When Edward dies in an attack, Bella loses her will to ever love again. Will Edward's best friend from the old days help her? Will she meet the attacker again? AH, Lemons and Violence involved.


I stared at the black and gold casket, my cheeks wet and my eyes red. My brother, Emmett, sat on one side of me, my sister-in-law, Alice, on the other. Alice was hugging me tightly weeping, as we listened to the words of the minister. Emmett, who was usually the happiest guy on earth, was not far off from crying. I knew he felt it was his duty to stay strong.

'We gather here in loving memory of Edward Cullen. We are joined by his family and friends, his mother and father, Dr Carlisle and Esme Cullen. His sister, Alice Cullen. His Brother-in-law, Emmett Swan and his wife, Isabella Cullen. Also, many of his friends.

Edward lived a happy life; he was always supported, from a baby till now, aged 23. He was a doctor, like his father, who many of us loved and adored. He was always kind to his patients and did an excellent job. Let us take a few moments to think about Edward and his life.'

Tears streamed down my face, Alice was sobbing into my side. I couldn't take it anymore; I stood up and ran out of the room, into the fresh air. I fell to the ground and sobbed into my hands.

Edward had died right in front of me.


We had just had a great night, dinner, movie, then drinks at the local bar. I was slightly tipsy and found it hard to stay on my feet. Edward had his arm around my waist, holding me up. We both laughed at the scene. We walked down a necessary alley way, to get to our car.

Then, I felt a hand on my shoulder and spun round. The dark figure grabbed me and pushed me to the ground. I saw Edward try to hit him, but the figure grabbed his arm and shoved Edward to the ground. I screamed, as I watched him pull out a gun and shoot Edward. I heard footsteps come down the alley and the man looked up. He looked at me. The light reflected on his face, his eyes shined a deep topaz colour. He grabbed me, and stood me up, pressing his lips to mine. He moved his lips to my ear and whispered four words, 'See you soon, Bella.' He licked my cheek and ran off, dropping me to the ground. Once I had recovered from shock, I crawled to Edward's side.

'Edward? Speak to me please.' He opened his eyes and smiled up at me.

'I love you Bella. Goodbye.'

'Don't say that, please, don't say goodbye, don't leave me.'

'Live your life Bella, be happy.' His eyes closed and he went limp.

'Edward? EDWARD?! NO, NO, NO!' Everything around me blurred and the sounds of the city got lost in the moment.

I felt myself being pulled away, as I screamed out to him.

End of flashback

Shivers ran down my spine, as I recalled those haunting moments. I missed him so much, and I was scared. Scared of being alone, scared of never being myself again, scared of the man who attacked us that night. His words echoed in my head, sending more shivers down my spine. See you soon Bella. What did he mean? How did he know my name? Why did he kill my Edward?