Chapter 3

"Hey guys" She smiled, blushing a bit.

" Hey" Guy mouthed to her as the room got noisy with Charlie and Adams antics.

" Hey" She whispered back and smiled, glad that he didn't hate her. Connie grabbed her skates and slipped out the door without anyone except Guy noticing. She just needed to skate.

She arrived at the rink and looked at her watch, 10:00. She looked around making sure there was nobody to catch her and entered the rink slowly. She laced up her skates and stepped out onto the ice, then she heard the door open behind her.

Julie laughed hysterically as Adam and Charlie did their famous impression of Coach Bombay. They all collapsed laughing hysterically. When they realized that Connie and Guy were gone.

" UH OH" Charlie said. " Let's just hope its not another fight rite?" They all laughed. " Ok I'm going to bed, you coming Banksie?"

" Uh… No I guess I'll hang out a little while longer." He said, blushing quite obviously.

" Ok I'll see you at practice in the morning" Charlie said on his way out the door.

" So…" Julie began, feeling a bit awkward. Everyone had told her that Adam had feelings for her but she wasn't so sure that it was true. He was very quiet around her almost like he found her boring, which wouldn't surprise her. As she had learned in the past guys don't usually appreciate if you're a great hockey player.

" How was the movie… With Fulton" Adam asked sounding a bit heart broken. Julie gave him a curious look, and Adam nodded his head in assurance that he knew.

" Wait, did Charlie tell you?" Julie asked getting hysterical.

" No, nobody told me, they didn't have to." Adam sighed, this was so depressing.

" Look Adam can you just keep this a secret I mean I don't really want coach knowing because after what happened with Guy and Connie he probably wont let us see each other and I just really don't want to embarrass him." Julie said.

" Ya Whatever" Adam laughed.

" What?" Julie asked a bit annoyed at him.

" Its just sad that such an amazing girl like you is worrying about embarrassing her loser boyfriend who honestly doesn't care all that much about her any way." Adam said.

Julie wasn't sure if she should be insulted or think he was sweet. " Adam what are you talking about, he does to like me or why would he waste his time"

" Julie he got four girls numbers at the mall with Charlie and I a couple of days ago." Adam said matter of factly. Julie sat there a bit shocked. " Trust me Jules, as someone who does like you… he doesn't treat you right, you deserve so much better" He said sitting on the bed next to her.

" You… you like me?" Julie asked intrigued. Adam nodded his head yes.

" A lot" he said brushing a piece of hair out of her face. Before either knew what was happening Adam was laying over her ontop of her bed kissing her.

" Oh Crap" Connie said before turning around, she had been caught and her parents were gonna kill her.

" Hey" She heard a familiar voice say and realized that it was just Guy.

" Phew!" She sighed. " I thought I was getting caught" She laughed a bit. Guy put on his skates and joined her on the ice.

He had always thought when they saw each other again that it would be awkward but instead it just felt so right and comfortable. He skated up along side of her.

" So…Whatcha doing here by yourself?" Guy asked.

" I just needed to think" Connie sighed.

" Bout what?" Guy laughed. " You nervous about tomorrow?" Guy said referring to the fact that coach would be posting the line up.

" Actually no, but now that you bring it up" She laughed a little

" Ok so what's bothering you then?" Guy asked. " And don't even bother lieing because I will know, I have known you since we were 5 Connie, I mean I know that things are a little different now but you can talk to me" Guy sighed looking down at the ice.

" Honestly?" She asked a bit shy. Guy shook his head yes. " Me and you."

" There is no me and you Connie" Guy sighed.

" Exactly." She whispered. " I miss you."

" Well then why did you break up with me?" Guy asked sounding hurt.

" Guy… you cheated on me"

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