Family of Three

Ok, so this is the first story I've written for fanfiction. I have two other ones that I'm currently writing: one for Harry Potter, and one for Charmed, but this just wouldn't leave my head. I loved Supernatural season 4, and I love what I've seen of season 5 so far. I only have two complaints - One: the way it ended with Sam and Dean not getting along, and then splitting Our Dear Boys up (thank goodness, they're back together). Don't get me wrong, I love all the drama but I can only stand them being apart for so long. Two: (and my inspiration for writing this story was) Adam. Why, oh, why did they kill him off? I loved him, and at that point I wasn't too happy with Sam. Also, I had always thought it would be cool to see another Winchester sibling. Killing him off was a BIG tease, and ever since then I have been reading every single fanfic with even a mention of Adam - 'cause let's face it - he was hot and cute, and I would of loved to see him riding in the Impala with Our Boys.

So for my story: let's just pretend Adam never died, just his mother. and Also, I want to make him 16 - just 'cause I want to. And Sam's not addicted to demon blood, and Ruby died blonde.

I own nothing unfortunately (I would love to get me a piece of Dean/Jensen.) And if I did own them then Dean and Sam would of only of fought for two episodes of season 5 and Jensen and Jared and myself would be on a beach somewhere.

So that's it for my rant let's get on with the story:

p.s. I don't know how long the boys were with Adam for in the show - so I'm making it three days, so this is after they have talked to the police but still the same night from when they killed the ghoul.

Chapter 1 I'm fine really

Adam sat on the bed of the motel room, one hand clutching a big of frozen peas to his eye. All the while, trying to ignore the pain in his back. He was trying desperately hard not to show his brothers (mainly Dean) how much pain that ghoul bitch which had been pretending to be his mother, had really inflicted on him. Besides it probably wasn't anything too bad, and he didn't want his brothers to change their minds about bringing him into the "Family Business". His Mom was dead, his Dad was dead, and they were all he had left. He had only known them for a whole of 3 days but they were it, his only family, and he didn't want to give them any reasons to drop him off in the middle of nowhere.

"How you feeling, Kid." Adam looked up to find his oldest brother staring at him with a slightly worried look on his face.

"Fine." Adam lied, because really he felt like crap, and not just physically either. He had just lost both of his parents in the space of a week, and that didn't help the fact that he was sore as hell.

"You sure? That thing was throwing you around pretty bad. You should let me check for injuries." At this point, Adam would have turned to Sam for help in trying to explain to Dean that he was fine and Dean was over reacting but said brother was off getting dinner.

"Dean I'm fine, ok really, just a sore eye, other than that I'm just peachy."

Dean could tell there was something up with Adam from a mile away, he may not know his baby brother well but he could tell when he was being lied to. "Look Kid, I get it if you don't want to talk to me, I do but you need to tell me if your hurt so I can patch you up." Dean was trying his best to sound calm and compassionate but his patience with his brother was tiring, the kid had been ignoring him for the past 30 minutes since they had gotten to the motel and he could tell he was lying to him.

"Dean, I said I was fine, just drop it ok, I don't need to be patched up, I'm fine." Adam could feel anger rising up in him, he was tired, emotional and his back was sticky, and sore, and annoying the crap out of him, and he wasn't in the mood to fight with Dean at the moment. Just as Dean was about to respond, and probably demand that Adam take off his clothes, and let him check him out. The door to the motel room opened, and in walked Sam, bag of food in one hand, and keys in the other.

Sam immediately noticed the tense atmosphere in the room. "You two have been fighting the whole time I've been gone have you?"

"No, just the last ten minutes." Dean answered sarcastically.

"About what?" Sam asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

"He's hurt, and he won't let me check him for injuries." Dean whined like a petulant 3 year old. Sam turned to face his little brother waiting for his response, wondering if this is what it had been like for Dean every time he and their Dad got into a fight.

"Sam I'm fine, honestly, and I told Dean that but he's just being stubborn. I don't hurt at all."

"Dean, he's said he's fine, leave it and stop being over protective" Dean glared at Sam, maybe he was being over protective but whether he liked it, or not, and even if he wasn't completely all right, and not at all comfortable with the idea, this was his baby brother. He and Sam might know that but the Kid didn't need to... yet.

"Why do you care anyway? You're the one that wanted to leave me behind. What's got you caring all of a sudden?" Adam finally snapped, letting out all the anger he felt. Both of his brothers turned to look at him in shock, and Dean faltered as did his stony glare.

"I'm, I'm, I'm your legal guardian now, so you're my responsibility." Dean said lamely. It was true though, in Adam's mother's will, it had stated that John Whitlock (which was one of their Dad's fake names) was to be the guardian of Adam. But since John was dead, the role was given to Dean. It hadn't taken Mara long to draw up a fake will stating that he wanted Adam in the care of his oldest son. Adam was still only 16, almost 17, he had been constantly reminding both of his brothers for the past 3 days trying to get them to cave in on letting him join them. Although it was the truth, it wasn't what Dean had wanted to say. Sam gave him a "Dude, seriously" look and shock his head while Adam just stormed off towards his fold out bed, and lay down on his stomach not even glancing at the food Sam had brought.

