TRTSS14: Secret Pigtailed Man! – By DS Wynne

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Note: This is a multi-genre story.

Special Note: This story is a fusion of the Daniel Craig "007" series and "Star Trek" (post-"Star Trek: Enterprise"), with Ranma Saotome as the lead. C&C are welcomed.

Part 2

With the capture of Miss Green, an Orion, Ranma could relax a bit in a safe house somewhere in the Rigel Star System, specifically in Siena City, Rigel II. Rigel II was one of the few worlds in the system that did not have an indigenous population, which was ironic since it had all the signs of producing indigenous life, which is why some believe that the planet was an artificial planetoid that was brought online by the Preservers, by sub-contracting work to the Magrathean Planet Builders. Siena City was celebrating its founding with a festival, making it a perfect cover for Section 31's operations.

On side note, the Magratheans are still in the business of building planets, which is how the older powers of the galaxy are able to grow without expanding, unlike the younger galactic powers.

Nevertheless, the Rigel Star System was unique, in that there were eight sentient species (half of them space faring), three stars and fifteen planets. It was the perfect place to do trade, as well as trade stolen information or materials, which is why Section 31, the United Federation of Planet's clandestine organization had set up shop in that sector.

"Here you go, sir," said an attractive young woman, as she gave Ranma a cup of Raktagino (i.e. Klingon coffee).

"Thanks, Miss Midori," Ranma replied, as he took a sip of the drink. "Mmmm, this is quite good."

"Thank you," Miss Midori said, as she blushed a bit.

Just then, N, head of Section 31, enters the room with her staff.

"I don't want you to fraternize with the help, Saotome," N said.

"What?" Ranma replied. "I'm more concerned about getting the information from this girl, okay Nabiki?"

"Okay," N replied with a nod. "I'm going to talk to our guest, now…"

With that, N goes on to interview Miss Green, with Ranma listening from not too far away…

"You would make a good member, Mrs. Kuno," said Miss Green. "So, as you humans would say…'Machiavellian'."

"Why would I make a good member of what organization, Miss Green?" N replied coyly.

Miss Green turns towards Ranma, ignoring N's questions, who was not that far away.

"You know, I have always been interested in meeting you, Mr. Saotome," Miss Green said.

"Really, now," Ranma replied.

"We heard so much about you from Vesper, and Gaila, before her. In fact, had Vesper not killed herself…you would be working for us."

"Who are 'us'?" N asked.

"Heh. The first thing you have to realize is that we are everywhere. There isn't an organization, secret or otherwise, that doesn't have an agent that works for us. You know, with the founding of your precious United Federation of Planets, infiltrating your worlds was easier than we thought."

"To what end?" Ranma asked. "Control?"

"Oh, don't be so mundane," Miss Green said. "It's not that we want to control anything, but be control of something."

"Stop with the semantics," N said. "Who do you work for?"

"I'm afraid that you'll have to wait for that answer…a bit longer."

As if on cue, one of N's agents pulled out a disruptor, and shot a few fellow agents and technicians before placing a transponder onto Miss Green.

"Stop him!" N yelled.

Unfortunately, Miss Green de-materialized right before their collective eyes.

Luckily, Ranma, having moved to protect N and Miss Midori, quickly recovered to leap at the infiltrator, knocking out the second transponder that was supposed to be used.

"Now, tell me what's going on!" Ranma yelled, before the imposter casually throws Ranma across the room to make his escape.

"What the hell?" Ranma said, as he gets up.

"According to my sensors, our friend was is a 'Cylon'," Miss Midori said, as she used her Tricorder.

Cylons were a machine race that had joined the Federation upon its foundation. In the past, they relentlessly hunted humanoids, the Kobolians, from their point of origin in the Beta Quadrant. It was only in the early 21st century that peace between the Cylons and the Kobolians was made, after Admiral Roy Folker, commander of the legendary ship, the SDF-2 "Megaroad" sued for peace in the aftermath of the "Battle of Proxima". Now, both Cylons and Kobolians are allied members of the Federation…

"What?" N said in alarm. "How did I not know that my bodyguard Mitchell was a Cylon?"

"Considering the fact that the Cylons are full members of Federation society, I doubt that human resources would have bothered letting us know this."

"Never mind that," Ranma said. "If that guy is a cybernetic organism, then it can be tracked."

"Way ahead of you," Midori said, as she tosses Ranma an earpiece. "The coordinates will be fed into your mind via the telepathic earplugs."

