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After RAW, Mike and Chris went and began to travel with Smackdown. They already were, but due to the week that Mike had off, or roughly a week anyway, they had to get back into the swing of things. Mike had been pretty happy to see his ECW friends, including Christian, who he spent a good three hours hanging out and talking with. Then, he ran into Tommy Dreamer, and the four of them – Chris, Christian, Tommy, and Mike – all went out to dinner and talked for most of the night. It was only when Chris saw Mike's eyes start to get heavy that he told them that they should probably get some rest.

That was Tuesday. Wednesday, they spent relaxing at the hotel, just killing some time. There were no house shows, no live performances, nothing to hinder them from enjoying it. Well, almost nothing. Chris had to talk for a little bit with his Fozzy band mates, but that had only taken about an hour. After that, Mike and Chris just talked.

Then, out of nowhere, Mike changed the subject.

"You're curious about what really happened down there, aren't you?"

Chris was surprised at the change of topic, but he knew exactly what Mike was talking about. He shrugged slightly.

"Well, yeah, but if you don't wanna talk about it, then we won't," Chris said. Mike bit his lip and then took a breath.

"No, you should know. I went out for ice cream with Nero and Candy, and then the next thing I knew, there was this rag on my mouth and I passed out. I woke up, and I was strapped to that table... None of it made sense, but then I saw it was John. At first, it was all just talking, verbal abuse. I can handle that. I'm not bothered by what people say... Well, not anymore. He kept bringing up the past, calling me a whore again..." Mike trailed off, and Chris had to remind himself the story he was told. Nero had given him a quick background on what happened during the break up between Mike and John so that Chris better understood the situation. He did know, however, that John called Mike a whore and Mike had thought some pretty suicidal things during that time. Chris took Mike's hand, holding it comfortingly. They were only sitting in the hotel room with a couple of room service beers, but Chris was glad it was as private as this. Mike offered a slight smile and then continued.

"There were some slaps in between the words, but nothing I couldn't handle. It was a lot like being in the ring, I guess... When someone gets really made and breaks script and really hurts you. So, I didn't... really think it would go any further. Then, he hit me with his belt. He's got this belt with studs, like Jeff wears... Except Jeff wears the plastic ones, and J... he wears the metal ones..." Mike broke off and lifted his shirt, looking at the red marks that still marred his skin. They had been bruises, but were now red, almost like someone had squeezed him a little too hard. Mike dropped his shirt and sighed.

"Then something just snapped. I don't know what he was thinking, I don't know what I did to make him sna-... Okay, I probably pissed him off. Somewhere in the torture, I realized that... I used The Miz to hide my feelings, to hide the pain. Sure, I use him for the ring-me, but... I was starting to lose myself behind the facade of The Miz. I realized, however, that I loved you and that you saw past that mask, that shield I put up. So, I just... was me. And then, he raped me... repeatedly... God, so much... It hurt so bad..." Mike stopped, a sob ripping from his throat as he choked on the words. Chris felt his eyes water, tears falling before he could help it. He pulled Mike to him, holding the younger man in his arms, rubbing his back, allowing Mike to cry. He hated that it had taken him so long to get to Mike, that Mike had to undergo so much before Chris could get to him.

"God, Mike... I'm sorry... I..." Chris couldn't speak, couldn't figure out what he wanted to say. The two of them sat there, sobs shaking Mike's body as he tried to control it enough to speak. He couldn't stop now. Chris had to know everything.

"He... he hit me... in between the rapes... and grabbed a screwdriver... He just dragged it along my skin... over and over until it ripped the skin... and then he grabbed a knife... putting it against a spot and turning it until it ripped the skin... I screamed and screamed... but no one came..."

"Mike, I tried... I wanted to get to you so bad..." Chris tried to explain, but Mike lifted his head, watery, luminescent blue eyes meeting Chris' own shining blue eyes.

"And then I just closed my eyes... and when I opened them, I was out of there... and you were there with me. You saved me, Chris..." Mike's hand came up, resting on Chris' cheek. Chris leaned his head into that warm palm, knowing in that one gesture that Mike didn't blame him for any of it. Mike then leaned up, pressing his lips against Chris'.

