Sticky-Notes from Hell

Chapter 2

Phone-call, Chat, & Text

"Hey baby, I'm gonna go down on you tonight."

"Riku! What the hell!?"

"Sorry about not answering your last message, I got held up by Teach'."

"That's totally relevant right now, Riku, it's one in the morning, why the fuck are you calling me."

"Where are you right now?"

"I'm in my room trying to get some much needed sleep, please, just get on with it Riku."

"Wow Sora, we really need to work on your prenuptial sexy talk, it's terrible."

"Why are you calling Riku?"

"Because, I wanted to tell you the answer to the feet question."



"Please stop that."

"Never. Now, moving on. The answer to the feet thing Sora."

"Riku, stop."

"It means that I have a really big."



"Stop it!"




"Riku you are such a fucking bastard."

*laughter* "See, I told you I could get you to scream my name in bed!"

"…oh fuck you."

"How hard Sora?"


KeybladeMasta: has logged on

IPwnEverything: has logged on

KeybladeMasta: Rlly humble Riku

IPwnEverything: Yeah! I know right?

KeybladeMasta: Wtvr, nyway, coming 2 Kairi's party nxt week.

IPwnEverything: Yeah, I guess. What have I told you about chatspeak Sora?

KeybladeMasta: Never to use it in any situation EVER.

IPwnEverything: Now what are you gonna stop using right now?

KeybladeMasta: Chatspeak?

IPwnEverything: Yes, that's right Sora, good boy.

KeybladeMasta: Fine, as long as you don't start doing that weird gay crush stuff again.

IPwnEverything: You mean the stuff where I want to take a ride on your Gumi Ship? If you know what I mean. ;)

KeybladeMasta: GOD! Those are even worse in actual computer form and RIKU STOP IT!

IPwnEverything: Yes! I've got you shouting my name online now too! I'm great!

KeybladeMasta: You do realize I could totally get you arrested for sexual harassment right?

IPwnEverything: Oh c'mon Sora! I just want to explore some new worlds with you!


IPwnEverything: I'll lust after you forever Sora!

KeybladeMasta: Leaving, NOW!

IPwnEverything: BUT SORA! Our hearts are connected!

KeybladeMasta: There are ways to fix that!

IPwnEverything: All I wanted to do was towage war against evil with you!

KeybladeMasta: What?

IPwnEverything:…In my pants…

KeybladeMasta has logged out.

To: Riku

From: Sora

Riku we need to talk.

To: Sora

From: Riku

Oh Sora, texting love notes in class. You dog.

To: Riku

From: Sora

I don't have times for this Riku. Meet me in the bathroom. Now.

To: Sora

From: Riku

Be still my heart!

Be right there.

Name: Riku Tasogare

Age: 17

| |Female |X|Male

| |Heterosexual | |Bisexual |X|Homosexual

Religion: BLANK

Likes: Long walks on the beach, sunsets over the ocean, working out on my toned, rock hard muscles, carpentry.

Dislikes: Boring people, disloyalty, Heartless

Hobbies: Martial arts, fighting, reading poetry

I'm looking for: Someone to show the way to dawn and explore whole new worlds with. Very open.

Strong Points: I'm sexy and I pwn everything.