This work is dedicated to two people. First to my partner Scott. I love you, baby bear. You are the sun in my sky. And second to Liz. You are the best mentor a writer could ever have. Thank you for giving me such enormous amounts of your time. And thank you for giving us all the precious gift that is Equal & Opposite which inspired this story.


This story is intended for an adult audience! There is crude speech, hate speech and adult sexual subject matter of a homosexual nature. If you are under 18 stop reading now!


All characters from Twilight belong to Stephanie Meyers. I just take them out and play with them.

Chapter 1: Welcome Home

Nasir al Qasimi was a trim athletic man who stood six foot four with short black hair. He had an engaging smile, strong chin, full lips and deep dark eyes. In keeping with his culture and religion he did not shave his face. He did keep his facial hair very closely trimmed and cleanly shaved only his neck. Nasir wore a custom tailored suit of slate grey with a white French cuffed shirt and colorful tie. He always flew first class and always dressed well when he traveled.

Nasir reclined into the plush leather seat as his stretch Cadillac limousine flew down the freeway away from SeaTac International Airport toward downtown Seattle. It had been an exhausting day of traveling at the end of what turned out to be a completely exhausting trip. Attending his older brother's wedding should have been fun. It sure turned out not to be.

Nasir checked his wristwatch for the hundredth time. He was beyond late. The two men who had become his best friends in this country were celebrating their commitment to each other in a ceremony today. That was hours ago. He wasn't even sure he would make the reception at this point. On paper he had plenty of time, but was there a flight that landed anywhere on time ever? And when you are a twenty six year old Arabic man traveling on a passport from the United Arab Emirates U.S. authorities look at you very carefully. It didn't matter that he was a businessman and that no one in the UAE had anything to do with terrorism, he looked the part and that was good enough for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Nasir reached for the well stocked bar. The limo company knew that a car sent for him best have Laphroaig in the scotch decanter. He took a tumbler, threw in a few ice cubes and poured the amber liquid. Nasir enjoyed the sound of the ice tinkling in the crystal a moment and took a sip. He knew this would help calm his shattered nerves. He left to go overseas ten days ago. He raced now not only to join his friends on their special day, but to be reunited with the man he loved. His body, his very soul craved the feel of his lover's muscular form pressed against his own. He needed to touch him. He needed to smell him. He needed to look into those crystal blue eyes. He needed Emmett McCarty now more than ever. Nasir closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He knew this homecoming would be bittersweet. He had news for Emmett that would devastate him. Nasir would have given anything for it not to be so.


Emmett sat at his seat at the head table at the reception for his best friend, Seth Clearwater and his partner, Garrett Thompson. What was left of his suit was a pale blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the suit pants. The jacket was on the back of his chair and his tie was in a pocket. Emmett sat alone at this table, his focus on the beer bottle in his hands. He ever so carefully peeled the label from the bottle. Emmett looked up and smiled as the groom in the white leather tailcoat walked around the table toward him. He leaned back in his chair.

"Hey, Sweetie," Emmett greeted. Seth said nothing as he dramatically fluffed out his tails and seated himself in Emmett's lap.

"Hey yourself, big boy," Seth put an arm around Emmett's neck. "You know that peeling labels from beer bottles is a sign of sexual frustration."

"Oh, yeah?" Emmett asked.

"Yeah. Of course, I didn't need to see this," Seth gestured to the half raped bottle, "to know that about you. Where is he?"

"I got a text that they finally let him out of customs about ten minutes ago," Emmett sighed. Seth patted the bigger man's muscular shoulder.

"About time. I know it will be good for you to have him home," Seth commiserated. Emmett only nodded in agreement. He looked across the large room and gestured toward the two men they both knew and loved who sat close together deep in conversation. It was the very table where Emmett had left one of them a good while ago.

"What do you think Edward and Jasper are talking about?" Emmett asked.

Seth gave a small nod to himself. "I'm just glad they are."

"Jasper still cares. He won't admit it, but he does," Emmett stated.

"He wouldn't still be sitting there if he didn't," Seth completely agreed.


Nasir drained his second glass of scotch as his limousine turned into the drive of the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. He set down the glass and leaned forward in anticipation with his hand on the door handle as the big car pulled beneath the broad porte-cochere. The uniformed doorman did not have time to reach for the rear door of the limo. Even as the car slowed to a stop Nasir threw open the door and flew out of the car. He didn't stop to speak to the surprised doorman. He just ran into the hotel and through the lobby.

