The War For Everyone's Soul

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Chapter 2 : The Darkest Hour

Souji´s Room



¨ Hey Onii-chan! Wake up! ¨ Nanako said.

¨ Very well." replied Souji. He woke from his sleep after he was summoned to the Velvet Room.

¨ So there is a new problem again. Hmm... Better then I thought about it after from the Port Island. ¨ Souji thought. Souji to prepare himself and went downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast, Souji prepare himself.

¨ Are you ready, Souji? ¨ asked Dojima.

¨ Yes. ¨ Souji said.

¨ Then come on! ¨ invited Nanako.

Inaba Station

Dojima parking his car in the parking lot. They rushed to the station entrance. Souji see familiar faces

¨ Good morning, Senpai! ¨ said Naoto

¨ Good morning, Souji-kun! ¨ says Yukiko

¨ Hi, Senpai! ¨ said Kanji

¨ Hello, sensei! ¨ says Teddie

¨ Hello, partner! ¨ said Yosuke

¨ Hi, Souji-kun! ¨ said Chie

¨ Whoo, Senpai! Good Morning! ¨ called Rise.

¨ Good morning! ¨ Souji said. They went into the station. Say goodbye to Dojima and Nanako. Then, they went into the train and find a seat. Trains leave immediately.

Inside The Train


¨ Well, Souji, Kanji, Teddie, why don't we play cards? ¨ invite Yosuke taking out a stack of playing cards.

¨ Very well. ¨

They played cards, a few moments later ...

" Hooray Teddie WIN! ¨ said Teddie.

" Er Ted, don't shouted like that ! You're so tacky! ¨ protest Yosuke

¨ Why don't we play again?" invite Souji.

But this time ...

"Hooray Teddie win again! HOORAY! ¨ Teddie shouted again.

¨ Uh, why the hell did he won again?¨ Yosuke said.

The journey took a long time. Souji started eating his food. Yosuke, Teddie, and Kanji are still playing cards, although Teddie still wins. Naoto watching the scene outside the train through the window. The rest were chatting. After a while, they finally reached the Iwatodai Station.

They immediately went to the Hotel for Check In. They rest there.

¨ Senpai, Let's go to paulownia Mall! ¨ invite Rise

¨ Yes okay. But not to the Club Escapade again? ¨ Souji words

¨ Whatever Senpai. But Rise want to go to mandragora karaoke. ¨

¨ Let's Go! ¨ invite Yosuke

They spent time in Paulownia Mall but not unexpectedly, they were there until the evening.

¨ We're back on! It's Almost midnight." Souji says.

¨ Very well. ¨ answered them all.

23 : 59 : 55

23 : 59 : 56

23 : 59 : 57

23 : 59 : 58

23 : 59 : 59

00 : 00 : 00

Iwatodai Dormitory

Dark Hour Dark Hour

In a dormitory building a group of people looking surprised.

" Huh impossible ... " said a man with a hat.

¨ Dark Hour is back. ¨ said a brown-haired woman with a heart choker that she always wore.

¨ How about this Mitsuru-Senpai? ¨ Ask a green-haired woman.

¨ It seems that we have to check around first.¨ said long red haired women named Mitsuru.

¨ Ha! ¨ said the green-haired woman said.

¨ What's the matter Fuuka? ¨ brown-haired woman asked earlier

¨ I felt there was a big Shadow of Magician arcana! ¨ Fuuka said

¨ It's one of them? ¨ said a silver-haired man who saw the Full Moon with Green color.

¨ It seems yes, Akihiko. ¨ said Mitsuru

¨ Then we'll beat him up. Come on! ¨ said the man with a hat.

¨ We must be careful Junpei-san." said a brown-haired boy milk.

" Yes we must be careful like Ken said, Stupei. ¨ brown-haired woman said.

¨ Do not call me Stupei again, Yuka-tan! ¨ said Junpei

Akihiko took two suitcases and pulled out guns.

¨ This is your Evoker, Ken. ¨ Akihiko said, handing the Evoker to the brunet child.

"Thank you Sanada-san!" Said Ken

"It's yours Junpei, Yukari, Fuuka" Akihiko said, handing Evoker to 3 people.

"Thank you, Akihiko-Senpai."

"Aigis, whether your gun is still functioning properly?" Said Mitsuru

"Still, Mitsuru-san." said a Blonde woman responded with a similar band headband on his head.

"This is your weapon, Koromaru!" Said Akihiko and gave the knife to a dog.

"Aarf Aarf!" Bark Koromaru.

"Koro-chan said thank you." Aigis said translating its language.

"Then let's go!" Junpei said.

Somewhere In Port Island

Dark Hour

"Well, why so dark?" Said Teddie

"There were power blackouts." Answered Rise

"Senpai, it's blood?" Said Naoto

"Oh yes!" Said Yosuke

"Teddie felt a Shadow a bit far from here"

"What? Rise, try calling your Persona. "Says Naoto.

"Yeah. All right. "Rise said. He concentrate and summoned Kanzeon.

"Uh, it worked. Hmm... I felt there was a big Shadow and the other direction I felt there was a group of Persona-users. "Rise up.

"How many?" Souji asked.

"There are 9 people."

"Hmm ... We must be careful. We must looking for anything that can be used as a weapon. "Souji said, taking an iron pipe at the end of the street. Naoto preparing his gun. Yukiko prepare his fan. Chie was ready to kick. Kanji take the chair in the street. . Yosuke took the knife he was carrying. Teddie preparing his claws.

"Yosuke, Kanji, try to go there with the alert." Said Souji


While the members SEES ...

"I feel there are 8 people persona-user near here." Fuuka said

"Are they Strega?" Yukari asked.

