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Love Transcends Time and Oceans

Draco entered the local food store with a baby boy sitting in the baby carriage of the food cart. Leah was next to him looking about six months pregnant. It had been about five years since the events that had brought them all together.

Ginny and the others involved in the attack had been sentenced to Azkaban for thirty years when parole would be possible, but not promised. It wasn't the outcome they wanted, but it was a favorable outcome none the less.

A few weeks after the last marriage, Edward and Harry decided to move to Alaska. Harry had given birth their last child and had decided to be turned after the twins third birthday so that their third baby would be old enough to no longer need anything from Harry's living body.

"How much are we buying?" Leah asked

Harry and Edward were finally coming back to Forks. It was Teddy's eigth birthday and they would be arriving in a few hours time. Draco and Leah were put in charge of the food, while Alice and Rosalie went out for gifts and decorations. Esme was cleaning up the entire house while Emmet took Teddy out. The others where either at work or school.

"Umm well half of them don't eat but the half that does eat, well lets take food for fifty and if we need more we'll send one of the guys back or order."

Leah laughed and placed a hand on her stomach as her baby kicked, "She must be excited."

Draco smiled and moved some hair out of his baby's face, "Did you guys decide on a name?"

"Well for sure her middle name will be Luna, we got lucky Harry named his daughter Emily!" she said, "as for first name we are stuck between Evangeline and Olivia."

"I know what you mean! Jacob and I settled for Oliver in the end cus we really didn't want to name them after their grandfathers I mean Billy? The man is like a father to me but no! And well my father let's just I say I shall bear the burned of his name on my own thank you very much!"

As they continued to chat and put food in the cart a loud crash came from the isle next to the one they were in. Both of them rushed to were the noise came from. When the turned the corner they found a young girl with long brown hair on the floor rubbing her head.

"You ok?" Draco asked as he helped her up.

"Yeah thanks," she said as she looked up and got a good look at Draco. The man was gorgeous!

"My name is Isabella but I like to be called Bella."

Draco saw her instant infatuation and quickly let go of her hand. No need to send out any kind of sign to a girl, they tend to go into fantasy land way to fast.

" Draco, Well be careful." he said quickly going back to Leah who was stifling a laugh.

"Nice," she said as they started to move away. Draco glared at her and pushed the cart with his giggling baby to next stop.

"See I'm nice like Jacob asks and I get slapped in the face with goggle eyes!"

"Aw its ok! I was witness to your attempt of kindness."

Draco rolled his eyes and they continued to shop.

Bella blushed as she picked up the stuff she dropped. She knew she had never seen the guy that had helped her up before. Sure she was gone for a few years, but people don't move into Forks, the move out! And if her ears weren't failing her the man was British!

She heard him talking in the isle next to hers and couldn't help but listen in.

"Dray is Jacob still working on that project he was doing for school?"

"Yeah he's almost finished though. Its all he has left to do before he graduates from the college."

Bella wondered if they were talking about the same Jacob she knew when she was a kid.

"Can you believe it, Jacob Black working as a Lawyer in a suit and everything."

Draco laughed, "I know right who would have thought that the jean wearing hunk would become a sexy lawyer. Hear that Oliver your daddy is going to have to be in a suit for the rest of his life."

"Oh you know he will find a way around that!"

"I know," Draco groaned, "But now that I think about it those jeans aren't so bad….they are the reason why you're here!" he said as he blew a kiss to his baby.

"Oh god Draco I did not need that information."

Draco laughed and soon their voices died away. So the guy that helped her was actually a woman! That explained why he or she was so pretty! And from what she could understand Jacob Black was now a father! But how? he should still be in college not fathering babies!

Bella finished picking up the items on the floor and made her way to the cashier before anymore damage could be done.

As she neared the register she bumped into the woman and the pregnant girl that was with her again.

"Oh sorry!" she said, "Please go on ahead."

"No its ok, we have enough to feed an army you go ahead" Leah said smiling at Bella. Draco was too into his own child to pay attention. Bella nodded and went ahead of them.

"Draco! Leah!"

Bella turned slightly and saw a girl that was moving like a professional dancer walk up to Draco and the one named Leah.

"Alice, aren't you suppose to be with Rosalie?" Draco asked as the girl took his son from the baby carriage.

"Yep, but we where near by so I came to get Oli from you because we are done and on our way home!"

Draco looked into Alice's mind as she chatted with Leah. He saw his son committing some accidental magic and smiled he was only three years old!

"Ok Oliver you go with your aunt Alice and behave yourself!"

The boy giggled as Draco kissed him.

"Thank you," he whispered to Alice as the girl winked and waltz out with the giggling baby.

"Is everything ok?" Leah asked quietly

"Yeah she just saved us a bit of a headache. Looks like Bella likes doing research of the impossible if you catch my drift."

Leah nodded knowing well that if anyone got even an inkling of what they all were it was going to be a pain.

