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"Kayla's going to win," Alice said cheerfully for the fourth game in a row. Jess and Emmett rolled their eyes, then Emmett answered, "There's still time."

It was a scene that had played out repeatedly over the course of the evening. The three of them would start a race, Alice would see and proclaim the winner, and then one of the other two would deny it. Inevitably Alice would be right and they'd start another game continuing the cycle that was quickly starting to bug the three individuals playing.

In the past days they'd overcome such nuisances as Edward's emo distracting those without superhuman powers of concentration, Rosalie's desire to spend time with her husband, and the small matter of preparing for a battle that could claim all of their lives. Having faced all of these trials and come out well… alive and gaming, it was insane that they might be brought low by a tiny, annoying, wisp of a thing like Alice.

Independently the three of them decided that enough was enough. Alice was going down.

Emmett made the first go of it.

"Alice, I bet Jasper would love to hang out with you. All these humans around all the time, I'll bet he needs the support," he said, nearly managing to sound entirely casual.

"Good thinking, Emmett," she replied.

For an instant he believed that he'd done it. She stood and moved towards the door but then stopped.

"You should come with me. He could definitely benefit from the support of a brother," Alice said somberly.

Realizing that he'd been busted, Emmett rolled his eyes and went back to the race, which he already knew that he was going to lose. Thank you again, Alice.

Next up to bat was Kayla.

"Hey Alice," she started, failing utterly at matching even Emmett's artless portrayal of a casual attitude, "Edward's clothes are looking kind of rough. If you want to go pick some things out for him online, I can trick the site into giving you coupons or just giving you stuff that wouldn't have sold anyway, like samples and such."

Alice smiled. She looked genuinely happy about the prospect of shopping for her brother as she replied, "That's a lovely idea. You should come with me and pick out something for yourself. We could have them shipped wherever you'd like, of course, so you don't have to worry that anything you chose wouldn't find you in a timely manner."

"Aw shit, I mean… it can wait," Kayla said in defeat.

Kayla and Emmett turned to Jess. She was their last hope.

Jess took a deep breath before surprising both Kayla and Emmett with an entirely new approach.

"Come play with us."

Alice danced over and picked up a controller.

"I'm going to win the next race," she replied with a cheerful smile.

Jess won it instead, and they knew that their latest challenge had been happily overcome.

There was peace, love, and Mario Kart forever more, or at least until they had to split up for training.

AN: Next up we have one for my loyal reviewer NotSoSlightlyCrazy. She gave me two ideas for reviews that I loved and the second one is later on. This first one is a 'what if Jacob had lived' fic entitled "Five Times Jacob Regretted Being Saved and The one time He was Thankful".

I hope you like it, and I know it's a tiny bit of a downer at first but hang with me because it does in fact go places.

Five times Jacob Black Regretted being saved, and the one time he was thankful

1. He was lying in the dirt, waiting for the rest of the pack to come find him. Haydn had just done the impossible. He'd made the gaping hole near the base of his neck where the leech had torn into him into sensitive new skin over functioning veins and muscles and nerves.

Jacob was looking at Izzy. He'd planned to make her the last thing he saw.

As Jack Stevens and his brother ran up to their respective Matches, hugging them, holding them even as they thanked Jacob for risking his life, it happened. His last sight, her concerned face, morphed into the arms of yet another strange outsider taking away the girl he'd seen and loved first. He saw the loving relief on Jack's face and saw the joy in Leah as her second chance persisted, and he knew that there was nothing for him there. He felt maybe that there was nothing for him anywhere. He turned to Haydn and looked on him with bitterness in his tired eyes, it was happening.

Haydn looked back for a moment before sending the other Watchers to see to the clean up while Jacob rested. "Best I could do," he said, "I'm too tired to break you again."

2. He was sitting at a table, fingers toying idly with a fork as Emily and Sam danced for the first time as husband and wife. Moments before, Emily had thrown the bouquet with a look of mischief in her eyes. She'd untied it and flowers had flown over her shoulder into the waiting hands of the unmarried women behind her. Ms. Clearwater had gotten most of them, though Leah, Bella, and one of his sisters had caught flowers as well. As he watched Sue and Charlie exchange blushing half smiles, he knew that yet another person had gotten a second chance before him.