"I do not know. There are 2 people to come here. "

"Then let's go get 'em all at once." Junpei said immediately tried to ambush Investigation come after her.

"Yosuke-Senpai, there is 2 people going to your place. It's Close! "Said Rise

"Okay." Yosuke said. TRAANG!! Junpei attack Yosuke with his sword. But Yosuke was held the attack with his knife.

"Watch Yosuke-senpai the other one was hiding." Rise said. Immediately, Yukari attack Yosuke with arrows. TAAANG! Kanji block the arrow with a chair. But Yukari attack again. Yosuke was almost hit and ... TRAAANG! Souji block the arrow with his iron pipe.

"Thanks Partner! Susano'o! Garudyne!" Said Yosuke struck a card with his knife to summon Persona and attack Junpei. Yukari jump and let the attack hit her and she immune to that attack because she nullifies wind attacks.

"Let me do this! Stupei." Yukari said as she pointed her Evoker to her head.

"She has been crazy!"

"Trismegistus! Gigantic Fist!" Junpei said summoned his Perspona and attacked Kanji. Kanji successfully avoided.

"Rokuten Maoh! Ziodyne!" Kanji called his Persona and attack Junpei hit.

"Ow ..."

"Huh, Isis! Diarahan!" Yukari calls her persona and heal Junpei's wounds.

"Sorry Yuka-tan!" Said Junpei

"Senpai, this woman is weak against to elec." Said Rise

"Thank you Rise. Izanagi no Okami! Ziodyne!"Souji called his persona.

"Aakh ..." Yukari Down.

"Senpai there is someone else near here." Said Rise

" Athena! Diarahan!"Aigis called her Persona and heal Yukari.

"Ah, Aigis, Junpei, there is a great Shadow I said over here!" Fuuka said. Then, there was a big Shadow with many hands. One hand hold the blue mask. The other hands holding a lot of sword. That Shadow of course, it's Arcana Magician.

"Naoto-kun, Teddie-kun, Chie-Senpai, Yukiko-Senpai there was a strong Shadow quickly give aid to Souji-senpai!" said Rise.

"Whether we'll be right there!" Said Naoto

"Well ... It's a huge shadow how 'bout this Leader? "Said Yosuke panic.

"Of course we attack! Persona Change!" Souji said.

"What! He is a multi Persona-user! Impossible! "Said Yukari

"Mara! Agidyne!" Said Souji attacked that Shadow with fire attack. That Shadow was okay. That Shadow was also attack with Agidyne to Souji. Because Mara absorb fire attacks, that attack did not work. That Shadow attacked Yosuke with his sword.

"Ow that hurts!" Yosuke got away but still on his shoulder.

" Isis! Diarahan!" Yukari heal Yosuke.

" Hah! Why are you even cure him Yuka-tan? "

" Stupei use your brain! They are attacking the Shadow so maybe they are not Strega. "

" And usually multi Persona-user is good." Aigis said.

" Why did you help me?" Said Yosuke

" Looks like you're not a bad person ... Forgive us ... "

"Never Mind" Souji said.

" Come, Yamato-takeru! Tempest Slash!" Naoto suddenly came and attacked the shadow. That Shadow was hit badly.

" Senpai, its weakness is ice!" Rise said.

" Thank you! Persona Change! Izanagi no Okami! Bufudyne. " That Shadow was down.

" Let's All-Out Attack!" Exclaimed Souji. All of the Investigation Team was attacked that shadow. That Shadow was gone.

"Ah, Are you okay?" Said Yukiko.

" Yes we're okay." Souji said.

" They?" Chie said.

" Calm down. They are not evil. They think us harm. "Answered Souji

" Takeba, Iori, Aigis, Are you okay?" Mitsuru and the other SEES coming.

" They're not Strega or evil people Senpai. "

" All right. Which is multi Persona-user? "

" That's the gray hair."

On Places Near from There ...

" Well that's Souji Seta is great huh?" Said a young man with yellow scarf.

" Uh sorry what are you talking, Ryoji?" Said a blue-haired boy who was off his headphone.

" No I'm just saying that Souji Seta is great, Minato." Ryoji said.

" So he is Souji Seta ..." said Minato

" His Ultimate Persona is Izanagi no Okami from The World Arcana. That means he's one of those who can access the The World Arcana ... Hm..." said another black-haired with blue eyes.

" So you can analyze, too, Sora?" Asked Minato

" Well my level just below Juno." Said the young man named Sora's.

" Well you're perfect. You can Physical attacks, magic attacks, and analysis. "Said Ryoji praise.

" Oh it's nothing."

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Oh, This is my OC Guide :

Sora Ayasaki

Age : 16 Years Old ( Start of The FanFic)

Date of Birth : 13 Oktober 1995

Blood Type : O

Hair Color : Black

Eyes Color : Blue

Favorites : Blue Color, Pizza, Fish, Milk, MP3 Player, and a Woman (?)

Special : Fast, Smart, Can use Sword Perfectly, can use other weapon too, and Wild Card User

Weakness : Girl, His Carelessness

Characteristic : Cool, Calm, Carelessness, Helper

Weapon : All kind of Weapons

Initial Persona : Ra (Fool), Wild Card

Ultimate Persona : ? (Death), Ra-Horakhty (Judgement), ? (?)

Info : Sora Ayasaki is my OC and the Protagonist in this Fic like Manato or Souji. He's a Velvet Room Guest. He first summoned his Persona whe he attacked by Shadow in the Dark Hour and met Minato and Ryoji. He is Souji's Old Classmate when he is in First Grade in High Scholl. He liked to talked with Souji in that time

Well, one of this Former Enemy will back in the next Chapter :

- Ameno-sagiri

- Izanami

- Takaya Sakaki and Jin Shirato

- Tohru Adachi

- Nyx

- Erebus