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A/N: Hello people I'm back with another fic I had to get out of my head. This story came to mind after watching the movie Titanic so you can all guess what's gonna happen here no? Haha ok so lemme give you all a bit of info. I am more of a Potter fan than Twilight so I don't really know the Twilight universe that well. The dates and times I have came from online sources so Please forgive anything I get wrong! Oh I will not be using the storyline of the Titanic movie. I'm mostly just using the ship as the setting. I know time travel has been used in the Hp/Twilight crossovers like crazy but I want to give it a shot! It's a new twist so please give it a try!

Warnings: This story will contain Boy on Boy loving, so if you don't like it ah please give it a chance or just try something else to read. I do not use beta's so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I missed during the final revision. You will see out of characterness so again not your cup of tea, I apologize but that's just the way I go! It's just the personality I saw the character having for my idea.

Rating: T (for now)

Last A/N: Ok so last thing before you read! This is the break down of dates I have given to fit the dates of Titanic, so yeah I've changed a few things:

Carlisle Cullen 1663 (Vamp)

Esme Platt turned by Carlisle in 1890 they marry soon after

Edward born in 1880-1897 (Vamp)

Flu hits in 1897

1905 Cullen's arrive in eng.

1912 they return to the US on Titanic

Harry James Potter 1989 (Born)

Luna Lovegood 1990 (Born)

Draco Malfoy 1989 (Born)

Neville Longbottom 1989 (Born)

Harry and Luna leave in 2007

The others as in Jasper, Alice, Rosalie and Emmet all retain their original dates.

Summary: The war has ended. Countless deaths on both sides bring sadness and joy all rolled into one. However, there is a light at the end of every tunnel and only those with the will to move forward will find that eternal light.

Love Transcends Time and Seas.

The chaos from the battle had ended. They had cried, they had bled, they had avenged…but something was still missing, and he could feel it. He had escaped the clamoring of the media and grateful survivors. He had escaped from it all. It wasn't that he did not share their feelings of happiness, no that wasn't it, he was happy. Happy that he could finally be what he wanted to be. No dark lords, no prophesies, no missions, he could just be him. And he knew he could not be what he wanted if he had remained with the ones he had shared a common battle field with.

"Still looking for a sign there James?"

Harry turned to look at the person who had taken a seat next to him. He had been sitting on the wooden fence of a cottage his family had left him behind.

"I stopped looking for signs a long time ago Luna," Harry said as he smiled and looked back out to the field.

Luna smiled and looked up towards the sky. It felt like it was just yesterday that she had met the boy sitting next to her. He was like a machine, that's how she described him. He was like a war machine just waiting to fall. She was a year younger than Harry, but the wisdom they now possessed made them appear older than their physical appearances gave them off to be.

She and Draco Malfoy had been recruited by the Order as spies. Draco had the task of keeping tabs on the possible recruitment to the dark side within all four houses at Hogwarts as well as recruitments outside the school and Luna was in charge of bringing in information from possible death eater rendezvous in the muggle world courtesy of her fathers "crazy" writings in the Quibbler. Neville Longbottom had also been recruited by the Order along with Luna and Draco as he would be an even less suspect to the Death Eaters thanks to his unreliable appearance. He worked as go between the order members who still remained at the ministry, those in the main group, and those located in other places around the world whom had to leave when they became possible targets of Death Eater attacks.

Needless to say, when Harry had discovered all this during the first meeting he had been allowed to part take in…he was stunned. Soon after that both he and Draco had become close enough to become family and Neville and Luna added that final stability both boys needed. Sure, Harry was still very much friends with Ron and Hermione, but he felt that the only ones who could truly understand the weight of the burden he carried were Luna, Neville and Draco.

"Is Dray coming with us?"

Luna laughed as she recalled what Draco had told her about the trip she and Harry had decided to take, "I believe his exact words where, 'if you and Potter think I'm going anywhere near muggle transportation from the turn of the century, you are both mental and idiotic!' end quote."

Harry laughed and jumped off they fence. He turned to Luna and helped her off, she still had a bit of a week leg with a lovely scar courtesy of the final battle. They both went back into the cabin to finish off their preparations for their trip. Neville also bowed out politely from the trip. He had gone out to look for ingredients for some new medicine he was working on and was getting close to a break through.

A few hours later, Draco was helping Harry and Luna with their luggage. They gathered in the living room and Draco gave them both a good look over to make sure they would match the timeline. True Draco was a pureblood wizard, but fashion was fashion no matter what world or time period you were from.

"I am just fantastic!" he proclaimed.

Both Harry and Luna laughed as Draco admired his work. They had decided a few days after the war that they all needed a vacation, but they also knew that they would have no real rest unless they "left" completely…luckily they weren't the smartest witch and wizards for nothing! During their time in the Hogwarts library and their own private family libraries, they had stumbled upon an interesting little mix of potion and spells that would allow them to travel back in time to any period. There was a catch to this magnificent discovery: The user or users were only allowed to use the mixture once in their lifetime. Meaning anything they change in the past would most definitely become a permanent change in the future. Now this trip was not a stay as long as you wish gig, oh no. The limit was 4 days, meaning that after 4 days the user would be yanked back into their original time line.

"Ok so now that you all look in creditably gorgeous thanks to me, care to share why I made clothing from the early 1900's?" Draco asked.

"Because Dray" Harry said as he recounted luggage, "we will be boarding the one and only RMS Titanic!"

Draco stared at the two twits in front of him, "Now correct me if I'm wrong but umm…DOESN'T THAT FUCKING BOAT SINK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MOTHER FUCKING ATLANTIC IN THE MIDDLE OF FUCKING SPRING?"

"You never seize to surprise me love!" Harry said with a smirk.

"That's exactly the point you see, the boat sinks about 4 days after it sails meaning that whatever it is that James and I do or whomever it is that tries to interact with us will most likely forget us during the chaos of the shipwreck!" Luna said waiving her hands around like a crazy person.

Draco stared at the pair before sitting down in awe. The quirky lady did have a point….there would technically be no record of their boarding the ship since it would probably all be lost when the ship when down…and they would both instantly be brought back before the ship completely sinks….

"Oh Dray don't worry! We'll be back instantly! You'll only be lonely for like 10 seconds tops!" Harry said.

Draco shook his head and hugged them both. They might only be gone 10 seconds for him, but it would be 4 days for them.

Draco stood back as they both drank the potion and said the spell. A small bright light filled the room as they both disappeared. Sure enough 10 seconds later found a frantic Draco Malfoy trying his hardest to dry his siblings from the icy water that drenched their shaking bodies. Harry nearly drowning in his own tears while Luna held him close to her.

A few hours later Draco had finally calmed both Harry and Luna down. He went to rest on the couch and took a sip of fire whiskey. He put the bottle down and asked to no one in particular….

Who the hell was Edward and what did he have to do with the chaos that had Harry at the edge of a complete mental breakdown?

A/N: Ok so there is the introduction to this story! Umm it's a bit rushed but I swear it will make sense in the next chapter. Either way, if you need anything cleared up send me a message and I will gladly give you an answer. Hope you all enjoy this and let's all enjoy this ride! Wohoo!