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Rating: T (this chapter is)


Ichigo let the door slam shut behind him as he stepped out into the humid summer night. A burst of hot air washed over him and the orange-haired teen groaned in annoyance, sweat already forming on his pale skin. It was going to be a long walk.

Ichigo trudged slowly toward his destination. The small grocery store's lights winked merrily as he approached. Ichigo wiped at his brow with an annoyed frown. A bell jingled as he pushed his way into the small grocery store. The bald owner smiled and waved at him from his spot next to the fan. Ichigo let his hand flutter in a small weak wave before making his way to the ice cream section. He longed to put his head in the freezer and just stay like that for an hour. But no, the three girls and his crazy old man of a dad all demanded ice cream. And he had been the unlucky soul voted to get said ice cream. Ichigo hung his head as he shut the door to the freezer.

He paid for the two cartons of ice cream, waved to the owner again before making his way back out into the hot night air. Ichigo felt a prickle in his senses and twitched involuntarily. He stopped walking and glanced around the darkness. A lone light flickered on and off in the otherwise empty street. He shook himself mentally and started walking again, only faster this time.

The feeling came again and he hesitated again. It felt as if someone was watching him from the shadows. But the street was still empty. Ichigo tightened his fist over the paper bag and started up again. Only this time, after a few steps, a black portal appeared and Ichigo reared back in surprise as the blackness widened. The groceries fell from his hands as a figure appeared.

It was Grimmjow.

Blood dripped from the almost uncountable wounds on his body. Clumps of fur seemed to have been ripped off roughly and he was in his release form. Ichigo watched as one hind leg shook violently and Grimmjow let out a pained snarl as he limped out on all fours before collapsing in front of the teen. He struggled in vain to get up as the blackness faded from behind him. Ichigo flinched as blood poured from the deeper cuts, dripping down the clumped fur. The original blue fur was dyed a crimson color by all the blood. Grimmjow cursed darkly and tried to stand again. The movement caused a few more wounds to open and he fell down again. A tiny whine of pain escaped him and Ichigo shook himself before moving closer.

"Grimmjow, what are you…?" he started and the panther-like arrancar snarled again.

"Get the fuck away from me…" he puffed through clenched teeth and tried to flinch away from Ichigo when the teen reached for him. The action caused a spark of pain and Grimmjow could no longer grab onto his consciousness. The last thing he saw were the concerned amber eyes getting closer and closer.

Ichigo watched Grimmjow go limp suddenly. He had fainted. Ichigo groaned and smacked himself in the face. What to do with him now? And how did he get to the human world in such a condition? Those questions swirled in his brain as he gently tried to lift the arrancar.

Ichigo's eyes widened. Grimmjow was surprisingly light and soft. A sweet scent was barely noticeable under the metallic bitter scent of fresh blood. He took a deep breath and heaved him up in his arms, carrying Grimmjow bridal-style. The cartons of ice cream were forgotten as he started on his journey back to the house.

By the time Ichigo managed to get back to his neighborhood, his white shirt was soaked with blood and Grimmjow was turning paler and paler. He tried to quicken his pace but his arms were shaking and Ichigo felt as if his back was going to snap any minute now. He managed to heave and push Grimmjow onto the front steps and groaned in relief. It was so hard to do anything without using his shinigami powers.

"Rukia! Help me out!" he called into the house as he stepped through carefully and laid the unconscious espada onto the couch. A few minutes later, Rukia bounded down the stairs.

"What took you so long to get the ice---? What is he doing here?" she stared at the bleeding Grimmjow. Ichigo waved the question off impatiently.

"No time for that! We have to heal him before he dies. He's loosing too much blood." Ichigo said impatiently and Rukia nodded tensely.

"Get me some clean cloths and hot water. Oh and what if Isshin and the others see him?" she asked as she settled herself next to the arrancar. Ichigo shrugged.

"We'll worry about that when he's stable and not dying." He called out as he went upstairs to fetch the stuff she asked for, feeling relieved that their house was a part-clinic. By the time he returned, Grimmjow was in much better conditions and Rukia looked exhausted. She nodded her thanks when he handed the wet cloth to her. She wiped at the blood on his matted fur and grimaced.

"Who would do such a thing? He's hurt pretty badly. I only managed to stop the bleeding from the more serious cuts. It will have to do." Rukia handed the now bloodied cloth back and Ichigo passed her a new one. He frowned as the clean water turned red as he washed the cloth.

They stayed silent while Rukia healed Grimmjow. Ichigo felt relieved when Rukia told him Isshin and his sisters had gone off to get the ice cream themselves. After he fetched some bandages and medicine from Isshin's office and after helping her wrap Grimmjow in said bandages, he excused himself to go upstairs and change another shirt.

When Ichigo came back, Rukia was frowning and looking very troubled. Grimmjow had moved slightly and was now in the more human form although the tail and ears remained. Ichigo's eyes widened as he also noticed the slight problem.

Grimmjow's toned stomach seemed somehow different. Then Ichigo realized with a start. The hollow hole in his abdomen was gone and the hard lines of muscles were replaced with smooth pale creamy skin, an almost elegant rise in the middle of his stomach caught the teen's attention.

"Is that what I think it is?" Ichigo asked and pointed to the espada's stomach with a shaky finger.

Rukia blushed slightly as she opened her mouth. "I think so. I mean… I check him over and he's not just bleeding on the outside… I mean…" she ducked her head and pointed. Ichigo stared in the direction she was pointing and swallowed.

"I think he's pregnant…" Rukia said.

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