Title: Behind the Facade

Rating: M - Mature

Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama

Pairings: JerichoMiz, possible others

Warnings: Slash, sex, possible abuse, possible dark themes

Summary: It was supposed to be done and over with, but fate was putting them together. But when the veil one of them wears is pierced, will it all come tumbling down?

AN: I have to thank wrestlefan4 for reawakening my muse on this one. I read her story, Discovering Love (even though it's over), and I loved it, and it helped me to realize what it was I wanted to write. So, if you've read it before, I'm trying to keep it different, but some things may sound familiar. I'm not stealing directly from her, but I am going to use the same GENERAL theme. It's not the same thing. Just throwing that out there. Oh, and if you haven't read it, go read it, because it's amazing. I know I shouldn't be starting a new one, but I am. Don't worry. I haven't forgotten about any of my other fics. I'm still working on them. I think that's it, so here we go!

Disclaimer: I do not own World Wrestling Entertainment or any of the wrestlers mentioned herein. The wrestlers portrayed in this act of fiction are property and copyright of the WWE and their respective owners.


A sigh escaped the man's lips as he stared out the window. Sure, Vince had just called, and sure, he was supposed to be there like, RIGHT NOW, but it could wait a minute, right? Besides... how often did he get such a great view from his hotel room? They were on the west coast, in sunny freakin' Florida. There was nothing wrong with Florida, if you discounted the scalding sun and killer humidity that made Matt Hardy look like an electrocuted Furby. At least he got a beach-view room... Then again, that view could turn deadly seeing as it was Hurricane season...

Mike pushed these thoughts out of his mind and pulled on the t-shirt, pulling the intricately designed shirt over his head and straightening it out over his torso. It was a dark gray in color, but had a swirling, almost ink-like design in black decorating the entire shirt. He slipped his feet into the gray tennis shoes, and he put the final touches on the outfit: the black and gray scarf wrapped around his neck, and the black fedora with gray pinstripes.

A knock announced his presence outside Vince's door, and a gruff 'Enter' was his response. He walked in, closing the door behind him, and turned to face the Chairman of the WWE. However, his eyes narrowed when they landed on a particular man.


His voice was venom, anger, and something that lingered just below the surface. He knew what it was, but he was no longer Mike. He was The Miz, and those things weren't allowed to be revealed right now. The brunette in the chair sighed in frustration, raking one hand through his hand, upsetting the jeweled sunglasses resting on his head. He replaced them, looking at Vince.

"Is this why you didn't tell me what was going on?"

His voice wasn't amused, and neither was Mike's as he turned furious blue eyes to Vince McMahon.

"Fuck this," Mike hissed. "Whatever this is, I'm not doing it."

"Sit your ass down, Mizanin!" Vince growled. Mike turned at sat down in the free chair, moving it away from his former tag team partner.

"You both know that Jericho and Show are keeping the tag titles through this match at Hell in a Cell," Vince started. Both men nodded, and Vince continued. "However, the creative team has decided that you both are going to get a shot. I am aware with what happened at the Draft, the two of you aren't on friendly terms, but we're going to see what happens. They want to reform your tag team, but with the fear that you, Mizanin, will turn on Morrison at any time." The two competitors looked at each other once more.

"Vince, we both have titles," John stated. Vince raised an eyebrow, and John quickly explained. "I mean, I'm the Intercontinental Champion, and Mike's gonna become the U.S. Champion, right?" Mike glanced at John, but looked back at Vince.

"And? I didn't say you would be getting the titles, did I? I just said you were going to be facing them. Truth be told, we're letting JeriShow continue their reign for a little bit. Chances are, Show's going to grow tired of Jericho using him as a shield and we'll split their tag team."

Mike and John stayed silent for a few minutes, before John shifted. Mike's eyes had narrowed.

"Alright, how are we getting the team back together?"

"Mike is going to run the idea past you on SmackDown next week. You're going to turn him down, bring up what happened at the Draft, and Mike, you'll defend what happened..."

Vince continued on with what was going to happen, but the mention of the Draft had Mike slipping back into the past, remembering what had happened that night.

Mike blinked and looked around, spinning around as the bell rang. He saw John Morrison let go of Kofi Kingston's leg, holding his hands up defensively as the ref yelled at him. Mike stared at Morrison for a minute. Okay, this was... not what was planned, but okay...

The titantron lit up with the scrolling faces of WWE Superstars for RAW's draft pick. Mike looked at it, his heart beating in his chest. As the scrolling stopped, Mike's heart stopped. His face was there. The Miz was drafted to RAW.

Kofi rolled out of the ring as John Morrison got into the ring. Be Jealous couldn't continue when they were on two different brands. Mike turned, looking at Morrison. Mike asked what the hell Morrison was thinking, and the Shaman of Sexy explained that he only wanted to help, to insure that ECW got the draft pick. Mike shook hands with Morrison, before he viciously unleashed a Reality Check on his ex-partner. He glared down at him before sliding out of the ring.

"You got it?" Vince asked, snapping Mike's thoughts out of the past. Mike rolled his eyes and shrugged.

"Whatever, Vince. It's not like you're going to give us that much of a choice," Mike said. Vince grinned slightly.

"You're right, I'm not. Get out of my office."

With that, Mike and John were excused. They walked out, John putting a hand on Mike's shoulder as they walked out.

"Look, Mike... About what happened at the Draft..." John started, but Mike cut him off with a look.

"No, I don't want to talk about what happened at the Draft, what happened before the Draft, or what's going to happen now, okay? I just want to get this stupid storyline over with and move on." With that said, Mike tugged his shoulder free of John's grasp and walked away, agitation dancing across his features.


Chris frowned as he listened to the message on his voicemail. Wrestling and trying to get Fozzy's newest single recorded and released meant that he had to be all over the place all the time. He raised an eyebrow as Vince told him that JeriShow would go up against the reformed Be Jealous tag team after the Hell in a Cell match. Well, that would prove interesting... Mike had been shooting through the ranks of RAW, even if it was just for the United States Championship. It was a good belt, but it didn't get the same hype as the WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship. That was interesting... They had been told it was going to stay on RAW, and probably go to DX... Vince and the creative team must have changed their mind.

Chris deleted the voicemail and punched in another phone number, listening to the ringing before a voice answered.


"Paul, it's Chris. You hear what Vince has planned for us?"

"Yeah... Mike and Hennigan, right?"

"Yes. I just wanted to make sure. See you Monday."


That was the extent of the conversation. Chris put his phone back in his pocket as he walked into the hotel, heading for the elevator. All he wanted now was to just lay down and try to enjoy his weekend. Sure, he was alone for the weekend, but whatever. He really didn't care. The recording and constant travel was taking its toll on him, and he just wanted to sleep... Knowing Vince, either Tuesday or Wednesday would be the day that Chris, Paul, Mike, and John all got together to work on their new feud. But, for now... Now, it was time to rest and see what this newest feud would bring.


AN: I know it's really short, but this is all I can get out right now. I have to figure out what I want to happen right after this, but it's going to be interesting. Now... I wonder what happened before the Draft between Mike and John... Hmmmm... Reviews make me happy!

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