People noticed the attractive man and gaped at him as he tore across the lobby like it was on fire, but he didn't care. Nasir reached the grand staircase and charged upward. He took the steps two at a time and quickly reached the mezannine. Once there he realized he didn't know where to go. Then he saw the trail of people, most of whom were gay men, as they made their way out of what was obviously banquet space at the far end of the corridor. Nasir took off running again. He slid to a stop with his leather soled dress shoes on the lush carpet just inside the wide open doors to the Fairmont's Garden Room.

It was immediately obvious he was in the right place. The tables and chairs were covered with black linens. Bunched up white linen napkins and the occasional half empty glass, clear evidence of a long cleared away meal, littered the tables. A veritable sea of roses, calla lilies, hydrangeas and cascades of dendrobium orchids all in white stood on and draped from sterling silver risers. It was still incredible and he could only imagine how beautiful it looked when the grooms and their friends had walked in. Nasir surveyed the room. There were little more than ten people left at this point. The D-J was packing up. His heart sank as he realized that he had missed everything. He caught sight of the people he sought at a table on the upper level beneath the lofty windows.

"Oh. Here he is," Seth saw him first. Emmett looked in the direction Seth pointed and his heart gave a leap. He stood and in so doing effortlessly set Seth down on his feet. Nasir rushed into Emmett's arms. Neither man needed words as they held tightly to each other, Nasir with his arms around Emmett's back and Emmett with his arms around Nasir's shoulders. Both men closed their eyes and just breathed in the scent of the other.

"I missed you so much," Nasir breathed into his lover's ear.

"I'm so glad you're home," Emmett spoke softly. He took hold of his lover's head and pulled back just enough to plant soft loving kisses on his lips. Seth watched the two much taller men with a smile on his face. He had never known his best friend to be so happy. Nasir suited him in every respect. And at only one inch shorter than Emmett they were well matched. Seth lost patience in short order. This was his day and he was not about to let them forget it. He folded his arms across his chest.

"Eh, hem," Seth was slow and dramatic. Emmett and Nasir had completely forgotten that he was standing there. They quickly pulled apart. Nasir turned to the shorter man who stood nearby with the expectant look on his face. He reached for Seth.

"Sethy!" Nasir pulled the raven haired beauty into a hug. The shorter man gave a yelp as he was picked right up off his feet.

"How was you special day, Emira?" Nasir took great joy in holding the smaller man in a bear hug. Emmett could not help but smile. He knew Seth did not like to be called the Arabic word that most closely translated to 'princess'. Once Nasir knew that, there was no stopping him.

"Put me down, you big Arab bandit!," Seth hit his fist on Nasir's shoulder. He was less than amused. Nasir put him gently on his feet.

"It's easy to see how you two found each other. You're just alike," Seth made a great display of brushing himself off.

"I'm so sorry I could not be here, Seth. Really, I am," Nasir put a hand on the white leather shoulder. Seth cocked his head and considered.

"It's not like you don't have a good excuse. I'll forgive you, this time. And thank God you're home now. I couldn't take another day of this one moping around," Seth cocked his thumb toward his best friend. Emmett gave a bashful smile that brought out his dimples.

"Aww, did you miss me, Habibi?" Nasir smiled warmly as he took his lover's hand.

"You know I did," Emmett said softly as he entwined their fingers together.

The other groom approached them at that moment. He was quite elegant, dressed entirely in black. His tux jacket had notchless lapels and his tie was clearly and flawlessly tied by hand. His brown hair that was normally tied in a ponytail laid about his shoulders.

"Nasir! You finally made it," Garrett tucked his check book into his inner coat pocket as he walked up to them.

"Garrett, I'm so sorry I'm so late," Nasir said as he hugged the shorter man who had become his closest friend. They did not do the straight guy lean in at the shoulder with no hip contact hug. As two gay men they hugged affectionately with their whole bodies.

"Better late than never, my friend, better late than never," Garrett patted the slightly taller man on the back before they pulled apart. "Before I release the photographer, I want pictures of the two of you together and with us. Emmett, would you mind terribly getting dressed again?"

"Sure," Emmett smiled and started to roll down his sleeves. Nasir moved to pick up his lover's jacket from the back of the chair.