It was meant to be a simple, chaste kiss, one to tell Chris how much Mike loved him, how much Mike forgave him for being a little late, and how thankful Mike was that Chris was even there. But the moment their lips touched, fire raced through Mike's veins, lightning arcing in the air between them. The kiss grew more heated, more passionate, and neither could help themselves. Chris' tongue teased the seam of Mike's lips, and Mike was unable to resist letting Chris delve into his mouth, parting his lips. Chris's tongue dove forward, tasting the sweetness that was Mike's mouth. Mike let out a soft groan of pleasure as Chris' tongue tasted his mouth. Chris' hands were holding Mike up, and Mike's arms were around Chris' neck.

It was only when their lungs were burning for oxygen that they pulled away, eyes meeting. However, Chris moved his lips to Mike's neck, placing tender kisses there. Mike's eyes fell closed, and he tilted his head back, giving the blond better access to the tender flesh.

"Mike... I love you anyway," Chris whispered into the flesh. "I love you so much, and this doesn't change anything. If you don't want to rush into this, then we'll wait." Chris lifted his head, lust-filled eyes meeting Mike's. Mike searched his eyes for a minute, only seeing honesty and love there. Then Mike kissed Chris once more.

"I'm not rushing into anything with you, Chris," Mike said. "You won't hurt me."

They exchanged another heated kiss, Chris gently laying Mike down on the bed and pulling his shirt off the slender body. Mike's breath caught in his throat when Chris started a slow trail of kisses down his body, pausing to tease and flick at Mike's nipples with his tongue. Mike groaned, his fingers weaving through Chris' hair. Chris' fingers moved down, slowly unbuttoning Mike's jeans, carefully letting Mike know what it was he was doing. Mike didn't panic, and seemed perfectly calm, so Chris placed kisses on Mike's torso, lowering the pants and boxers to the ground.

Mike gasped in surprised pleasure when Chris' lips touched the oozing tip of his cock, kissing the weeping head. Chris opened his mouth, taking the hard organ in his mouth, causing Mike to cry out in pleasure. The flat part of Chris' tongue pressed against the oozing slit, before it moved around his dick, taking all of the thick, long organ in his mouth. He moved back, slicking his cock with saliva. Mike groaned when Chris' tongue traced the thick vein before moving off of his dick. Chris stood, pulling his shirt over his head, carefully pulling off his jeans as well. His hard cock sprung up, and Mike sat up, his eyes on the swollen head. He started to reach out, his eyes moving up to Chris, almost as though asking permission. Chris' heart skipped a beat, and his breathing became irregular at the look in Mike's eyes, and he nodded.

Mike's warm hand came out, tentatively touching Chris' dick, relishing in the way that Chris groaned and closed his eyes when it wrapped around Chris' dick. Mike stroked the hardened organ, slowly, up and down, the iron velvet feel making him smile. The smile left his face as he leaned forward, opening his mouth and taking Chris in his mouth. Chris grunted softly, biting his lip to prevent from thrusting into Mike's mouth. Mike moaned softly around it, moving back and forth, bobbing on Chris' dick. His hand moved, cradling Chris' heavy balls, rubbing and massaging them. Chris groaned, his head going back as Mike lubed his dick up with his own saliva. Chris ran his hands through Mike's hair, carefully making sure he didn't grip Mike's hair to make Mike feel as though he was being forced to do it.

"Mike... wait..." Chris groaned. Mike blinked, but pulled back, looking at Chris. Chris sat on the bed, putting his fingers on Mike's lips. "Suck my fingers... I want to prep you, make sure you're ready."

Mike felt himself almost turn red, but he managed to squash that feeling. He opened his mouth, his lips going around Chris' two fingers, his tongue teasing the pads as he kept his eyes on Chris'. Chris watched Mike's mouth, groaned as Mike nibbled on his fingers. After a few minutes of this, Chris gently laid Mike down, one spit-slick finger pushing into Mike's tight hole. Mike winced and tensed up, but Chris was next to him, kissing his neck by his ear, whispering to him.

