The War For The Soul of Everyone

Well here is my first fanfic (contain spoilers). This is the English Version. The original is Indonesian. Hehehe... Hehehe ... Hope you enjoy! About 5 Months after Izanami defeated. Souji plans to spend his summer vacation in Port Island and Inaba. And ...

Chapter 1 : The Beginning Night

Inside a Train



At a Tokyo – Inaba Train, sat a young man with white hair like a bowl shape. Yes, his name Souji Seta course. He was on his way to Inaba, a city he missed so much. He is missed his friend of his Investigation Team. He thought of when he was against the Shadows, solving cases where the victim hanging upside down, against the perpetrators Adachi, against Ameno-sagiri, the fog controller , against the goddess Izanami, and when they have fun in there. He also missed his friend of his Social Link and especially his uncle Ryotaro Dojima and his cousin Nanako Dojima.

¨ 5 minutes you will get to the last station Inaba. Please be prepared your goods. Please do not there is left." Souji Immediately prepare his goods. And 5 minutes later he got off the train. He saw two familiar faces.

¨ Hello, Souji. Welcome back to the Inaba! ¨ said Dojima

¨ Hello back! ¨ said Nanako

¨ Hello Dojima-san! Hello Nanako-chan! ¨ Souji answered

¨ Is my brother was busy again? ¨ Dojima asked

¨ Yes. Otou-san is still busy." Souji replied.

¨ Hmm... So. ¨

¨ I'll be here for one night. Tomorrow I and my friends would go to Port Island for recreation." Souji says

¨ Very well. Let us go home soon! ¨ said Dojima

¨ Well.¨ said Souji. They immediately boarded the car and headed Dojima's Residence.

Dojima´s Residence


¨ We're home! ¨ said Nanako

¨ Not much has changed huh? ¨ Souji words

¨ Yes, despite being 5 months you are not here." Dojima replied

¨ Let Nanako cooks for us!¨ said Nanako.

¨ Can I help you? ¨ Souji asked

¨ No, thank you. But certainly Onii-chan tired. Let me cook for us! ¨ said Nanako.

¨ Very well. Souji ¨ replied. He was just waiting for dinner, talking to Dojima

¨ Dinner is ready! ¨ said Nanako

¨ Now, Let's Eat! ¨

After eating Souji went to his room. He saw not much change in her room. He changed his clothes and sleeping on futons immediately prepared. After Souji asleep, she felt he was sitting. He felt a different feeling. Souji opened his eyes and saw 2 people familiar to him.

¨ Welcome to the Velvet Room! ¨ Said Igor, the residents of Velvet Room with a distinctive tone.

¨ Huh? Igor? Margaret?¨ Souji asked confused.

¨ I have not been met you for a long time, Souji-san. ¨ Margaret said with a smile.

¨ So ... Then why I called again to here? Is Izanami or Ameno-sagiri rise again? Or is there a new enemy? ¨ Souji asked.

¨ Well maybe like that. ¨ Igor replied.

¨ So ... I'm going to ... Huh? ¨ Souji realized that he no longer was in a Limousine but in an Aircraft.

¨ Just relax, my boy. You'll get help. ¨ says Igor

¨ Help? From whom? ¨ Souji asked

¨ You'll soon find out later. 'Til we meet again. ¨ says Igor.

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