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Ziva stormed into the NCIS office on Tuesday morning. It'd been over a week since she'd filed her special agent application, but she had yet to hear anything about it. "McGee, I need you to do something for me," she said, walking straight to his desk, completely ignoring Tony who sat at his desk. "I need you to check on my application," she explained, earning a surprised look from both agents.

"It's true?" McGee asked, staring at the Israeli. "I thought Abby was just joshing me," he babbled trying to comprehend.

"How did Abby find out?" Ziva asked, leaning on McGee's desk. "Did she know anything?" she asked.

Tony's interest had reached its full level by now, and he found himself walking over to McGee's desk to better hear what was going on. "Find out about what?" he asked.

"She was doing background checks for the Director, and your name came up," McGee explained, answering Ziva's question.

"And?" Ziva asked, clearly anxious about the whole ordeal.

McGee chose not to answer; instead he typed a moment on his keyboard and pulled up Ziva's application. "I was rejected? How?" Ziva exclaimed, reading over McGee's shoulder.

"You applied to be a special agent?" Tony asked, shocked at the revelation. "What about Mossad?"

"It is not longer an issue," Ziva said offhandedly. "How could I have been rejected?" she asked out loud hoping for an answer to appear.

"David, Director wants to see you," Gibbs said, walking into the bullpen with a cup of coffee in his hands. The three could tell almost immediately that something was on Gibbs' mind, and whatever it was was not something good. After Ziva headed up the stairs and was out of earshot, Gibbs turned to DiNozzo and McGee, "Director wants us to investigate the wrecking of the Damocles off the coast of Somalia."

"Boss, that's the ship Ziva was supposed to be on," McGee stated wide-eyed.

"I know," Gibbs sighed, looking up at the doorway to Vance's office.

"What jurisdiction does NCIS have?" Tony asked.

"Don't know," Gibbs said, taking a drink of his coffee. "McGee, go down and help Abby find out what she can," he ordered and the young man took off towards the elevator.

Tony stood there, waiting for Gibbs to tell him what to do. All he really wanted to do was to go home and forget that any of this ever happened. He had a feeling that after this investigation was over, the team was going to learn more about the events of Ziva's last four months than they really wanted.

"Ziva is not going to open up without being forced," Gibbs said, surprising the man.

"What do you want me to do?" Tony asked, knowing what Gibbs was not saying.

"If we force her to tell us what happened before she is ready, it could damage her already unstable frame of mind," Gibbs reiterated what Ducky had informed him a few days before. "I need you to get her to open up about the past few months. We need to know what really happened to that ship. It wasn't just a storm, Tony," Gibbs explained.

"What am I supposed to do?" Tony exclaimed. "If you haven't noticed, we haven't been on the best of terms the past six months or so," Tony began.

"Tony," Gibbs stopped the man. "I need you to do this," he said in a manner that Tony was not used to one bit.

Ziva returned to the bullpen and noticed Tony was the only one there. "Where is Gibbs?" she asked.

"Went down to Ducky's," Tony said, not taking his eyes off of the paperwork he was working on.

"And McGee?" Ziva asked, standing in front of Tony's desk.

"With Abby," Tony answered simply.

"I have been giving the rest of the week off," Ziva explained.

"I know," Tony replied.

"You know?" Ziva asked. "Vance just told me though," she said, gesturing towards Vance's office.

"I'm your escort," Tony explained, finally looking up at Ziva.

"I do not need an escort," Ziva said frustrated. "I told him I was fine."

"No you aren't," Gibbs said, walking to the Israeli. "Until we know for sure that you are, you are under Tony's surveillance at all time."

"Gibbs…' Ziva began to argue.

"It's not your choice," Gibbs told her. "I don't expect either of you back until Monday," he ordered the two.

Tony's Car

"So, your place or mine?" Tony asked, pulling out of his parking space in the garage.

"I am still living at the Navy Lodge," Ziva explained, looking out of the passenger side window.

"My place it is," Tony said, peeling out of the parking lot. He didn't care if he was driving reckless. It helped him think, and there was a lot to think about.

Tony's Apartment

"You can have the bedroom," Tony told Ziva as they walked into the room. "Just let me do a little cleaning first," he said, hurrying into the bedroom. Judging from the mess in the living room, Ziva could only imagine what the room on the other side of the wall must look like.

"The couch is fine, Tony," Ziva called through the open doorway.

"No it isn't," Tony yelled back. "I rarely sit on that thing. I haven't gotten a new one yet," he explained just as he heard a crash from the other room. "I thought you remembered," he said, walking back.

"That was almost three years ago, Tony," Ziva growled, trying to pull herself up from the middle of the couch. The moment she sat on the couch, she felt the top give way, and found her legs sticking up over her heads.

"Here," Tony said, stepping in front of Ziva and holding out his hands to help her. Ziva grabbed each of his hands with hers and allowed him to pull her easily out of the hole she found herself in. "I've been meaning to get a new one, but I haven't had a chance to go shopping yet. Besides, I haven't needed it. I usually just sit in that chair," Tony said, nodding towards the recliner next to the couch. "The most I use this couch for is a footrest."

"Where are you sleeping then?" Ziva asked, looking around the room. She knew the apartment well enough to know there was no other bed.

"I have an air mattress in the closet," Tony explained, studying Ziva's face for a moment.

"What?" Ziva asked, feeling uncomfortable under Tony's gaze.

"You've changed," Tony noted.

"People change, Tony," Ziva shrugged.

"Not like this," Tony said, shaking his head. "In the three years I have known you, I've never seen that look in your eyes. You've had it there since Salim pulled the hood off your head," he added. "We thought you were dead," he whispered.

"You had no way of knowing," she understood.

"A part of me held out hope," Tony admitted. "My gut told me you were still alive, but my brain was telling me that is was impossible. There was no way you could have survived if the ship sank in a storm."

"But I did," Ziva pointed out.

"How?" Tony asked. "Did anyone else?" he asked. "There was no one else at the camp."

Ziva turned away from him. She knew the time would come that she would have to explain what happened to land her in that terrorist camp, but she was not sure if she was ready for it yet or not. A part of her knew that that was the reason her application had been denied. She knew she barely passed her psych evaluation, and Vance had already made it clear that she was damaged goods. 'I need to know how damaged you are,' she remembered him saying that day in his office.

"No one else survived," Ziva took a deep breath. "They were dead before the boat sank," she explained and Tony furrowed his eyebrows. This was not what he wanted to hear.

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