Everyone was so happy, even Jacob a little bit, though he didn't relish the thought of having Sam in his head again after the honeymoon. Still, he couldn't help but feel as though sitting alone at a reception was the closest he'd get to this whole deal.

"Jacob, dance with me?" Izzy asked, smiling brightly.

"Sure thing Bells, I mean Izzy." She replied.

She fit in his arms. She smelled wonderful. He looked down and savored the sight of her hand in his. Then he looked up and the gravity of his world shifted. With a single, unrepeatable thought it happened again. Regret warred with devotion as his heart was stolen from the girl he'd wanted to make his last sight, and given to one Renée Esmerie Johnson, a visiting friend of Emily's.

3. The first time they fought, Jacob found himself sitting on the curb in front her dorm, feeling absolutely miserable. He was what she needed for him to be and she couldn't decide whether she needed him close enough to yell at, or far enough away to miss. So he sat there and he felt like the lowest life form on the planet because he'd lashed out, pissed that he'd imprinted on the only one of Leah's friends who went to school with Izzy. He'd been pissed that though they'd been going out for nearly two years, and he'd been friends with Izzy for longer than that, he'd found out that Izzy was transferring to a school in phoenix from an email that Nessie had left open on her laptop. He'd been pissed and for the first time since he'd imprinted, he'd been less than what she needed for him to be and acted as though he didn't love her more than air.

It was all fucked up and he'd hurt her and he wasn't sure that she'd even ultimately decide that she needed him in her life at all.

It happened and it continued till he fell asleep on the sidewalk, and she came out and covered him with a blanket.

4. He was sitting in some stupid restaurant with some stupid French name that he couldn't pronounce but that Nessie loved dearly and he felt stupid. He loved her. He really, truly, loved this girl who'd forced herself into his life and his secrets by showing up to the wedding that day. He was wearing a suit he'd taken to the cleaners, and in his pocket was something handed down from his grandmother.

He said at least three stupid things during dinner, only two of which had made her laugh and damn it but he couldn't breathe. He was so nervous.

As the meal and his chance came to a close he found himself saying pretty words to her as he carefully moved to one knee.

"…What I'm trying to say is, Renée Esmerie Johnson, Will you marry me?" he asked.

She started crying, and for a moment he misinterpreted her tears and it happened again.

Then she said yes, and threw her arms around him.

5. There were complications. That's what the soulless bastard in the scrubs and fresh pair of blue gloves had called it. Complications. What a joke. It was perfectly simple, what was happening to Renée Esmerie Black and her …it.

She'd come into the hospital pregnant. He'd come in with her, a married man and soon to be father. He might leave a widower and not a father. She, they, were dying.

He understood that. It wasn't complicated at all.

Giving birth was hard. Being born was hard, particularly being born early. So now, in some room down the hall that they'd kicked him out of, Jacob Black's wife and child were fighting for their lives. He didn't even know whether the child was a boy or a girl.

The woman he loved was dying and he'd never hold their baby, and it happened until sometime later when…

1. It's a girl. A girl named Amelia, to strive. She came into the world fighting and her mother fought too and they both won.

She was pinkish and squirmy and clearly did not like the plastic box they put her in to protect the world from her strength. It was time to go home though so it was just that last minute.

Nessie was standing next to him and they waited while the nurse wrapped her up good and tight and put the booties on her hands and feet to keep her from beating up people who cooed over how small and pinkish and squirmy she was. The nurse handed her to Nessie first, as she always did, and Jacob watched, too scared to hold his little fighter; too afraid that he'd be one round too many in the fight she waged against the dangerous world outside of the horrid plastic box.

Nessie's needs still dictate his life though, and now she needs a husband who can hold their baby, who can be a father. More importantly, Amelia needs him to be that.

When she places the baby in Jacob's arms, it happens, and it never goes away or stops. The one time he feels thankful is every moment for the rest of his life.

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I met my baby boy on the night he came into being.

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Wednesday, I think; just an ordinary day in my marriage to my soulmate. We did dishes and laundry, and watched Def Jam Poetry while drinking cream soda. When we were done we put the bottles into a bin. We'd been using special paint to stain the glass bottles and putting them on shelves in front of the windows in our house. The effect was beautiful in the light of the setting sun, the colors bringing rooms to life and reminding us of how extraordinary simple things could be.

