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Chapter I: It All Came Crashing Down

"Bella? Earth to Bella?" Jessica snapped her fingers in Bella's face.


Angela giggled. "I said, the sun's supposed to make an appearance this afternoon and I wanted to know if you'd go to La Push with us?"

Bella couldn't hide the smile that spread across her face as she thought about the last time she saw Jacob.

Alice and Edward both stiffened across the lunch table.

"You know Bella…" Alice started, but Bella saw a golden opportunity that she wasn't about to let pass her by.

"Yeah guys. That sounds like a lot of fun," she cut Alice off looking directly at Angela. "Edward and Alice were leaving this afternoon to get a jump on their camping trip, so I'd need a ride from school anyways."

Alice zoned out, probably searching for Bella's future, while Edward merely clenched his jaw and nodded.

"Oh my god, this'll be great!" Jessica's eyes lit up as she rambled on about how perfect the weather was supposed to be all weekend.

Bella wasn't listening. Her mind was already across the treaty line thinking of warm sodas and sunny personalities.

The end of the day couldn't come soon enough. Bella had either Edward or Alice, or both, in each of her afternoon classes, and she was getting really tired of their disapproving stares.

When they cornered her before her last class, Bella was ready to blow up.

"Bella," Alice whined. "I can't see your future anymore. Why would you do that to me?"

"Alice is right," Edward added, giving Bella a stern look of disapproval. "It's not safe for you to be there. We can't protect you from Victoria when you're there…"

Bella cut Edward off angrily. "You don't have to protect me when I'm there. That's what the pack is for."

Alice laughed. "Bella don't be ridiculous! Not only can they not protect you, but they're dangerous for you to be around. Why do you think we don't want you going there?"

"Alice," Bella hissed through clenched teeth. "I don't care where you want me going, when, or with whom. You are not my mother, or my keeper. I have every right to be there. I feel safe and loved in La Push, and you… ooh you are driving me crazy!" Bella waved her arms in frustration.

Edward sighed heavily and pinched the bridge of his nose.

Alice started to protest but Edward cut her off with a wave of his hand.

"Bella… love. Please understand that we just want what's best for you."

"NO EDWARD! You understand. I am my own person and I will decide what's best for me."

"Bella, keep your voice down," Edward hissed, grabbing Bella's upper arm firmly.

"Edward, take your hands off of me," Bella tried to free herself from his grasp but he wouldn't let go, tightening his hold on her.

Edward had never expressed anger towards Bella before. She felt scared of him for the first time that she could remember, and his grip on her arm was bordering on painful.

Bella felt the first pangs of panic grip her as Edward and Alice both leaned in. She was backed up against a brick wall and was starting to feel claustrophobic when she heard the voice of an angel.

"Bella? Is everything okay here?" Angela asked timidly from a few yards away.

Edward immediately released Bella's arm and took a step to the side, plastering a fake smile on his face before turning to Angela. "Angela. How are you this afternoon?"

Bella felt such relief upon seeing her friend that she immediately rushed to her side and grabbed her hand.

Alice hadn't turned to face Angela yet, but Edward's smile faltered when Angela looked into Bella's worried eyes, then turned back to him. Obviously whatever Angela was thinking about did not bode well in Edward's mind.

"Alice," Edward turned towards his sister slowly, "It's time we were heading home."

Edward moved towards Bella and leaned in to give her a quick peck on the cheek. "See you when we get back Bella," he whispered in her ear.

Bella unconsciously squeezed Angela's hand in fear. She didn't get threatened very often, but his words definitely scared her.

When Edward and Alice reached their car Bella let out a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding in. She suddenly felt very dizzy and sat down against the cool brick of the building.

"Bella, what the hell was that? Are you okay? Oh my gosh Edward was so scary." Angela sat down heavily next to Bella and wrapped her arms around Bella's shoulders, shaking her lightly.

"Are you okay? Do I need to call someone? What about your dad?" Angela started searching in her pockets for her cell phone.

"NO!" Bella shouted. "I mean… no. Not my dad. Oh my god Angela," Bella looked into her girlfriend's eyes, "what do I do?"

Bella's eyes filled with tears which spilled over unchecked. It had always bothered her that Edward and his family tried to stop her from going to La Push, but they'd never scared her like this before.

"Oh Bella," Angela hugged Bella tightly to her and rocked her slowly from side to side. Bella cried for a few minutes quietly until Angela interrupted her.