Bella tried to listen to what they pair behind them were saying but heard nothing as her turn to pay came. She walked out of the store and into the car her father had gotten her as a graduation present. As she pulled out she saw Draco and Leah load a really expensive looking Highlander up with food. She shook her head and decided to just ask her father about them later.

When Draco and Leah got to the Cullen home decorations were hanging all over the place.

"It looks like a present exploded in here." he said as he placed some the bags down on the table.

"Well its Teddy's big day and Harry and Edward are coming home so we have lots to celebrate!" Esme said as she sat Leah down on the table and got her something to drink.

"Oh no Esme I'm fine." she said blushing as Esme brought in some healthy juice to drink.

"None sense sweet heart!"

They all laughed as Esme continued to fawn over the pregnant girl. Jasper, Jacob, and Seth had just gotten in as well and were bringing in the food.

Draco greeted Jacob then walked over to Alice, "Is she going to be a problem?" he asked the girl as he helped her set up the giant table.

"Not if we are careful around her. She's joining the community college so as long as we keep a low profile in town we should be fine. Especially with the boys."

"Is something wrong?" Jasper asked as he overheard them talking

"Leah and I ran into this girl name Bella at the market. She seemed overly curious with us and Alice got to the market before Oliver did some accidental magic." Draco answered.

"Bella Swan?" Jacob asked as he walked in carrying his son.

"Yeah, you know her?"

"When we were kids," He replied, "her parents divorced and she came into town when it was her father's turn to take her in the summer. My dad and her dad went fishing together all time."

"First crush?" Draco asked putting his hands on his hips

"Nah she was more like a sister, haven't seen her around for a while though. By looks of it that's how its going to stay."

"Yep your son decided it was time to test out magic in front of muggles." he said looking sternly at the giggling boy.

"As long as we stay a good distance from her we will be fine." Alice said as she began to walk to the door.

They all stared at her and followed her to the living room as she opened the door.

"Really Alice you could have at least let us touch the door knob!" Edward's voice came from the door.

Esme immediately rushed from the kitchen and hugged her eldest son.

"Oh my boy's" she said kissing and hugging them both before turning to her grandchildren.

"Well aren't you two fine you gentlemen," she said as both boys held their sister's hand when they walked in.

"Only when its convenient," Harry said as he greeted everyone in the room along with Edward.

Esme smiled and kissed both boys while picking up the little girl, " You want to go up stairs to see your room Em?"

The little girl nodded and hugged Esme as she was taken upstairs.

"Where's Ted," James asked Rosalie who had picked him up.

"He's out with Emmet."

"Awww Lucky!" Sirius said as Jasper held him, "Uncle Emmet always has the most awesome ideas!"

"Sometimes I forget they are just six years old." Edward said as everyone laughed at the boy's comments.

"Where are Neville and Carlisle?" Harry asked

"They are on their way back from the Hospital."

As soon as that was said both men walked in with greetings going all around again.

"Hey grandpa guess what!" James said he hugged Carlisle.

"What is it?"

"I totally read this book on the human anatomy and they had these crazy things that happen to the body. It was like parasites and some kind of liver decease I don't know but it was all disgustingly awesome from the inside!"

Carlisle laughed and ruffled his grandchild's hair. It seems that what Draco said was true, they inherited the trouble making that the original owners of the name passed on.

"Oh there's something you guys need to know. A new person came into town, name is Bella Swan, she's one of those curious minds." Alice said as Jasper put down Sirius so he could greet his grandfather.

"Is she a problem?" Edward asked

"As long as we don't make ourselves too obvious around her we should be fine. Though it would be best to keep the kids away from town until they have good control over their magic." Alice said with smile.

Both Edward and Harry stored the information for later use. A few hours later the house was completely decorated and everyone had settled into their rooms.

Alice got up clapping and told them Emmet and Ted were about to walk into the house. They all hid readying to surprise the seven now eight year old. Not an easy task since the boy had above average hearing.

"I'm telling you Uncle Emmet it was an out there was no way he could have been safe!"

"Nah kid the ref said safe so he was safe."

"The ref was ancient!"

"But his word is law."

"Whatever! It was safe and you know it!"

Emmets laugh echoed into the house as he opened the door. The minute he turned on the lights everyone sprang out and yelled surprise.

"Holy Shit!" Teddy screamed out as the startled him. He grabbed on to Emmet's leg who was laughing so bad at the kid's reaction.

"Ted Remus Lupin! Language!" Rosalie said as she pulled him into a hug.

"Sorry, you guys startled me!" he said as he greeted his godfather and cousins.

Everyone laughed and made their way to the kitchen. The rest of Quileute's arrived soon after and the party went on until pass midnight.

When the last of the guest left and all the children tucked into bed. The Cullen's went outside to look at the sky.

"Its good to have you guys back." Emmet said as he held on to Rose.

"It's good to be back," Harry said from his spot on Edward's lap as he gave his love a tender kiss.

The End

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