Take Good Care

Sunamaru eyes the target carefully before throwing the kunai.


"What are you doing here?" a high-pitched voice demands.

He doesn't pause in his target practice. He hadn't booked the training ground, true, but he'd assumed that other people would recognise him and leave him alone.

"Fumiya-shishou said she'd reserved this for us."

He turns around at that. Everyone has heard of Fumiya. Tessen-jutsu mistresses are incredibly rare and she's the best Suna's ever produced.

The speaker is a tiny girl with dirty blonde hair. In truth, she's not actually that much shorter than him but at nine and a half, an inch is a mile and he has at least three on her.

He doesn't recognise her which means she's probably a foreigner and thus not worth bothering with.

Still, hearing her refer to Fumiya as shishou rankles. He knows that his father approached Kouhei-sama with the intent of having him become his apprentice but was refused. So this nothing girl doing what he couldn't...

The next kunai goes wide and he has the pleasure of seeing her startled briefly. She scowls at him as she dodges it.

A hand clamps down on his shoulder and he develops a sinking feeling. He's turned round abruptly and looks up into Fumiya's impassive face.

"I wish for you to apologize to Karura, Sunamaru-san," she says calmly.

He frowns. Apologize to that girl? It was only one kunai. Her hand tightens on his shoulder in warning.

"I regret attacking you, Karura," a sudden squeeze, "-san."

He bows quickly.

Fumiya glances at her student.

"I accept your apology, Sunamaru-san."

Her bow is ever so slightly deeper than his and he's not sure if she's mocking him. When Fumiya's eyes crinkle a bit, he realises that she was.

Karura, huh? He'll remember that name and next time they meet, she won't have her teacher to protect her. He'll make sure of that.

Utterly pointless but I like writing young, stuck-up Sunamaru.

Fumiya is my name for Sasori's mother. Kouhei is her husband.