Bounty vs BeBop


Spike and Faye had just recovered the missing Feng Shue guru, when a bolt of energy struck the Bebop. The capacitors shunted the energy away from dangerous components. Thinking that all was well, Jet ordered the younger two to finish up, and bring the shuttle on board.

Dropping the guy and his daughter off at Mars, Jet grumbled about there being so little in cash as a reward, but stocked up on fuel, food, ammo, and plant supplements, all at the Guru's expense. Seeing to the reload and restocking was Jet's job, with Ed and Ein helping out, Spike had to hunt down and drag back Faye as she tried to raise capital the only way she knew how.


No one noticed the charge building up in the sub light engines

Six hours after they had reentered Mars space, they were leaving it.

As they hit the Gate, the overcharged engine core discharged an influx matrix, causing a gate malfunction. the gate shut itself off, and reopened itself an hour later.

there was no sign of the Bebop.

It was decided that it was lost with all hands.


On a small rock, too small to be called a planet, too small to even be truly called a moon, sat a freighter class ship. Its engines cold, its life support low, but functioning. In the hold the crew were playing a lively game of 'hoop'.

Inora stood on the upper catwalk, as she watched the two teams of three throw the beach ball about and try to toss it throw the hoop hanging from a string.

a deep buzzing was sounded, then cut off. all was silent.

Mel ran up the stairs, heading for the cockpit. Zoë and Jayne exchanged looks before fallowing him. Kaylee kissed her Lover, before running off to her second love, the engine room.

the Tams and Inora went to the Dinning area.


in the cockpit, Mal watched the patrol craft crawl across the sky above them.

"Right on schedule." Jayne grumped.

Zoë leaned on the co-pilot console, "Six more hours, then the Prize will be within reach."

Mal nodded. "Last minute check. make sure you have everything you need. Jayne, No grenades. Limit your self to four guns with six reloads each. consider this a stealth exercise. Zoë, settle the kids. this is the home stretch, no need for them panicking now."