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"This wasn't part of the deal!" Grimmjow hissed in pain as his stomach contracted in pain. His fingers were curled into fists at his sides, shaking with suppressed rage. He could feel the child inside him move uncomfortably. It was as if it was afraid of something. Grimmjow took a careful breath and put one hand over his stomach, shielding the thing inside. Aizen's lips curled into a cold smile at the sight.

Grimmjow tried not to stiffen at the sight of white boots slowly approaching him. The hand that fisted his long blue locks jerked his head up to face Aizen's triumphant smile. Another painful contraction had him hissing like a wounded cat. Aizen's cold fingers pulled his chin up and studied his face with cold soul-less eyes.

"A deal is a deal, Grimmjow…." He stroked his chin gently and pressed his lips against Grimmjow's ear. "You agreed to nurture the child for me and I agreed to give you unlimited powers beyond your imagination…and now it's time…"

Cold fear ripped through Grimmjow's body and he made a frantic struggle for freedom but Gin's hard slap to his face stopped him. Grimmjow's body jerked violently as cold fingers slipped under his shirt and pressed against his belly. The feeling of something hot searing into his skin had him hissing in pain again.

The child or whatever it was struggled frantically inside his body, as if it was trying to find a way out. Gin let go of his hair and stood back to watch the sexta writhe on the cold marble ground. The pain was so intense that Grimmjow's back arched off the ground and he let out a strangled sob. Glazed blue eyes widened as blood seeped out from between his legs, rapidly painting the white marble floor in crimson. me…

With the last thought still swirling in his mind, Grimmjow sank into darkness.

Ichigo bolted out of bed, his face covered in sweat. The teen groaned and wiped his face in annoyance. His heart was still pounding from the dream. Reminding himself that it was just a dream, Ichigo chuckled at his own foolishness. Since when had Grimmjow taken such an important spot in his heart?

He jumped out of bed when he noticed that the espada was gone and bolted for the bathroom. After brushing his teeth and doing his business, Ichigo jumped down the stairs two at a time and went into the kitchen. He frowned when he didn't catch any sight of the familiar head of blue.

"Where's Grimmjow?" he asked as Karen sat down next to him. She frowned and shrugged.

"Wasn't he with you?" she asked. Yuzu also shook her head when he asked. Normally Grimmjow would never miss a meal. Ichigo tried to suppress the feeling of panic in his heart as he ate hurriedly

Ichigo…help me…

It was as if he could hear the pain in his voice again. The sight of Grimmjow on the ground, covered in blood was imprinted deeply in his mind. Cold sweat formed on Ichigo's back and he tightened his hold on the glass cup in his hand.

There was a clear crack and the glass broke in his fist. Yuzu squealed but Ichigo ignored the two girls as he bolted up the stairs again. The bed sheets were in a messy heap and Ichigo could still smell Grimmjow's scent on them. His fingers tightened into fists. He would find him, no matter what.

With that in mind, Ichigo jumped out of the window in his shinigami form.

"Very well, a deal's a deal after all." Aizen looked down at the still form and smiled slightly. Blood covered the white floor, making a vivid contrast. The small naked boy crouched over the fallen form with an obvious protective look in its clear blue eyes. Aizen's smile widened even further when he saw the boy's head of vivid orange locks.

"Grimmjow did an outstanding job after all…" he moved closer and the boy's head snapped up. it hissed, a reptilian tail swishing tensely as it studied Aizen. The man crouched down and opened his hands up in a gesture of peace.

"I'm going to help him." he smiled slightly and the boy grudgingly moved aside. He was a child after all. Gin watched with a fox-like smile as Aizen pulled out a small vial of black liquid and pulled Grimmjow's mouth open. The contents seemed to boil in excitement as he tipped the stuff into his mouth.

"That should do it…I've given him what he wanted…but everything has a cost…" he smiled at Gin. "I wonder what that Kurosaki boy will do if Grimmjow forgets all about him…"

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