Sam and Dean both woke up at 7 am the next morning. They had to get on the road, they were going to Bobby's to get the kid trained up to join their way of life.

"Sam, get sleeping beauty over there up will ya? I've got to go have a shower." Sam rolled his eyes, and went over to his sleeping brother while Dean went into the bathroom.

"Come on Runt, get up." Sam said gently, shaking his brother but all he got in return was a pain-filled groan. Maybe they should have checked him out last night, Sam thought. Sam pulled off the blanket covering his brother, and gasped in shock when he saw the blood soaked t-shirt covering his back. "DEAN" Sam screamed letting all the panic he was feeling into his voice, and no less than 2 seconds later Dean was out of the bathroom, shirt all ready off.

"Sammy, what is it?" he asked walking over to stand next to his brother. "Stupid, son of a bitch!" He gasped, when he saw his little brother's back. In less than a second, Dean was on the bed, and Sam was in the bathroom getting the supplies they would need. Needless to say, Adam was surprised when he felt strong hands pull him (not so gently) into a sitting position.

"What the fuck?" Adam gasped but talking just hurt his back even more. He felt himself being turned around, and suddenly he was face to face with his very worried and very angry big brother. But, why would he be angry? Adam thought to himself. Oh no, shit my back.

"Don't speak." Dean ordered sharply, causing Adam to flinch. A moment later, Sam came out with all of their medical supplies. With a sigh, Dean looked into his brother's scared looking green eyes, and almost stopped being angry at him, almost, he no longer looked 16, he now looked like a little 5 year old kid.

"Get on your stomach." He growled forcefully, and Adam didn't even think to argue. Dean and Sam both glared at their brother's back with so much anger, that it should have healed all by itself.

Dean wanted to kick himself, he knew there was something wrong with the Kid, and what did he do about it? Nothing. He should of demanded that Adam tell him what was wrong with him instead of letting him be stubborn.

Sam was feeling just as bad as Dean, he knew he should have listened to Dean but truthfully he didn't want to be in the middle of their bitch fight, and the Kid had said he was fine.

As if reading his thought, Dean mumbled not so quietly and a touch mockingly. "I'm fine Dean, really nothing wrong with me, my back's not mangled up at all, I don't even have a scratch." Adam laughed slightly which just caused him to cough, and Dean and Sam both glared at the back of his head.

"Give me the scissors, Sam." Dean said holding out his hand.

"What the hell for?" Adam gasped.

"I thought I told you not to speak."

"Dean." Sam begun reproachfully. "Adam, we have to cut off your shirt because the dried up blood will be like glue, and it's gonna hurt." Adam couldn't believe this was happening. He was lying on a fold out couch with a mangled up back with his two older brothers, that he never knew he had fixing him, not to mention the fact that said back had been injured by some kind of monster.

He heard himself gasp out in pain as Dean began to cut off his shirt as gently as possible, but his gasps didn't block out his brothers' swearing at the sight of his back.

If the kid's back wasn't so mangled up, Dean would have throttled him. There were mangled up bits of glass and blood everywhere, and Dean was not happy. Sure the Kid hadn't known them for too long, and yes, he had just found out that both his parents were dead, monsters where real, and he had two older brothers but still that didn't stop him from telling them that his back was in bad shape. And now, the idiot kid was muttering how it really hadn't hurt that bad.

"Adam, shut up! your pretty damn far from fine, and something that bleeds that much hurts like hell, so don't lie to me!" Dean snapped, his worry and anger boiling over. Adam immediately stopped talking, and turned his head away from Dean and toward Sam. Who hadn't said anything this whole time. Sam wasn't used to this being a big brother especially not to a 16 year old kid he had known for 4 days, but strangely it came easy to him, he now understood all the big brother stuff Dean had been talking about all his life, and he had only known this kid for 4 days. He could only imagine how both he and Dean would be after 4 months of knowing the kid. He would probably never be allowed to leave their sides.

"Sam, morphine." Dean said simply.

Sam immediately left for the bathroom and was back in less than 10 seconds, two pills in one hand and a cup of water in the other.

"No, I don't want them." Adam said shaking his head when Dean offered him the pills and water. He would never tell his brother but he had become addicted to prescription painkillers and had only got over the habit half way through last year.

"I'm not asking you, Adam! I'm telling you! Either you take them willingly, or I'll shove them down your throat!" Dean yelled, yep he was definitely pissed now. Adam looked at the pills for only a second before he conceded, and took them. Moments later he was passed out. Dean and Sam began to repair his mangled back.

"I'm sorry, Dean." Sam said quietly.

"Not everything is your fault Sam." Dean replied just as quietly.

"I should have listened to you, it's just..."

"This is going to take some getting used to." Dean said finishing Sam's thoughts. "He's just a kid, Sammy."

"I know but we're all he has, and he's all we have." Dean just nodded his response and continued fixing his baby brother.