"Bella…" Angela started, questioningly, "has anything like this ever happened before?"

Bella looked up at her friend as she really thought about the question. There had been several times that Edward or Alice had kidnapped her, even overnight, to stop her from going to La Push. And there was that time that Edward disabled her truck for the same reason… but neither of them had ever resorted to physically stopping her before.

"No," she finally answered. "At least, nothing like this…" Bella trailed off. Her breath caught as she remembered the time that Jacob had brought over her bike to get her in trouble with Charlie. She had wanted so badly to hug him; she'd tried to reach out to him, but Edward did physically stop her from going to him. He hadn't physically hurt her, but she remembered the pangs her heart had felt at his actions.

"Bella, has Edward ever… hurt you? What about your arm? Are you okay?" she asked.

Bella lifted the arm that Edward had clutched. It seemed a little sore, but nothing serious. She shook her head in the negative. "It's a little sore, but not worse that any time I've hurt myself."

Angela shook her head. "Bella, it's not the same. The thing is, you didn't hurt yourself… he did."

Bella could only shake her head in disbelief as that thought sunk in.

"Bella, I can see how scared you were… you still are. I was scared for you. What was happening?" Bella couldn't believe how calm her friend seemed. She wondered if Angela knew just what Edward and Alice were, would she still be? No. Angela Weber had no idea just how much damage Edward and Alice Cullen could have done to her.

"They didn't want me going with you guys to La Push," Bella said, mechanically. She didn't really want to tell Angela about it, but suddenly she felt like she couldn't keep it inside. "They aren't welcome there… so they think I shouldn't be able to go there either. They say it's because they can't check on me when I'm there, to make sure that I'm safe."

"But Bella, don't some of your best friends live on the reservation?" Angela asked, sincerely.

"Jacob…" Bella said unconsciously.

"Jacob!" Bella jumped to her feet when she realized… she had to get to Jacob.

"Angela, I need to use your phone, quick!" Bella was afraid that Edward and Alice might be close enough to overhear her and Angela. She didn't feel safe sitting out in the open.

Angela passed her phone over and tugged Bella to sit back down next to her.

"Please be there…" Bella whispered as she dialed the number she knew by heart.

The line rang six times. Bella was about to hang up and try Sam and Emily when she finally got someone.

"Hello?" Billy answered, gruffly.

"Billy!" Bella shrieked into the phone. "Billy I need someone to come get me at school right away."

"Bella? Bella is that you?" Billy asked. "What's going on? Are you okay?"

"Billy, I don't have time to explain. Is Jake there?"

"He's at school honey. He won't be home for another half hour or so. Sam's got somebody patrolling though. I can get a message to whoever it is."

"YES!" Bella shouted, moments away from hysterics. "Please," she started crying, "how fast can someone get here?"

"Bella, calm down. What's happened?" Billy was starting to panic. "Bella? Bella what's going on!"

Bella didn't answer. She could only sob into the phone.

Angela, who was crying silently next to her, reached for the phone. "Billy? This is Angela Weber. Bella… um, she had some kind of fight with her boyfriend, Edward? I'm… well I'm not really sure what happened but he really scared her…" Angela met Bella's eyes, "he scared both of us."

"Oh Angela!" Bella wailed as she threw her arms around her friend.

"Angela!" Billy's voice came over the line, "Where are you? I'm sending someone to pick you up. Both of you!"

"We're at the school… on the south side of the second parking lot. We're right by Building 3. It's got a big 3 painted on it."

"You're outside!" Billy shouted, frantically.

"Yeah well…" Angela started to explain but was cut off.

"Get inside! NOW! In a building where there are other people."

Angela and Bella could both clearly hear what Billy said. They locked eyes and jumped to their feet, rushing inside the door which they had been huddled just outside of.

Angela closed the door behind them and turned the lock. Bella slid down the wall and pulled her knees up to hide her face. Angela started pacing back and forth as she listened to Billy's instructions. Then she crouched down in front of Bella and held the phone out to her.

"Billy wants to talk to you," Angela said, tucking Bella's hair behind her ear.

Bella wiped her nose on her sleeve. "Billy?"

"Bella, Quil and Jared are coming to get you two. I want you to stay in that building with the door locked until you hear from them, okay?"

"Kay," Bella sniffled, "thanks Billy."