"Relax, Mike... I won't hurt you..."

The soothing, melodic quality to Chris' voice kept Mike calm, and he relaxed, allowing himself to enjoy the feeling of Chris' fingers stretching him, the two inside him scissoring and teasing. When Chris finally decided Mike was ready, he laid on his back, lifting Mike to straddle him.

"What...?" Mike asked, looking at Chris. Chris looked at him, his thumbs rubbing gentle circles around Mike's hips, where his hands were holding the younger Superstar.

"I don't want to freak you out by being over you. Ride me, Mike," Chris said. Mike smiled at Chris, taking Chris' cock in his hand and guiding it to his pucker, lowering himself on Chris. As Mike felt the tip, he moved faster, impaling himself on Chris' cock. Both of them cried out at the feeling, Mike at the feeling of Chris' huge cock stretching him, and Chris at the feeling of Mike's tight ass squeezing around him. Mike groaned and lifted himself up, beginning a slow ride on Chris' dick. Chris groaned, his head staying on the bed as Mike threw his head back. He would go up, then back down, and grinding his hips on Chris' cock. Up. Down. Grind. Repeat.

Chris took Mike's dick in his hand, jerking it off as Mike rode him. Then, Mike tensed up, crying out again. Chris grunted, biting his lip to prevent himself from cumming. Apparently, Mike had just brushed Chris' dick against his prostate. Mike began to bounce, aiming his bounces so that Chris' cock hit his prostate every time. Chris began to jerk Mike off in time with Mike's bounces. Mike's breath came out in pants, and Chris' name falling from his lips. Chris began to thrust upward, into the warmth of Mike's tight ass. Mike screamed Chris' name as he came back down, his head thrown back in ecstasy. Mike came in Chris' hand, his cum splashing against his abs. Chris thrust upward once more and came as well, flooding Mike so that it leaked down onto his own dick. Mike moved off of Chris, falling onto the bed next to him. He looked at Chris, a small smile on his face.

"I love you too, Chris..." Mike muttered, pressing his lips to Chris' neck. Chris smiled at Mike, holding him close.


Friday came too fast for Mike's taste. The next thing he knew, he was in the black and blue ring gear of Team Ego, the United States belt around his waist, the Unified Tag Team Championships next to him. Mickie stood in front of him, helping him to fix his hair. Beth stood next to him, her new black and green ring gear on her. She had already had her match, a match against local competition, which Beth and won. There was a match on now, though Mike couldn't remember for the life of him who was fighting, and they were on next. Mike had been hiding out with Beth and Mickie for most of the show, terrified he might see John.

"Mike, you need to calm down," Beth stated, her voice calm, as Mickie moved away from him. Beth nodded her approval of Mike's hair.

"I'm trying... but I've been avoiding John since Monday, and I don't really want to see him tonight," Mike said. Mickie knelt in front of him, taking his hands.

"Mike, tonight is about your revenge. You get to do whatever you want to to him tonight, and he can't do anything back to you. If he even tries to, Chris will be right there, and you know it," she said. Mike bit his lip, looking down.

"Yeah," said a voice from behind them. "I'll kill him if he touches you."

The three looked over, catching sight of Chris. He had the World Tag Team Championship around his waist, the WWE Tag Team Championship resting on his shoulder. He was watching Mike, his eyes concerned. "It's no DQ. He just has to submit or be pinned, and that's it. If he comes too close to you, I'm taking him out." Mike felt a smile come to his lips, and he nodded.

"You're right, Chris," Mike said, looking over at his lover. Mickie looked between them and bounced up to Chris.

"Mike, I'm stealing Chris for just a second," she said, looping her arm with the older man, before gently tugging him outside the room. She heard Beth jokingly ask Mike if she should be jealous, and a smile tugged at her lips as she heard Mike laugh.

"Chris, I know you really care for him. I know that, but..." Mickie trailed off before meeting his eyes. Chris saw the glint in her eye that reminded him of her early days in the WWE, and knew then, for a fact, that the 'psycho' Mickie who had started in this industry wasn't just a character. "If you hurt him, I'll fucking kill you."