"Thanks, Ranma said, as he took off running after the machine…

As Ranma went deeper under the old catacombs, formerly a mine shaft (a holdover from the days when Siena City was a mining town, he tapped his built-in head receiver.

"Miss Midori?" Ranma asked.

"Mitchell is already through the weakest spot of the catcombs," Miss Midori said on a secured line. "However, I'm picking up multiple bogies ahead of you. They are a mixture of Cylon centurions."

"Got it," Ranma said, as he grimaced.

Up ahead, the Cylon double-agent turns towards his people.

"Saotome is right behind me!" Mitchell said, as he ran past his associates. Do something!"

"By your command," the Cylon centurion said, as he and his squad reveals chained guns within the forearms.

"Just be sure that my exit is secured."

"Affirmative," the Cylon said, as the centurions moved into position within the cavernous mining infrastructure, formerly a dilithium mine.

Ranma arrives, and is fired upon.

"Damn," Ranma said, as he took cover. He then pulls out a pair of Happo-Daiken bombs from his pocket. He then fused his chi into the pair of bombs before tossing them in the throng of Cylons.

With a roar, Ranma pulls out his disruptor, and began to discharge his weapon.

"Midori, status," Ranma said, as he began to pick off the Cylons. From what he knows, Cylon centurions were a part of the standard military arm of the Cylon Nation, which made him wonder if there was a direct connection between them and the mysterious organization that was behind L'Mollari and Vesper Dax.

"Your fight is going to cause a structural collapse within four minutes," Midori replied. "I'm patching in an alternative route for pursuit through your lenses."

All agents of Section 31 had cybernetic implants that could be turned off by the user. Ranma didn't want any implants, due to the fact that they had a weird effect on his ability to generate chi. So, he used telepathic plugs and virtual contact lenses to get the same effect, albeit at a reduced sophistication.

Ranma sees the information that Midori was sending him, as the lenses displayed the information.

"Got it," Ranma said, as he puts away his disruptor. He moved to focus on one Cylon, who was standing in front of a shaft that had been sealed away.

"Here goes," Ranma said, as he ran at super-speed, leaps into the air, and used as flying kick that sent the lone Cylon into the wall, revealing a new shaft in the process.

"Thank you," Ranma said with a smirk, as he made his way back to the surface, still in hot pursuit of the Cylon infiltrator…

Making his way to the surface, Ranma found himself in the middle of the market square. However, immediately, Ranma received heavy enemy fire.

"Midori," Ranma said, as he peeked around the corner.

"Ranma, Mitchell is 'roof hopping'," Midori replied. "You have multiple human 'bogies' all around you."


"To avoid casualties, I recommend that you follow Mitchell, so that you can avoid the participants of the celebration."

"Okay, thanks," Ranma said, as he counted up the three, before rounding the corner and blasting away his targets. He then looks at his options. There were more enemy targets between him and the stairs, and he didn't have time to waste. And then there was the other way up…

With his the grit of his teeth, Ranma takes a leap up in the air. He climbs the rest of the way by using his fingers only. Once he makes it to the top, he scans the roof tops, and sees that Mitchell was ahead of him-

"Get him!" said rogue, as he and his companions all climbed up after him.

Ranma smiles at them, befor he suddenly takes off running.

"Stop him!" said the rogue, as they all ran after Ranma.

Ranma sprints faster, as he leaps nearly fifty yards across to the next building. He then lands nearly on his hands, rolls and kept going at a full sprint.

"Midori, where's Mitchell?" Ranma asked.

"He's heading for the clock tower, Ranma," Midori said. "Sensors indicate that there is a rocket stashed inside."

"Can't you stop it?"

"Not without revealing ourselves."

"Okay," Ranma said, as he ducks an intended weapons discharge on his head, before using a classic "choke slam" to neutralize the foe.

"I'm on my way…"

Mitchell was programming the launch sequence of the rocket, when Ranma kicks in the door.

"Hold, Mitchell," Ranma said, as he leveled his disruptor at the infiltrator. "Or, if that's your name…"

"That is my name, Saotome," Mitchell said. "But I am Cylon Humanoid Two Series."

"Tell that to N when you see her," Ranma said, as he motions Mitchell to the door. "This way, please."

"Of course," Mitchell said, as he moves.

Suddenly, Mitchell uses a back elbow strike that Ranma easily avoids. However, this sets Ranma up to be disarmed, followed by a front kick to the stomach.