"I hate to see him put clothes, on," Nasir teased. Emmett grinned and Seth rolled his eyes.

"Indulge me just this once, Nasir," Garrett played along as he patted the man's arm. Nasir helped Emmett into his jacket and tied his tie back around his neck as Garrett summoned the photographer. Quick shots were taken of the four of them and then just of Nasir and Emmett together. Garrett had something special in mind that he hadn't even told Seth.

"Okay, I'm getting out of this monkey suit again," Emmett said as he pulled at his tie.

"Let me do that," Nasir said as he reached to take hold of Emmett's tie.

"Then let me do this one," Emmett reached for Nasir's tie. They both pulled off the other's tie and tossed them on a chair. They unbuttoned the top two buttons of each other's shirt. Emmett smiled. "That's better," he gave his lover a loving kiss on his lips.

After dismissing the photographer Garrett stepped to where his place had been at the head table.

"I have something I've been saving for when the four of us were together," Garrett spoke as he pulled an ice bucket and four fresh flutes from under the table.

"Oh, that's so sweet, Honey," Seth stepped up next to his husband and leaned on his arm. Garrett smiled at his little husband as he popped the cork of a very chilled bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal. He poured and handed a flute first to Seth, with a kiss on his lips, and then to Emmett and Nasir. Finally Garrett picked up his own.

"I would like to make a toast," Garrett began as he held his glass aloft, "Emmett, it means more to both Seth and I than I can say that you were here with us on our most special of days. And Nasir, you were always here in our hearts before you could be here in person. Here is to finding your soul mate and love of your life, and being with him for the rest of your life."

"Aww, Honey," Seth was touched. He reached to hold his husband's hand.

"Here, here. Well said, Garrett," Emmett was in wholehearted agreement with that sentiment. Three of them wore warm smiles as they four touched their glasses together. Nasir said nothing and looked away as he took a sip of his champagne. Seth gave an almost imperceptible narrowing of his eyes as he witnessed this. Even at the end of the most important and busy day of his life, nothing escaped the watchful eye of Seth Clearwater.

A tall attractive man with wavy blonde hair and a warm, genuine smile approached them at that moment. "Seth, Garrett," he addressed the grooms. Emmett smiled and took Nasir's hand as the cute blonde thanked the happy couple, wished them well, and made a joke about Seth driving Garrett prematurely gray. They all laughed at his jest and Emmett laughed the harder when Seth punched the blonde for kissing his husband. The younger man then turned to Emmett and Nasir.

"Sorry we never had that second talk, Emmett, but it looks like now it's unnecessary," the man said, smiling even with his bright eyes.

"Yeah," Emmett said with his own broad smile, "let me introduce you. Jasper, this is the love of my life, Nasir. Nasi, this is Jasper." Emmett watched his lover's face lite up when he heard Jasper's name. Jasper took a step toward them and held out his hand. Nasir took it and pulled Jasper into a warm hug.

"Jasper, it's so good to finally meet you! Emmett speaks of you so fondly," Nasir released Jasper as he continued. "I wish you would come out to Seattle more often. Emmett and Sethy have both missed you and I would like to get to know you myself," Nasir was sincere. They could tell from the look on Jasper's face he had not expected such a warm welcome.

"It's good to meet you as well, Nasir and, as a matter of fact, I may very well be coming out to Seattle more frequently in the future," Jasper looked to Emmett. "Some of the reasons why I haven't been back for a while are no longer there."

Emmett raised his eyebrows expectantly. None of them noticed Seth turn his head. Jasper just smiled at Emmett. Nasir could tell much passed between them without the need of words.

"But for now, it's getting late and I must be off. Enjoy the rest of your evening, gentlemen," Jasper held up a hand. Emmett immediately grabbed him in a bear hug. He held Jasper tightly, but said nothing. He had no need. Nasir, Seth and Garrett all gave Jasper another hug as well and bid him good night.

"So that was Jasper at last," Nasir put an arm around his partner as they watched the blonde man walk away.

"The one and only Jasper," Emmett confirmed.

"I wish I could have been here on time. I could have gotten to know him while you were busy with your official duties to the Emira," Nasir mused.

"I heard that," Seth stood by with a smile as he looked after Jasper's departing form. He waited until Jasper was out the doors to launch his attack. He whirled around on Emmett. "Alright, you know something I don't know." Seth jabbed Emmett in the ribs, "Spill."