I was touching one of the bottles in our bedroom window, where we'd but golden browns and sepia tones in loving mockery of our old soul, when Jack came up behind me, laying loving kisses on the back of my neck and whispering, "Will my lady know her husband?"

"She should," I teased, "and well after these many years."

"Then let me rephrase-"

I interrupted him with a kiss and hours later I woke up and reached down, laying my hand over the still flat area just beneath my belly.

The vision was like this.

I was lying in bed, hiding from the cold air that had struck me like lightning when I'd shifted and uncovered a spot on the back of my neck not covered by my pajamas. I turned over and looked out of the window. It was still dark outside.

I sat up quickly when I heard Jack talking to someone in the hall.

"Now, don't go waking your mom up, my prince. I just think she'd love to see both of her boys when she wakes up in a few hours, don't you?"

I closed my eyes, laid back, and did as good of a job faking sleep as I could, and soon a small warm body was laid down next to me and a pair of arms wrapped around me from behind. Jack must have been really tired because I heard him breathing in sleep a moment later. I opened my eyes and focused on the small child.

He had hair like mine and a tiny approximation of Jack's nose. He squirmed into me, his head nudging at my chest as though seeking his next meal even as he slept. It was then that I realized how different my body felt. I was rounder. I felt the extra curve of my hip and my stomach, and a stinging place on my breast where he'd bitten me while nursing. I reached a hand up and pulled him closer marveling at the feel of his small self expanding and contracting with each breath. He was amazing; all softness and fragility and trust.

I loved him.

My soul felt drenched in that truth and I wondered how I'd ever let him fall asleep in another room. I wondered how I ever let him out of my sight at all. I loved that boy, and I wanted pluck stars from the sky and make them his night lights. I wanted to capture seas in snow-globes and shake them up so he could watch the fishes dance.

I closed my eyes, overwhelmed by the feeling.

Then I woke up and I marveled at the thought that he was coming. I didn't even know his name, but I knew that I'd love him, and that Jack would love him, and that someday I'd wake up with my boys both close enough to touch. There couldn't be a heart beat yet, too soon, but I imagined that there must already be a little soul there, a tiny half of an incomplete soul that would someday find a Match.

I didn't have to tell you any of that but… it's so incredible. I still haven't met him yet. We still haven't settled on a name, but I know he's coming. He's not alone either. The next night I had another vision. His cousin should be coming any day now.

AN: This next one is the second one requested by NotSoSlightlyCrazy.

It is a Mac/ Wes Romance. It's from Mac's POV and I hope you like it!

I know Wes like… well like I know Wes. It's a saying in the Watchers, not unlike 'I know this like the pope knows the bible', or 'like the back of my hand'. I've actually heard people say it too. They say things like 'it's the truth and I know it like Mac knows Wes'.

I've known her since I was seven. I walked into class on the first day of second grade and my eyes found hers and I knew we were going to be friends. I've been half out of my mind, and half in hers ever since. I know everything about her and more than that I know everything within her. She's my Match, and my best friend.

We've gone on countless missions together, bringing supplies to Watchers who couldn't leave their positions, facilitating face to face discussions between arguing parties in conference calls, fighting the forces that threatened to destroy the balance, and most importantly, popping over to King's Cross in England to read the last harry potter book near platform 9 and 3/4. I challenge anyone to claim that they can know her better than me.

So don't think it arrogant or proud of me in any way when I say that even though she kissed him after the battle, she loves me. I'm an empath, I make people feel what music feels, but it only works because I can also know what they feel. Because our powers always center in little ways around our matches, I always know what she feels, without trying, like breathing, like I know my own name. She loves me, and not only as a friend. She loves me like I love her.

I always knew that someday she'd come running up to me and kiss me and tell me that we were going to date, and get married, and have kids, and that I had no say in the matter. That's who Wes is. All unstoppable will, and world shaping fire, she sets the rules of the spaces she inhabits. I am the one being in her world that can't be shaped, a constant immoveable feature in the mercurial landscape of a world that she can literally shift, topple, and rebuild all with the power of her mind. I was so sure that she knew me, knew my feelings for her, and was waiting until she felt ready to add dimensions to our already close relationship.

She proved me wrong when she kissed him.