"Bella, you can thank me in person in a few minutes, okay?" Bella couldn't help but smile slightly, a tear escaping as she did so. "I want you girls to watch the clock carefully. Sam's following those two as a you-know-what. Leah's here with me. She said they're only five minutes out. If you don't hear from those boys within five minutes you call me again, okay?"

She didn't know what to say so she just nodded.

"Bella?" Billy asked.


"It's good that you called me. We're going to take care of this."

She nodded again, sniffling.

"Four minutes Bella. I'll see you soon after that."

The call ended and Bella looked up at Angela who still had tears glistening in her eyes. Bella reached her arms out to Angela who dropped down in front of her and threw her arms around her friend.

They stayed like that for a couple of minutes, then both girls stood up in anticipation. Bella still had Angela's cell phone and she checked it for the time.

"Two minutes," she met Angela's eyes.

Angela opened her mouth to respond but stopped when she heard a roaring sound growing louder and louder.

"What is that?" Angela asked, but Bella just smiled widely. She'd recognize that sound anywhere.

She whirled around and threw back the bolt on the door, opening it in time to see two tall, dark figures skid to a stop in front of them on her and Jacob's motorcycles.

Jared scanned the distance as Quil dropped the kickstand and leapt over to pull Bella into his arms.

"Oh my god Bella! Are you okay?" Quil asked, lifting her up as he hugged her tightly. He set her down again in front of him and started looking her over for damage.

"I'm okay Quil," Bella said, smiling, a few tears escaping as she thought about her over-protective big brother, Quil. "Angela showed up before it got out of hand," Bella gestured to her friend next to her.

"Oh my god Angela!" Quil swept her off of her feet in a similar hug before setting her down and giving her a once over as well. "You're okay, you're both okay?" he looked between the two of them as their eyes met and they both nodded.

"Quil," Jared grunted.

Quil's head snapped up in the direction of his brother. They nodded at each other and Quil reached out and grasped one of each of the girls' hands.

"Angela, you're riding with Jared. C'mon Bells, you're with me," Quil steered Angela over towards Jacob's bike on which Jared was riding.

Angela looked at Bella questioningly.

"It's okay Angela. That's Jake's bike. I've ridden with him a million times. I promise it's safe." Bella met Jared's eyes. "Right Jared?" Her tone said more than her words… You better keep her safe.

"Angela, as long as you hold onto me we'll be fine. Come on. We need to go," Jared urged Quil with a nod of his chin.

Quil jumped on Bella's bike and reached his hand out to her. She climbed on behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist tightly. He jump-started the bike and before Bella knew it they were leaving Forks' High School behind them, treading the familiar route to La Push.

Jared led with Angela and Quil and Bella followed closely behind. She knew that they were speeding and was worried that they might get pulled over before they made it to La Push, but before she knew it they were crossing the treaty line and she was able to breath a sigh of relief.

The boys didn't slow down until the Black's house was in sight and when they got closer the front door opened and Leah pushed Billy out to greet them.

Angela dismounted slowly with Jared's help, but Bella, who'd ridden many times and knew how to handle herself, flung herself off as soon as Quil stopped and jumped up the porch into Billy's waiting arms.

"Oh Billy. I was so scared. I don't know what I would have done if Angela hadn't shown up."

She cried into his arms until she felt someone tugging at her arm.

She turned around to find Angela, once again with tears in her eyes, standing next to a shocked looking Seth.

"Seth," Billy addressed the newest member of the party, "Where's Jacob?"

Looking confused, Seth pointed down the road. "He dropped me off at home, then he took Embry home. My mom said Leah was here and I should come right away. What the heck is going on?" Seth looked between Billy and Bella, then to Angela next to him. He waved at her awkwardly.

"I think we better take this inside," Sam joined them on the porch and motioned with his hands for the party to head into the house.

"Good idea Sam," Billy nodded. "Bella, can you take Angela inside? Sam will… call Embry and Jacob to come over right away."

Bella nodded. Sam probably needed to phase to take care of that. She took Angela by the hand and led her into the kitchen.

"I need to cook something," Bella said letting go of Angela's hand and opening the refrigerator. She started pulling out anything and everything that she saw and within a few minutes had both the stovetop and oven going.

Bella soon had Angela, Seth and Quil bustling around the kitchen where they were shortly joined by Emily.

"Alright boys…" Emily said, raising her good eyebrow when she took in the sight of the four of them in Billy's cramped kitchen, "out you go - girls only."

