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Chapter 21: Jerk, Bitch, Brat

It was hot. Humid and sticky even with the windows down and the air conditioning blaring. Adam mentally thanked Bobby for agreeing to look after Cam while they were on the road. He just knew that the giant mutt wouldn't have coped well in these conditions, Hell even they weren't coping well in these conditions. Adam sighed loudly; banging his head against the window for what he was sure was the hundredth time.

"Addy," Dean grunted, but Adam took no notice. Maybe if Dean hadn't uttered the dreaded nickname, he would have restrained from Sighing once again.

"Are we there yet?" Adam questioned. Both his brothers whipped their heads around in response to his question so fast, Adam was afraid the car was going to crash, and he would thus be made into a hot and sticky pancake.

"No, Adam, were not there yet." Dean ground out, trying hard to take deep calming breaths. "I swear to God if you ask that one more time, I will throw you out on the side of the road and leave you to cook!" So yeah, screw deep and calming.

The car was silent for a mere ten minutes, "For fucks sake!" This time it was Sam's voice, thick and gruff, as he moved his oversized body in an attempt to make himself comfortable.

"Don't you start," Dean fumed. He absentmindedly wondered how it was that out of the three of them, he was the only one who could claim to be all man, because really, there was no way a little heat was going to get the better of Dean Winchester. But fuck... it was really hot.

"Dean come on, this is ridicules! I mean, would you look at Sammy," Adam screeched, hysterically flapping an arm towards the middle Winchester, "He's melting away!"

"Oh don't be melodramatic Addy-"

"It's Adam," Adam ground out between his teeth, "and we need to stop somewhere Dean, I can't take this much longer."

"We will stop…."

"You said that three hours ago." Sam interrupted, which of course caused Dean to glare at him.

"Whose side are you on?"

"The side with air-conditioning."

"De please…" Adam whimpered), puppy dog eyes—so not in use.

"I will stop soon." Dean said his voice leaving no room for argument.

"God I hate you." As soon as the words left his mouth Adam wanted to kill himself, literally take a knife to his throat, because well how the hell could he be so stupid.

The car was silent for a long and tense five minutes; Dean breathing heavily, Sam staring worriedly, and Adam desperately trying to make some form of an apology come from his lips. It had been a good while since Adam had been turned back, and although all three of them knew that everything was forgiven, they still were yet to utter a single word about their fight. Sam silently mused that this probably wasn't the best way to bring it up.

"De, I—I'm, it was a joke I didn't mean-"

"Adam forget about it I know..."

"Really Dean I am so sorry, really really-"

"Adam ENOUGH, just leave it. Its fine" Dean's shout caused a deadly silence to fill the Impala. His tone completely contradicted his words, clearly nothing was fine.

When Dean did finally stop (another two hours later) neither Adam or Sam uttered a word of complaint.

Sam could barely supress an eye roll when Dean stormed into the bathroom as soon as they entered the dingy hotel room, fine my ass, Sam though bitterly. He was so sick of being stuck between his two brothers, he felt like he was between a rock and hard place, either side being just as painful as the other. He decided the exact moment that Adam made a sound that greatly resembled a sob that he was going to take things into his own hands.

Sam grabbed the keys to the Impala without a moment of hesitation; they were going to work things out, even if it killed them. So he told Adam that he was going out to get some dinner, all the while hoping there was a couple of good movies on, as he was sure this would take a few hours.

"Where's Sam?" Dean questioned from the bathroom door a half an hour later, completely clothed with his hair wet and sticking to his face.

Adam gave a shrug, "I think he's abandoned us or something."

Dean gave a slight empty laugh in response; Adam felt as if it was echoing off the walls of the otherwise uncomfortably silent room, mocking them and their pain.

"Dean I-"

"Adam I said it was fine."

"Well it's not!" Adam yelled, jumping off his bed in anger, "It's not fine Dean, it's so far from fucking fine, and I need you to talk to me, cause I feel like I'm, walking around on eggshells at the moment."

"Addy, I don't want to fight with you, just drop it." Adam shrugged Dean's outstretched hand away from him.

"De, please don't shut me out." God Dean could just kill the kid for using that voice and those puppy dog eyes against him... It just wasn't fair.

"I know you didn't mean it." Dean sighed, collapsing on one of the beds, Adam quickly followed suite.

"That I hated you? Of course I didn't mean it Dean you're…"

"I know Addy, believe me I know. It's just you haven't had me your whole life like Sam did, you never had a big brother, and I just, I guess I was trying to make up for lost years and ended up suffocating you-"

"Don't you dare!" Adam screamed not believing the words that were coming from his big brothers mouth. "You didn't suffocate me, Dean, you gave me exactly what I needed, I was just too much of an emotional wreck to deal with everything that was happening…and I took it out on you."

"Addy you don't need to make excuses—"

"Dean stop it." Adam said frustrated, " Look I know what I'm about to say is going to get me teased something shocking, but I love you big brother, more than anything, and I need you to realise that. When I said I hated you, I regrated the words as soon as they left my mouth, I was just so angry at everything, and you were in the line of fire."

Dean couldn't help but pull his brother into a lazy hug, when he finished speaking; it was just the natural thing to do.

"And where the hell have you been?"

It was well past midnight, and Sam stopped dead in his tracks at his brother's voice, knowing he had been caught red handed.

"You've been gone for hours Sammy, "Dean said smiling into the darkness.

"it's your own fault Dean," Sam whispered, stepping around bits of furniture as he made his way towards the third bed in the room without waking Adam up. "If the two of you had of just talked things over.."

"Yeah, yeah thank you Dr Phil."

"I'm guessing everything's fine now?"

"Yeah Sammy everything good," Dean Smile just got bigger, "Now where the hell where you for the last seven hours."

"Oh you know saw a movie, went to the pub, got laid-"

"Eww gross too much information, too much information."

"Shut up jerk."


"Would you two idiots shut up."

Dean and Sam both grinned widely before simultaneously saying, "Brat."

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