many questions and so few answers.

But she knew the answer to one.

That she would stay here by her brother's side all night. And she would try and think. Think of a way to get out of here and to freedom. To a place where no one would criticize them and hurt them.

Perhaps...A place where the perfect Master was.

Wherever that Master was, she hoped they would come soon.

Tucking the blanket over Ikuto's middle, her hand caressed his shoulder blade while her mind dove deep into thought...




"...Well, what do you know. It's you. Why're you back here? I thought you said you weren't going to get involved in anything."

"I'm not planning on it."

"Oh, yeah right. C'mon, you know you could make a good, few quick bucks just by getting on this business. What do you say, huh? Won't you accept?"

"I came here to get what I wanted, that's it."

"Yeah? What the Hell do you want that makes you come back here?"

"I want them."

"Everyone wants them."

"Not that way, you idiot. You know what mean."

"...No way! Get lost! If you think I'm giving them up-"

"Then name a price."


"I said name your price. I'll give you any amount of money you want. Just give them to me."

"Do you think I'm stupid? Are you really that crazy to believe I'll do that?!"

"Actually, yes. Yes, I do think that. Because I have a deal to make with you that I hope you'll find worth your while..."