They both sat on either side of Adam, waiting for him to wake up. It had been almost three hours, well two hours and 47 minutes but who was counting anyways? "Dean, why do you think he didn't tell us. I mean no matter what he thinks about us, he should have known to tell us that right?"

"I dunno, Sammy." Dean said quietly then smiling just slightly. "He's a teenager."

When Adam finally came back to the land of the living with a painful moan, he noticed both of his brothers, sitting on either side of him, and both of them glaring at him. He wished desperately that he could pretend to be asleep but they had already noticed him, so instead he sat up in the bed, arms crossed over his chest, head down, and lower lip sticking out. He knew he must look like a little kid but he didn't feel like facing his brothers.

"How is your back?" Adam answered the first one to break the silence.

"Fine." Adam replied before he could help himself.

"If you ever say the word fine again, I will personally kill you." Dean growled causing Adam to flinch slightly. He hadn't known Dean long, so he didn't know what to expect from him. He wouldn't hit him while he was injured right? The look of anger on his face did nothing to help Adam's worries.

"Dean." Sam scolded lightly, clearly seeing more clearly than Dean was, he knew if they acted calmly, they might be able to figure out why the kid didn't tell them he was hurt.

"What! It's not like we can believe anything he says anymore." Adam looked at Dean in shock, his green eyes laced with pain and sadness. This was it, they were going to get rid of him - going to drop him off on the side of some dirt road.

That look alone seemed to deflate Sam's anger completely. "Adam, listen, you have to tell us if you're hurt. It's our job to look after you. We won't get mad or anything. We just need to know that you're ok."

"I didn't think it was that bad." Adam responded quietly, and truthfully not quite meeting Sam's eyes he hadn't. He had just thought it was a minor injury nothing to get them worried.

An unamused snort caused him to switch brothers. "You needed 45 stitches, and you had 2 cracked ribs, and one bruised one, and you're trying to tell us that you didn't think it was that bad." Dean just shook his head at Sam in complete and utter disbelief. He couldn't believe Adam, after all this was still claiming he was fine.

Adam just dropped his head to the blankets covering him, losing all the confidence he had gained with his brothers over the past three days.

"Dean, shut up!" Sam snapped. "Adam, kiddo why didn't you let us check you out." Sam tried turning to his other brother with a completely different tone of voice.

Adam looked at Sam, slowly through his curtain of hair. " I, I didn't want you guys to think you made the wrong decision, and leave me behind. I mean, you've only know me for such a short amount of time." Adam said slowly, and quietly hoping that his brothers could hear him.

"That's it!" Dean asked shocked, all anger gone when he noticed how little, and childlike his baby brother looked. "You almost killed yourself just because you thought we were going to ditch you."

Adam nodded his head stiffly, he didn't think his throat would allow him to speak. "Adam, Buddy, look at me." Dean said, leaning over his brother, and taking hold of his chin, and lifting it up slowly so that their identical eyes met. "You're not getting rid of us that easy, ok, we may not know you very well but your family, you're our brother, and we made our decision. You're stuck with us, got it."

"You, you promise." He didn't want to sound like a needy two year old but that was how he felt, he needed the confirmation. Dean looked at him curiously then slowly, and gently wrapped his arms around his little brother.

"That promise enough for you?" Dean asked laughing slightly, he felt Adam nod against his shoulder, and relax into the hug. "See Sammy, Oprah and Doctor Phil aren't completely full of crap." Sam just rolled his eyes as Adam laughed against his brother's shoulder but that laugh soon turned into a cough causing Dean to pull away from him, and both him and Sam to look at him in worry once again.

"You ok." Sam asked.

"Yep, I'm fi... umm ok, really just don't make me laugh too much." Deciding that he wanted the topic changed from himself. Adam did just that. "Weren't we supposed to be going to some guy's house today?"

"Bobby... and yes we were but we can stay here if you don't feel up to it." Sam replied

"No, its ok, really I want to go. I need to get into shape for hunting right." At the mention of hunting Dean's face fell. He still wasn't sure about letting Adam hunt. Sure, he could come with them, do research but the actual hunting part, that's what he was worried about. The Kid was, well such a kid, and he didn't want to wreck the tiny bit of innocence he still had.

"You sure you're up to it." Dean heard Sam ask like he read his mind.

"Yes I'm sure, besides I don't want to be cooped up in the motel."

"What you'd rather be cooped up in the Impala for two days with Dean's singing and whining."

"Hey, you're the one that whines all the time, and I'm a great singer." Dean retorted swatting Sam in the head.

"Oh yeah, you're Jon Bon Jovi." Sam stated sarcastically.

"Guys, please." Adam said trying to get in between his brother's pointless argument. "I want to go, please." He let a hint of desperateness into his voice. He honestly didn't really care about getting trained as long as his brothers didn't ditch him. He just wanted to get out of this town.

"Ok, do you want to say goodbye to anyone? girlfriends? friends?" Sam asked curiously.

"No, I sent them all emails explaining that I was leaving school to go on a road trip with my older brothers - I just want to go."

Ok so I re posted this because yeah the original first chp was really horrible Grammar wise, and thanks to a very kind beta it no longer is.