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AN: This story takes place about two months after 'Dawn's Magical Mishaps', so Tara is five months pregnant. There will be at least three chapters, maybe more.

It was late at night in the Scooby household, and as Willow Rosenberg shifted in an attempt at snuggling closer to her pregnant wife, a wave of panic washed over as she realised Tara was absent. Her panic subsided when it occurred to her that Tara had most likely just gone across the hall to comfort Sophie after a nightmare. Still, in this house it was always best to check. Willow threw the covers back and swung her feet out of the bed, pausing for a second to smile at the photos displayed on her bedside table. There was the picture of Tara and herself that Sophie had stolen when she ran away to protect her then 'bestest friend' Willow from the demons who'd raised her for her first three years. Then, there was a picture of the three of them on a picnic they'd gone on a few weeks after Tara's resurrection. It was one of their first family outings, and Willow treasured the memory. Finally, propped up against the edge of the picnic photo, was the first ultrasound picture of Willow and Tara's unborn baby daughter Lily, taken two months ago. Sophie had given them the name after revealing that she had met her little sister during the scooby's recent time travel adventure. The picture was slightly crumpled due to having been shoved in Willow's pocket during said adventure, though this had thankfully not affected the image. Looking at the photos calmed Willow further, and she left the room smiling as she went to check on her wife and daughter.

However, the smile quickly turned to a frown when she heard whimpers coming from her little girl's room. She knew instantly that the sounds were coming from her wife, as she had become accustomed to Tara's whimpers during the period in which she had been temporarily driven insane by Glory, as well as the the few weeks afterwards when it had still been necessary to regularly re-bandage her then-girlfriend's crushed hand. Willow peeked into the bedroom, seeing that Tara had fallen asleep beside Sophie, then crept closer to the bed, attempting to wake Tara without disturbing Sophie, who was sleeping peacefully.

"Tara" she whispered, gently shaking her wife's shoulder. "Tara, wake up baby, you're having a nightmare."

"I'm s-sorry Daddy, I d-didn't mean it.."

"Tara!" Willow raised her voice a little, shaking her lover harder. "Tara, wake up!" This time Tara began to stir. She sat up, rubbing her eyes.

"Willow? What.. oh" Tara paused as realisation came to her. "I had another nightmare, didn't I?"

"Uh-huh" Willow nodded.

" That's two in one night. But at least it doesn't look like its got to Sophie this time" Tara sighed, glancing at her sleeping daughter before laying a hand on her now obvious baby bump. "This one seems to know that something's wrong though, she's kicking up a storm in there."

"Aww, Lily" Willow kneeled down in front of Tara's stomach, kissing it. "Don't worry, Mommy Willow made Mama Tara's big mean old nightmare go away."

"For now" Tara sighed again. At this moment, Sophie began to stir.

"Mommy Willow, Mama Tara?" she said sleepily, sounding a little confused as she sat up. "Is it morning yet?"

"No" Tara smiled.

"Is there demons attacking?"

"No" Willow replied with a small chuckle. "Mama Tara just had another nightmare, sweetie. Go back to sleep."

"Okay" Sophie yawned, snuggling down into her blankets. "Mama Tara?"

"Yeah sweetie?" Tara stroked her daughter's hair as she began to drift off.

"Your Mama says hi."