Seth headed for the door right away but Quil put his arm around Bella and refused to budge.

"Sorry Em. I'm sticking to Bella like glue," he pulled Bella into his arms and gave her a noogie for good measure.

"Ugh, Quil! Knock it off!" Bella swatted at Quil. "I'm trying to cook here!" she added, exasperated.

"Mmm hmm, and it smells delicious," he grinned, releasing her.

Bella swatted Quil on the arm one more time, grinning back, before she turned back to her simmering pots on the stove.

"Got here as fast as I could," Embry shouted as he barged through the front door. "What the hell's going on?"

Paul followed closely behind him. Bella peeked out the door behind them. "Still no Jacob?" she mumbled to herself.

"Glad to see you too," Embry tugged Bella's sweatshirt strings. "He dropped me off and then said something about going to see you, actually. He's probably at your house waiting for you to get home from school… which, by the way. Why aren't you at school?"

"Shit," Bella cursed under her breath.

She made her way back over to Quil and tugged his hand to pull him away from Angela.

"Quil," Bella whispered. He leaned down so that he was at eye level with Bella. "If you… you know, howled from here… would Jacob be able to hear you at my house?"

Quil chuckled and stood back up straight. He looked like he was about to make a joke until he saw the look on Bella's face.

"Give me a second, okay?" Quil asked Bella, patting her on the shoulder.

He made his way over to where Sam stood in the living room and spoke to him for a moment. Sam nodded and they both made their way into the kitchen.

"Bella," Sam spoke, "I'm going to send Seth and Paul closer to Forks to get Jacob's attention."

Bella started to protest. She didn't want Seth going where there might be danger, but Sam put up his hand to silence her.

"I'm sending those two because they weren't in the loop when you called Billy earlier. They know something's up, but not what it is. We need to get Jacob back with… as little incident as possible. If he was to phase and Quil or Leah was phased, he might flip out and try to confront the Cullens directly. Understand?" he sought Bella's eye contact.

"Yeah. You're right," she nodded.

"Seth, Paul," Sam grunted to his brothers, "let's go outside."

Bella nodded to Emily and Angela and then followed Sam, Quil, Seth and Paul outside.

"Paul, I need you and Seth to run over towards Bella's to get Jacob's attention. I want you all back here, ASAP. I'm going to be phased from here so I can monitor the situation."

Paul and Seth both nodded at Sam, then at Quil and Bella. They both turned to head into the woods, Sam following closely behind.

"Thank you," Bella said to the wolves, before they disappeared completely into shadow. "Come back soon," she added in a whisper, but she knew they'd hear her.

Quil put his arm around Bella and led her into the house. They rejoined Emily and Angela in the kitchen and in no time at all had food on the table.

Bella started to get concerned. Seth and Paul had returned shortly after heading out on their "mission." Sam wasn't back yet, nor Jacob. Seth had explained that Sam was going to stay phased until Jacob was back at the house. He would be able to detect Jacob's arrival that much sooner in his wolf form.

In the meantime, everyone was eating, and Bella and Angela were telling Emily what had happened with Edward at school.

"Oh my gosh Angela. That was very brave of you. Bella, are you alright?" Emily held hands with the girls as she hovered in her motherly fashion.

Angela nodded her head as Bella answered, "Yeah, I'm okay. Just a bit shaken up."

Emily dropped Angela's hand and turned towards Bella fully. "Bella, what about your arm? Let me see it."

Bella was about to protest but the look that Emily gave her made her think twice.

She unzipped her sweatshirt and pulled her arm out of its sleeve. Her t-shirt was short-sleeved and she heard Emily gasp as her upper arm came into view. Bella realized then that the entire kitchen had fallen suddenly silent and looked up to find everyone's eyes on her and her bruised left arm.

Embry's mouth hung open while Quil clenched his fists, his body shaking slightly.

Emily lifted up Bella's sleeve all the way to reveal a distinctly, hand-shaped bruise that took up Bella's entire left bicep. She suddenly felt very self-conscious and had just pulled her sleeve out of Emily's fingers when the kitchen door burst wide open.

Jacob stepped into the room and immediately focused on Bella. A broad smile covered his face, but when he registered the tears in Bella's eyes his expression immediately turned to questioning.

"Hey Bells. What's up?"

No one answered. Every pair of eyes in the room darted between Jacob's and Bella's.

"Guys? What's going on?"

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