"Ow," Emmett laughed and held his rib.

"Talk!" Seth had no patience.

"I really don't, Seth," Emmett protested. Seth stepped up close to Emmett with his fists on his narrow hips. He looked up at the much taller man with squinted eyes. Nasir let go of his lover and took a step back.

"Oh, now he's using the face," Nasir held up his hands. "Do as he says, Habibi, while you still can."

Emmett paid no more mind to Seth as he saw Edward walk toward them. The younger man had a smile on his face and a spring in his step Emmett feared he might never see again. Emmett put a hand on Seth's shoulder. "Here's Edward," Emmett gestured with his head. Seth turned quickly away.

"Hey, guys," Edward gave a small wave in greeting. Seth at once grabbed Edward's arms.

"Edward, I am so sorry I have not had the time to sit down with you. And I am handicapped by being forced to rely on the dim," Seth looked over his shoulder, "observations of others. Tell us everything," Seth bid. Seth let go of Edward and watched him carefully. Edward took a deep breath. It warmed Emmett's heart to see the smile on Edward's face.

"We had a long and productive talk," Edward stated. He looked between the two pair of attentive eyes of Seth and Emmett. "It was hard at first, but in the end I think we both got some long overdue closure to many old wounds. He said he is looking forward to being friends again and we're meeting for brunch tomorrow," Edward revealed. "It's a good start. It's more than I dared to hope for."

Before Seth could speak Emmett grabbed them both in a tight hug. Edward closed his eyes and reveled in the the warm loving support of his friends. He and Emmett were driven apart by elbows from Seth.

"You two oxen are smothering me down here," Seth was dramatic. Edward smiled and bent to give Seth a kiss on his cheek.

"Thank you, Seth," Edward looked into Seth's eyes. "I know this is your and Garrett's special day and it should be all about you two, but you just gave me the best gift ever," Edward stood up straight and spoke to all four men. "I'm gonna take off, guys." He moved to Emmett and kissed his cheek as well. Emmett gave Edward a pat on his butt.

"Remember if you can't be good, be good at it," Emmett said with a wink. Edward giggled and moved on to catch a quick hug from Nasir and Garrett. He waved still smiling and headed for the door. Garret put an arm around Seth while Nasir put an arm around Emmett and the two couples watched Edward go with hope in their hearts.

"Well," Garrett broke the silence, "if you dear boys will excuse us," he smiled down on his husband, "I have an audience in the Cascade Suite with The King and I do not wish to be late."

"Okay?" Seth snapped his fingers. "Because The King waits for no man," Seth teased. Emmett pulled Seth to him.

"Have a great night, Sweetie," Emmett hugged.

"I know you will too," Seth wrapped his arms tightly around Emmett's waist. Nasir and Garrett embraced without words and patted each other on the back. The couples then switched.

"Emira," Nasir grabbed Seth.

"Oh, God dammit!" Seth exclaimed as he was picked up off the ground again. Emmett made a show of putting his fingers through Garrett's lush waves.

"Uh-oh, Garrett," Emmett sounded concerned.

"What?" Garrett fell for it.

"It's those grays Jasper was talking about already!" Emmett teased. Seth, back on his feet, turned and hit Emmett in the small of his back.

"I don't know why I'm friends with either of you two assholes!" Seth gave mock outrage. Emmett and Nasir both burst out laughing. Seth swung at Nasir and missed as the bigger man jumped away. Emmett and Nasir both snatched up their jackets and dashed away still laughing.

"See you in the morning, boys," Garrett called after them. He held out his hand to Seth. "Your wedding night suite awaits, my beautiful husband."

Seth stepped up to Garrett and stretched up to kiss him on his lips. "I love you, Mr. Thompson."

"I love you, Mr. Clearwater," Garrett smiled. They walked out of the room that held their reception arm in arm.


The limousine was waiting outside the front entrance of the hotel beneath the porte-cochere. The driver stood dutifully by the rear passenger door. Emmett and Nasir emerged from the front of the hotel into the humid night air hand in hand. They wore their suit jackets. Their neck ties hung from pockets.

"Evening, Mr. McCarty," the driver smiled as he opened the rear door of the stretch Cadillac with his black gloved hand.

