The Decision and Training

Cajun Strong Man

Now that the battle was over there was a decision to be made.

"There must be a decision" Dungeon Master said.

"What do you mean?" Hank asked.

Dungeon Master added, "Do you want to go home, do they want to go home, do you want to take them with you, to they want to take you with them? Remember the porthole project. If you decide to go with them, take this.

Eric asks, "What is it?'

Dungeon Master added, "It is a book that will allow you to activate your weapons away from the realm."

Presto said, "OK."

Dungeon Master said, "You must take it to a wizard, magician, mage, or sorcerer to open it. I am placing the ability to read it into the magician's subconscious."

Batman took Hank aside and said, "I have a device that allows me to search through different alternate realities. There is a shot that we could find yours."

Hank turned to Dungeon Master and said, "We will go with them."

They all, then, board the Javelin and fly into the porthole. They end up back in Gotham City. The first that they do is head to the Watchtower. They go and find Zatanna.

Batman said, "Zatanna we need your help to open this book."

Zatanna said , "koob nepo."

It opened and then Presto read, "By order of the Dungeon Master, "I command these weapons to activate.""

The weapons began to glow and then they stopped.

Hank then pulled back on his mystic bowstring and a magic arrow appeared.

Batman then said, "I think that it would be best that you train with different people. That is why we will split you up."

He then called Green Arrow, Dr. Fate, Oracle, Shining Knight, 8uperman, and myself.

He then said, "Hank, you will be going with Green Arrow. Diana, will study with Oracle, Eric will study with Sining Knight. Bobby you will go with Superman. Presto will head off with Dr. Fate. Lastly, Sheila you will come with me. Before the young ladies go off to start training, the Princess will take you to Paradise Island to clense your bodies and spirits."

He then added, "You are being trained to be hero's. Even though you are great warriors, you know nothing about being a hero."