Prince Charming Grows Up

This would be Commander Ardana Treli's last assignment before her retirement from Starfleet. She was aboard USS Enterprise, currently en route to new Vulcan colony. Her assignment was to observe the process involved in re-establishing Vulcan culture and civilization. She would also be providing the Vulcan Cultural Ministry with copies of all the pertinent documents, films, photos, etc. that were available in Federation archives. This was literally millions of records of Vulcan's recent past.

Ardana also had another mission, to give a certain Vulcan some very personal pieces of his own past. She had met the ship's young First Officer and his parents when he was a child, at the very beginning of her career; on her first space mission. Ardana and Amanda had become friends, and had occasionally corresponded over the years, so she had been able to observe his progress from a distance. Ardana had been saddened by Amanda death and Vulcan's destruction, now almost three years in the past.

They had arranged to meet in the Rec Room, of all places. He brought his lovely, obviously pregnant wife Nyota with him. She was taken aback when she saw him. The cute little boy had become a handsome young man. Their child would be absolutely adorable . She was also struck by the similarities between Spock's life and that of the Betazoid folk hero Eroyne. Ardana had told Spock this tale when they first met.

"Good morning, Commander Spock. You probably don't remember me."

"To the contrary, Commander Treli, I remember you and the diplomatic mission to the Jorians very well. You and my mother maintained a friendship afterward. She always spoke well of you."

"Thank you. I miss her very much. The reason I requested this meeting is that I have some items I think should rightly belong to you. These are photos and video clips of you and your family from the Jorian mission."

She spread several photos on the table. There was one of Amanda holding Spock up in front of an old-fashioned viewing port, another of Sarek and Spock coloring, one of Spock playing chess with Lt. Pike, a few others of Spock by himself, holding what appeared to be small dolls, and a final of Spock in a blue parka.

Nyota oohed and aahed over these. "Spock, you were just adorable, a regular little Prince Charming. How old were you?"

Spock shifted uncomfortably in his chair, the tips of his ears turning slightly green. "I was three at that time." Just then, Spock was mercifully interrupted by a call to the bridge. "I shall rejoin you later." He exited the Rec Room as quickly as possible.

"Goody, we're alone!" exclaimed Ardana. "I have got some stories to tell you!"

"I can't wait.".....

The situation on the bridge took longer to clear up than expected. When a tired Spock finally reached his quarters, he was greeted with a kiss by a giggling Nyota. While he showered, she laid out his favorite sleep pants and T-shirt on the bed, along with something tied up in a cellophane bag and a pile of napkins.

When he had dressed himself, he picked up the bag and looked at his wife questioningly.

"Go ahead, open them. I understand that they used to be one of your favorites."

With a twinkle in his eye and a lift of his brow, he shoved a peanutbutter cookie in his mouth.

The End!

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