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Little Prince Charming

Ardana Treli was beginning to weary of her research project. She was native of Betazed, a senior cadet at Starfleet Academy, pursuing a course of study in Xenosociology. She had been assigned to this diplomatic mission as a historian, to record any great moments that occurred as a result of the Federation's First Contact with a newly discovered race, the Jorians. There had been no such exciting moments. They were a stiff and stoic lot, even less expressive than the Vulcan ambassador and his staff, who were also part of the mission. In the end, however, the Jorians were open to further talks with Federation members for the purpose of trade. The assignment had been a boring success.

The Cochrane, the small ship on which they all traveled, was cramped, and only capable of Warp 2. The journey had been long, and frankly some of the passengers and crew were beginning to get on each others nerves. The Vulcans and Tellarites especially seemed to have difficulty tolerating one another.

The presence of Ambassador Sarek's lovely Terran wife and precious, precocious 3 year -old son Spock was a bright spot in Ardana's tedious daily routine. She and Amanda had become friends, and little Spock was delightful to observe, a beautiful child who in appearance mostly favored his Vulcan father. However, his mother's expressive and compelling brown eyes dominated his face. He was a little charmer, daily giving Ardana cause to smile or even chuckle.

It was obvious to Ardana that Ambassador Sarek had not spent much time alone caring for his small son. While Amanda was enjoying tea with some other diplomats' wives, she left the two males in her life in the dining/rec area to fend for themselves. Satisfied that his son was amusing himself with a book, Sarek quickly became embroiled in a "discussion" with the Tellarite Ambassador.

Young Spock read for awhile, and then noticed that his father was distracted. He seized the opportunity to slip out the door unseen. His goal was the Observation Deck, with its large viewing port. With his juice cup and a favorite toy in tow, he quickly made his way there. When he reached his destination, however, there was a problem. His small legs were tired, but if he sat down on the floor he would be unable to see out the large window. He was too short to get up into one of the available chairs unassisted. Frustrated, he sat down on the floor, and considered his options.

Though only three, he was aware that Sarek would discipline him for slipping away without permission or an escort. (His high-profile parents' greatest fear was that their son might be a target for kidnappers.) Though he considered the opportunity to look at the stars worth any possible punishment, he did not wish to return to his father before he had accomplished his goal.

Ardana had seen Spock slip away and had followed him. "What are you doing here alone, little one?"

"I wished to see the stars, and Father was busy. However, I cannot reach the chairs or the viewing port. Could you please assist me?"

Ardana slid two chairs over to the port and boosted Spock onto one of them. They sat together in silence for a few minutes.

"You like watching the stars, don't you, Spock?"

"Yes, Miss Ardana, though Father would say it is not logical. Someday I would like to see them even more closely."

"Perhaps you will, little one. But for now, let's get you back to the rec room, hopefully before your father notices that you are missing." She helped him down, and they made their way back through the ship's corridors. When they reached the rec room, the two ambassadors were still "debating", so they were not observed when they re-entered the room. Spock picked up his book, and a few moments later Amanda returned from her tea. Ardana and Spock glanced at each other, realizing they had gotten away with it.

"What a little charmer", thought Ardana. "He's going to really give them hell someday."

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