Chris stared at the petite Diva for a minute before kissing her forehead.

"Mickie, I really like you too. I've considered you a little sister for a while now. If Beth hurts you, I'll kill her. But, all joking aside, I'm not going to hurt Mike. I'm going to do the exact opposite and protect him from now on. I promise," he said. Mickie seemed to be thinking this over for a minute, and then snorted.

"Like you could take Beth..." she muttered as she walked back into the room, all smiles once more.

"Ready, Mike?" she asked. Mike nodded and stood up, grabbing the tag belts and walking with Chris to the gorilla position. The two stood there as Tony Chimel declared the winner of the match that was in progress, and talked quietly when the competitors walked back.

"God, I can't believe you did this to me," came a voice from behind them. Mike froze, but Chris turned, a sneer on his face as he met the eyes of John Morrison. The man had the Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder, over the thick white and black jacket that matched his ring gear.

"Shut the fuck up, Morrison," Chris snapped. Before he could continue, a thick British accent broke the soon-to-be argument up.


Mike blinked and turned, looking at the tall man standing behind John. John whipped around, going a little pale as the almost black eyes looked at him. A smirk was all that was needed for John to move out of the way.

"Marshall? How'd you get back here?" he asked.

"I am good friends with Vince. I just wanted to let you know that I will be joining Nero and Candace in the audience, alright? We are all rooting for you..." Marshall stopped and looked at John. "Not that you need it to beat this scum."

John was saved by his music hitting, and he almost ran out toward the ring as Tony declared the following match a two-on-one, no disqualification, handicapped match scheduled for one fall.

"Making his way to the ring, from Los Angeles, California, weighing two hundred and twenty-three pounds... he is the Intercontinental Champion... John Morrison!"

John walked out, and Mike looked at Chris, who smiled.

"You're going to be fine, Mike," he whispered. Mike looked more like he was going to be sick. Chris pulled Mike to him, capturing the younger man's lips with his and kissing him, teasing his mouth, before pulling back.

"Come on. We have some ass to kick."

"And his opponents, at a combined weight of four hundred and fifty-seven pounds... they are the Unified Tag Team Champions, Chris Jericho, and the United States Champion, The Miz!"

The techs managed to combine their music during the week, so Mike's Reality guitar rift ripped through the arena, followed by a man's voice screaming "break the walls down!" for Chris'. The two walked out, Miz lifting both the tag belts over his head like trophies. The duo continued to move, scowls on both of their faces as they looked at John. They climbed in the ring before surrendering their belts. Chris nodded to Mike, who climbed outside of the ring. The ref called for the bell, and the match began.

Chris and John started the match out like a normal match. They locked up, only for Chris to shove John hard into the turnbuckle. John moved off the turnbuckle, only to get clotheslined by Chris next. He began to fight back, actually getting some decent momentum before Mike came in with a Singapore cane across his back. The match, if it could be called that progressed, with John gaining momentum only to lose it by the other tag team champion. Finally, outside the ring, beaten and bruised, John was dragged in the ring by his hair and put into the Walls of Jericho. Mike was on John's back, holding his arms above his head, pulling them backwards at an uncomfortable angle. The ref was in front of him, asking him if he submitted. John finally had to nod, and the ref called for the bell.

"And your winners by submission, the Unified Tag Team Champions, Chris Jericho and The Miz!"

The mixed song came back on, but neither Chris nor Mike let up on John at all. Finally, after the ref yelling and threatening to get security out there, did Mike catch sight of a little girl with red hair and green eyes watching him. Once he did, he let go of John's arms, pushing John's face into the mat. He stood up, holding his hands above him in victory. Chris got off John as well, lifting Mike's wrist up.

They walked backstage, Mickie and Beth joining them. Mickie wrapped her arms around Mike's neck, congratulating him for his win, as Beth quietly told them they did a good job. Chris smiled at Mike, who smiled back. The elder blond pulled Mike in for a kiss, and Mike knew then that no matter what came their way, they were going to be okay.


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