I should have realized that she didn't have my power, couldn't read the nuances of my affection for her as I could read hers. She kissed Edward. High on the thrill of the battle and needing to affirm life, she kissed him, made out with him on the battle field. So what did I do about it? Let me tell you.

It was the night after the battle; just hours after we'd finished burning the bodies of our loved ones, when Wes and I had just finished using Emmett's web cam to see our families.

"Ok, Wes, love you too," Ms. Alders said, before getting off of Skype.

"Thank you, Emmett," I said knowing he'd hear me, and then I turned to Wes. "Let's make a stop off at the beach before we go back to the Stevens'."

"Which one?" Wes asked taking my hand and beginning to search for the bond in her mind, it took a moment because she was tired and had used her powers more intensely than usual. I did the same, sending her an image of first beach. She countered with an image of a cliff that Izzy had shown her and I agreed silently. We held the image in our minds as I found the bond, then my mind and her mind became one and ours, and soon we appeared on the cliff at first beach. The moon was bright and the water was as calm as it ever was as it broke in small white lines of waves on the rocks near the base of the cliffs.

"What's on your mind?" she asked. It went without saying that we'd come here to talk privately.

"You," I replied.


"Something I want to show you." I told her, sitting so my legs hung over the side of the cliff, "I know you don't like to, but I want you to use my Match power."

"But we're alone," she commented, "I'd only be picking up on your emotions."


Within moments we were meditating and then, as easily as she could see with my eyes, hear with my ears, she was using my power.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked.

"I'm going to think about something and then I need for you to tell me what I feel," I instructed. She gave me a look. Why did I want to train now, when we'd fought for our lives that morning?

I thought about a cousin of mine.

"Love and friendship," Wes recited, carefully and impatiently, slipping the answer from my mind. I let her do it, to make things easier.

I thought about my mother. And Wes froze taking in the intensity of the same feelings, mixed with how much I missed her, and respected her.

"You're jealous," she said, picking up on a feeling that I hadn't intended her to catch.

"You kissed him," I replied, "but this isn't about that, this is about us. You are all I'm thinking about right now. What do I feel?"

"Impatience," she told me, stopping and working through them one at a time, "hope, and…Mac, you…"

"Don't think about what I'm feeling now. Think about me, or don't think, just feel," I told her. She did, finally coming to sit next to me. I felt her astonishment.

"You knew? All this time?"

"And I felt it too. I thought you knew. You know me better than anyone and you've used my powers before," I reminded her, looking into her eyes.

"I always knew you loved me. You're my best friend; love is a part of that. How could I know that you were waiting for me to pounce you?" she snapped then sort of stopped.

"Before I do this you should know that I didn't kiss him because I couldn't have you. I kissed him because he was hot and amenable to it. Now that I know how you feel, I'd probably do the same thing, because kissing a guy that hot is the kind of thing you brag to your grandchildren about," she informed me.

She stood then used her power to pull me to my feet then push me away from the cliff's edge, over land. Then, she raised her hand, as she still did for smaller more controlled uses of her power, and with a beckoning curl of her index finger pulled my face close to hers. She leaned forward and kissed me.

We didn't make out.

We feasted, we lingered, we played, we explored, we tried, and learned, and delighted.

Finally, after over a decade of loving each other, and knowing each other like…well, like I knew Wes, we opened a new door to a new dimension of our relationship. We slept beside each other surrounded by friends in the Stevens's living room and in the morning she rolled over and kissed me. There was a grieving widower to comfort, and a house full of elevated emotions, and a tenuous truce between old enemies to mediate, but I knew Wes. I knew the taste of her lips and the intensity she threw into everything, even a kiss after a sleepover with friends, and so the world was beautiful.

AN: The last outtake is an Authors choice one. I wrote this in part in reaction to being asked for a Mac/Wes romance because … If you knew how I'd intended for those two characters to come across, the concept of the two of them together is a bit squicky, because they are half in each other's minds all of the time, and because they've been that way since age seven there's a degree of codependence there that, in Canon, should preclude the formation of an actual relationship.

That is what I intended, but I do know that once it was published I left it to you to interpret and I'm thrilled that anyone likes them enough and appreciates the closeness of them enough to want them to have a grand romance. This is not a reproach of anyone who believes that they should get together in the story.

It's the story of the week before Mac and Wes came to Forks, from Mac's POV.