"Oof!" Ranma said, as he quickly recovered.

"By the way, Cylons are stronger than humans," Mitchell said, as he grins while throwing punches."

"Good, because it means that I don't have to hold back." Ranma said, as he catches a thrown fist with one hand, before Ranma delivers a right cross to Mitchell's face.

"Oof!" Mitchell said, as he swings wildly.

Ranma hammers Mitchell in the chest, which was followed by a hand chop to the throat, and then a straight punch into the noise.

"Arrgh!" Mitchell yelled, as he then leaps at Ranma, nearly sending them both over the edge.

"No," Ranma said, as he rolls in mid-air, and sent Mitchell sailing, before the traitor fell to his death below. For his part, Ranma grabbed the ledge, before he looked at Mitchell's broken form below.

"Damn," Ranma said, thinking that Mitchell may have decided to risk death, if it meant taking him out of the equation. "Nabiki isn't going to like this…"

After defeating the Cylon, N had the remains taken to the head of science and technology for processing aboard her ship, the USS "Yamato". Officially, the Daedalus-class vessel was a survey ship. Unofficially, it served as a mobile platform for Section 31…

"Fascinating creatures, I must say," said G, who was a bit unkempt and unsocial, as he used an old magnifying glass to perform his autopsy.

"Just get to the point where I care," N said impatiently. Already, she had uncovered several infiltrators in her organization, many of which belonged to the one that Section 31 had yet to figure out…"

"My apologies, madam," G said, as he straightens himself up. "I was able to use a fiber optic wire, and plant it directly into the 'brain' of our friend here."

"Will that get us the information we need?" Ranma asked.

"With the help of Miss Midori, yes we can."

"In the mean time, I want you to go to Rigel VII and find this man," N said, as she moved a data pad in front of Ranma. "Apparently, our betrayer was in contact with someone within the Terra Prime Conglomerate."

"There the terra-forming outfit," Ranma said, as he examined the dossier of the head of the Terra Prime Conglomerate. The man appeared middle-aged with graying temples, and was carrying a cigar in one hand…

"Who's this guy?"

"His name is 'Dominic Starr', a Cylon," Nabiki said. "And, he happens to be

"Curious and curious. What would the Cylons be doing on Rigel VII?"

"That is for you to find out, of course. One thing is for sure: the Cylons have access to 'resurrection technology'."


"That means that, upon death, the Cylons can transfer their consciousness to a new body, so long as the new body is in range," Miss Midori said.

"So, that means that either there is a Basestar in this sector, or the Cylons have a base on one of one of these places in the system," Ranma said.

"Which is why I want you to further investigate the matter, while we comb over this system," N said.

"Affirmative," Ranma said, as he thinks about Vesper. One way or another, he'll learn the truth about her...


"Ha, ha!" said the alien warlord Warhok, as he stood over the wrecked arena of the new graduates of Middleton High School. "This world is easy to conquer!"

"Ah, hello?" Ranma said, as he waved. He had been in attendance, to see his god-daughter Kimberly Ann Impossible, graduate, when one of Kim's old enemies, Warmonger, showed up with her boyfriend...Warhok.

"You!" Warhok said. "I know you! You're a Green Lantern!"

"Among other things," Ranma said. "But it's not me that you'll have to worry about..."

"You're ruining my graduation!" said an orange-haired teenage girl.

"There is no defense against my Monkey Fist!" said a gawky, blond teenage make, as he gets into a fighting stance.

"My flower power will stop you!" said a blue-skinned mad scientist.

"Whatever," said a green-skinned woman, as her hands glowed.

Warhok began to think that invading this planet may not have been the right thing to do after all.

"Get him!" said the girl, as she and her companions began their attack.

"Do you think that was a bit of an over kill?" Usagi asked.

"Eh," Ranma said with a shrug. He and Usagi had already taken down the attack ships, using standard shinobi jutsus, especially the "Shadow Clone Techniques" to do so. That kid, Ron Stoppable, thought it would be cool to learn such a technique.

"So, we're good?"

"Yeah, I guess so. Why?"

"Because of THAT," Usagi said, as she points to a love-sick Warmonger, who was clutching Ranma's leg lovingly.

"Please, Lord Ranma," Warmonger said. At least she was an attractive, green-skinned female humanoid...

"Show me how Earth girls do it."

"Oh, brother..."


Author's Note: I decided to end it here, because I didn't feel like doing more with it. Sorry for the inconvenience.