That which must be broken

By: Ryu Niiyama

I don't own KtTnS because if I did there would have been a plot somewhere in there...Also I firmly reject the idea that Kaon and Himiko are the reincarnations of the Lunar and Solar miko, primarily because Murakumo (or perhaps Susano) couldn't be that much of an ass to make Chikane into a fragment of a manufactured person. This being said...Kaon is still awesome and makes me squeal like the fangirl that I am.

No actual relationship though longing is implied.

Her smile is perfection itself.

Simple, elegant and serene yet it overflows with happiness. A happiness that even fighting does not instill within her. How ironic, a sword that finds joy in listening to the broken prattle of a lesser being; that achieves pleasure in idling away time posing for paintings rather than drawing blood.

It sickens me.

Murakumo...can't you see it? She would reduce you to an ornament, an accessory to bleed beauty into her worthless paintings, letting your blade rust and shatter. She who is merely a whetting stone for you to sharpen yourself upon, a cloth to clean away the blood that stains your glorious perfection. She should mean nothing to you...yet...

Why do you lean into her when she speaks?

Why do you allow her to run her fingers through your dark silken locks as you rest your head in her lap?

Why do you refuse her kiss, yet hold her tenderly in your strong arms?

Why do you choose her over me?

I, who accept your strength, and your power. I, who would never reduce you to a worthless shell, an ornament. Is my hand not there to guide you? To temper you, and release you to destroy our enemies? What blade would not love her master...but would instead love the dirt at her feet?

But I am greater than she, I am the only one worthy to grasp the hilt of the blade of purest moonlight. I will make you see this, make you understand that your place is by my side...always by my side. If I must break you, shatter you to show you your true shine, your true worth I shall do so without hesitation.

I have the strength to bear your screams as you are tempered, I have the foresight to forge you anew. Release your passion, consume me and be never afraid, knowing that my hand is there to hold you, to bolster you. She can not do these things Murakumo...her tears, her cowardice, her sophomoric paintings, that will never capture your true beauty will only falter beneath your blade. These things will only be sliced and eradicated into nothingness.

Yet I shall remain.

What do you think she shall do when she sees your true radiance? How do you believe she shall react when she witnesses your true power unsheathed? When the harmless girl who gives her existence self worth gives way to the woman, to the glorious blade that bears no equal? She will flee, Murakumo. She will cower and hide and spill useless tears, as easily as your blade spills blood. She seeks to limit you, because she can not bear the weight of your beauty, of your power. But I shall put the hammer to you Murakumo, I shall not only stay by your side, I shall be the one to polish you to a radiance without equal.

Then together, my blade, my beloved, we shall fell all who stand in our way. Starting with her.

AN: I found Mika's obsessive love for Kaon to be both amusing, disturbing, and interesting. Which I suppose was the point. Despite all the power she wields, she is the specter haunting the edges of a love she so desires, longing for a woman that despite being the technical servant, Mika needs more than anything else.