During the week before we left for Forks, I woke up every morning to the sound Wes murmuring idly into the bond as she dreamt. No Mac, I wanna fight the dragon. Mac, who made the purple elephants orange? Mac, where are we? Is it you or are you part of the dream? Be here with me, Mac.

I always am, Wes, I thought back sleepily, like Ruth and Elisha. I invoked the names of two biblical figures who'd made loving promises to stay; 'may the lord punish me severely if I allow anything but death to separate us' and 'as the lord lives and you yourself live, I'll never leave you'. I brushed my teeth while she went over our schedules for the day and we went back and forth over what things we should pack while we showered, a building's worth of walls and rooms between us.

When my mother set breakfast in front of me, she greeted me with "Good morning Michael and Elizabeth" because she was so used to Wes being there, just behind my eyes, using my senses in brief flashes, as I did with her, occasionally glancing around my kitchen and seeing Wes's mom's ceramic teapot instead of my mom's coffee maker, or looking down at my hands while I ate and seeing a flash of pale wrists bearing a watch and ponytail holders or the view outside of a window, or her mother's face.

We both woke up an hour before we had to, so that we could meditate in the mornings after breakfast and before school. We alternated weeks of meditating at one apartment or the other, the chief difference being that my parents knew details and Wes's mom didn't, so we had to teleport from a hall closet to school when we meditated at her place. Ms. Alders had made me a key a couple of years before, so I met Wes at the door to her bedroom and after she said I could enter, we climbed through her window and sat back to back on the fire escape. We slipped into meditation and then fought through the feelings of contentment and completion to get down to business.

Mac, you have to be more careful. I can't be all day-dreamy during practice because you projected your feelings about new audio software.

Wes, I'll work on it when we train later, but you've got to hold yourself back from giving me the answer when I think about it in History. I'm asking myself, if you happen to catch it, consider it a rhetorical question.

But you were going to…and I should let you. You're right; I'll make sure you want to know next time. Did we wander dreams again last night?

Not that I know of, I woke up before you.

This was meditation for us, coming together and working out how to keep ourselves exactly as separate as we needed to be.

Afterwards we went to school. Wes did you take my notes? Please ask the teacher about that problem from yesterday, and then stop torturing her. I slipped into her mind for schedule information and she used my knowledge of our locker numbers and computer passwords. In classes we tried to keep out of each other's minds but any skill we'd learned after meeting each other had cooperative components. Our minds had grown like trees planted too closely together and things slipped across the bond in both directions. After school, we did separate extra-curricular activities Wes played some sport or another and I worked with the A.V club. We met in a study room in the library after we were both done and popped to my family's apartment for training.

Lately, we'd been trying to give our teleporting a work out, so training had involved going further distances with less rest time.

"So where are you two headed today?" My mother asked. She was standing in the doorway of my bedroom when we appeared.

"Let's go to Disney World, ride Space Mountain, and then hang out with Andrew and then-" Wes started.

"We'll work it out, and we'll call if we end up having dinner somewhere else," I interrupted.

Wes pointed out, "If it's something exotic we'll bring you some, Ms. Phil, we know the rules."

"Be careful, and if you spend more than a couple of hours in one place, call so we can tell the head Watchers in that area," my mother told us.

Then Wes and I clasped hands and, meeting at the center of the bond between us, we popped away into a usually crowded area near the line for Space Mountain.

We had dinner with Andrew and his wife that first night, though we did actually go home for most of them, more often to Wes's than mine because my parents were understanding, and it felt mean to leave Wes's mother to eat alone.

After dinner, with an extra dessert for Wes because Uncle Andy liked to spoil her when he could. I guess now we know why.

After dinner, we split up physically to do homework, though the bond meant that we might just as well have been in the same room. Like that concept from the Vulcans in Star Trek, never and always touching and touched.

I fell asleep murmuring into the bond as dreams appeared and masked the waking world. Wes we'll fight all the dragons you want, but first let's see if they're friendly. Wes, what made the statue change? What made the stone heart move? Wes, are you sleeping too? I can't see you anywhere. Have you left me somehow?

Never, Like Elisha and Ruth, remember? She replied, usually still up and messing around on the internet.

That was how we were, then there was battle, and there was him, and the world changed for us.

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