Title: The Real Winner

Show: Merlin

Characters/Pairings: Gwen/Arthur

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 600

Disclaimer: I obviously don't own, because if I did…there'd be just a bit more kink in the Merlin-verse.

Summary: Arthur proves that he has some restraint (but not too much).

A/N: Just a quick-and-dirty fic written for the prompt "Arthur/Gwen - oral sex (Arthur gives. I'm just cutting to the chase, here.)"


It had been a challenge, a stupid one at that. She hadn't even meant to make it one, but Arthur sure took it that way.

And so far it had been the longest ten days of Gwen's life.

Until finally, he pulled her into his room while she was passing by. (She'd been taking small detours in hopes of such a thing happening.)

He'd barely fumbled with the bolt on door before he was kissing her hungrily, lifting her up onto the table. He was stroking up her thighs, pushing up her dress so that she was all but exposed.

Thank God. "I knew you couldn't last," she sighed.

Arthur's hands paused.

No no no no no. She shouldn't have said anything.

Arthur chuckled unconvincingly. "Of course I can. 'I bet you couldn't keep your trousers laced for a fortnight,' you said. And they still are."

"Then why are you hands up my skirts?"

"Because…" he grasped for a moment, trying to think, "I knew you couldn't last a fortnight. And I can't have you coming into my bed in the middle of the night so that I lose, too."

Gwen blinked for a moment. But before she could figure out where he was going with this, he was kissing her thighs and she didn't see any reason to bother.

She lay back on the table, parting her legs for him and so that her dress fell the rest of the way down to her waist.

Arthur was leaning over her, his elbows resting on the table, as his fingers massaged the side of her bum, his thumbs reaching around to stroke where the insides of her thighs met her core. And after a few more strategic kisses on the sensitive skin of her legs, he teasingly nuzzled his nose against her mound as he blew hot air over her clit.

Gwen whimpered, not even caring if she might be proving she had less restrain than him. Ten days was already too long.

When his mouth actually connected with her, she bit back her moan, but couldn't keep from pressing against him. She felt his lips curl into a smirk as his tongue then began to swirl around her and she had to cover her mouth to muffle her keening.

His mouth finding various ways of pleasing her, using the softness of his lips, the dexterity of his tongue, the occasional and careful applications of his teeth. She didn't know how long he kept up – it seemed to blissfully go on forever even though it was probably but a few minutes. And then she felt Arthur's finger debut to press inside her, stroking her inner wall. It was just one sensation too many, pushing her over the edge to wrack her body with harsh waves.

Arthur was still lapping up every bit of her when she finally stilled. Now feeling unbelievably content, Gwen reached to brush at his fringe as he raised his head to look at her.

She couldn't help returning his smile as she sat up and reached for his belt. But Arthur stepped back from her hands and pressed his finger to her lips, making her swallow the water accumulating in her mouth.

"I still plan on winning," he strained.

Gwen rolled her eyes, hopping off the tables and readjusting her skirts.

She kissed him briefly in farewell, tasting herself on his tongue, before glancing at his erection.

"You really think you won?" she whispered with a smile.

Arthur opened his mouth, struck dumb at her words, as she whisked out of his room with teasing eyes.


A/N2: I realized that this is the second piece I've had with them involving a game/challenge/etc. I blame Arthur's competitiveness ;)