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With their joined hands linking their magic, Tara felt Sophie let the forcefield down, but this didn't bother her. She wasn't afraid anymore. Although the fact that none of her former family members had moved was slightly worrying. The look of hatred and disgust spreading over Mr Maclay's face was even more worrying. The sight of Beth sobbing into her hands as she lamented the loss of her hair.. well, that was not so much worrying as hilariously funny. No, the most worrying thing was that Mr Maclay was angrily stepping towards his daughter, arm slightly raised. Before Tara had time to register this information and move, Faith's fist flew, and a sickening crunch was heard as Mr Maclay was sent sprawling to the ground, his nose shattered.

"She said get out, and if I were you, I'd be listenin'" the Dark slayer growled. In that moment, it was easy for Tara to see why the other Scoobies may have once been scared of Faith. But, since her father was currently on the floor clutching his broken, bloodied nose, she wasn't complaining. Unfortunately, it seemed as though Mr Maclay was one of those people who just didn't know when to quit. He glared at Faith, but everyone struggled not to laugh at his slightly nasally tone when he spoke.

"Who are you to tell me what to do?"

"I'm one of Tara's amazin' sisters" Faith replied. "Now get, because I'm not one for killin' people anymore, but I swear I could make an exception for you."

"I'd probably help" added Willow, eyes darkening slightly.

"And I wouldn't do a thing to stop them" said Buffy, smirking.

"Nor would I" said Illyria. "It has been centuries since I have witnessed a good execution." Donny pulled his father to his feet, then grabbed the still sobbing Beth's arm and steered her towards the door.

"Come on, pops, we should probably just.."

"And you" Willow turned to Donny now, eyes black and roots dark. "I seem to remember telling you.."

"Leave him, Will" Tara cut in. Willow's roots returned to normal, but her eyes remained dark. "Willow, leave him" Tara repeated. Willow calmed down, and Donny visibly relaxed, turning to his sister. "Don't thank me, Donny, I didn't do that for you, I did it for Mom" Tara quickly added. "I'm a mother myself now, and I know how much you getting hurt would upset her. Now go, all of you, before I change my mind." Donny nodded, and quickly headed out the door pulling Beth with him. Mr Maclay glared at Tara one last time before following them. The Scoobies fell silent, but after a few minutes this silence was broken by Xander.

"Nice one, sister!" he cried, patting Tara on the back. "Um, I am one of the amazing brothers, right?"

"Of course you are" Tara smiled. "And Faith.." The Dark slayer took a few steps backwards as her friend turned to her.

"You know, I wasn't really thinkin' when I said all that sister stuff, it's okay if you didn't mean me."

"Faith, of course I meant you!" said Tara, giving her friend a warm hug, then lifted her hair to reveal the scar she had recieved two months before while protecting the young Faith from the shattering vodka bottle her mother had thrown at her. "We protect each other, and you were a bridesmaid at my wedding, and you were with me when I found out I was pregnant, and you held my hair back while I threw up in the toilet. Then there's the times when you've risked your life to protect my daughter. You are one of the best sisters anyone could ask for."

"Damn, T" Faith replied. "That's some of the nicest stuff anyone's ever said about me."

"Every bit of it's true" Tara smiled.

"Yeah, well I am pretty damn awesome" Faith grinned. "And speaking of awesome, let's get this party back on track, whaddaya say everyone?"


The next day, the whole Scooby family piled into the RV for the long trip home, although they did stop off at the Ice Cream parlour Tara had pointed out on their way into town, all grabbing an ice-cream cone to eat on the way. Illyria made a horrible mess of hers by biting into the bottom of the cone first, so Spike made a note to himself to show her how to eat one properly when they got home.


The night that they arrived back, Tara gathered her paints and crept into Lily's nursery, now knowing exactly what to paint on the empty walls. In the empty spaces, she began painting cartoon-like replicas of her family, everyone, from Willow right down to Illyria. She paused, rubbing her stomach.

"What do you think little one, is this good?" Tara smiled as the baby kicked in reply. "Yeah, I think so too."

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