"Hi, Bobby," Emmett greeted the regular driver. Bob held the door as Emmett slid into the seat.

"Would you like the partition up, Mr. al Qasimi?" Bob asked quietly.

"Thank you, Bobby," Nasir gave the man a wink and joined his lover in the back of the big car. Bob smiled to himself as he shut the door and walked around to take the wheel. Once seated he looked to the back seat.

"I hear there's an accident on Fifth street, so I'm going to have to take the long route. I hope you gentlemen don't mind. Just make yourselves comfortable," he said and then touched the control to raise the solid partition.

"You told him to do that," Emmett smiled at his lover as the car began to roll.

"No," Nasir made wide falsely innocent eyes as he put his arms around Emmett. "Come here," he pulled his big muscular lover to him. Emmett closed his eyes as he put his arm around his man and nuzzled into his neck. Emmett found it immensely comforting to breathe in his lover's scent.

"Mmm. I'm so glad you're home," Emmett murmured.

"Me too, Habibi. More than I can tell you," Nasir held the bigger stronger man tightly. Emmett brought a hand to his lover's chest and absently rubbed his thumb in the trimmed dark hair of Nasir's exposed chest where his dress shirt was open.

"Our bed was a lonely, hateful place without you," Emmett said.

"Shh. I'm here now," Nasir kissed the top of his lover's head. Emmett tilted his head back and raised his hand to the scruffy face. Nasir needed no urging to cover his lover's mouth with his own. Emmett closed his eyes and passively allowed Nasir to take his bottom lip between his teeth. He ran his tongue along Nasir's upper lip as his hand dropped back down to unbutton his lover's shirt. Nasir put his free hand to the side of Emmett's face. He caressed the stronger man's cheek with his thumb as their tongues caressed each other. Emmett hand his hand inside the now open dress shirt on the broad hairy chest. His fingers played along the curve of Nasir's pec. He took hold of a brown nipple with this thumb and forefinger.

"Hmm", Nasir growled into his lover's mouth. He really liked it when Emmett lightly pinched his nipples and Emmett knew it. Emmett felt Nasir's kiss grow more needful. He raised his hand to the back of Nasir's head to pull him as deep into the kiss as possible. Emmett loved it when Nasir kissed him as deeply as he could and his lover knew it. Nasir put his hand on Emmett's shoulder and pushed him back into the seat breaking their kiss as he did so. He rose up and threw his leg over Emmett to straddle him. He settled his butt down on Emmett thighs and took hold of Emmett's head.

"Do you want me to show you how much I missed you," Nasir asked as he brushed his lips against Emmett's lips.

"Yeah, show me how much you missed me," Emmett breathed against his lover's mouth. Nasir gave another probing kiss as he took hold of Emmett's dress shirt with both hands and ripped it wide open. Emmett gave a gasp as his buttons flew. Nasir pushed his lover's head back and planted wet kisses slowly down his throat. He kissed his way down and across the massive chest to a pink nipple. Emmett closed his eyes as the tongue washed over his sensitive nipple. He gave a gasp as a hand groped his straining erection through the thin material of his dress pants.

"Mmm, that's nice, babe," Emmett said as the mouth closed around his nipple and teeth gently took a nip at him. Nasir ran his tongue across his lover's expansive chest to torture his other nipple while he reached for Emmett's belt. Deft fingers made quick work of the belt, button and zipper of Emmett's pants. Nasir moved to kneel on the carpet between Emmett's legs. He took hold of the pants and the waistband of his lover's snug white boxers.

"Nasi, we don't have time," Emmett said as he grabbed his lover's wrists.

"Who says we don't have time?" Nasir cocked an eyebrow.

"We'll be home in a minute," Emmett protested.

"I don't think we will," Nasir said as he pulled Emmett's pants and boxers down his legs. Nine inches of prime McCarty beef slapped onto his abdomen as he came free of his underwear. Nasir did not stop there. He pulled off Emmett's shoes.

"Nasi, what are you doing?" Emmett asked as the man on the floor of the car below him pulled off his socks with his pants and underwear. Nasir looked up at him with unbridled lust in his dark eyes.

"I want you naked," Nasir reached up to push Emmett's shirt and suit jacket off his shoulders.

"I want you naked, too," Emmett rubbed the arms that pulled his shirt and jacket away.

"Later," Nasir ran his hands up his lover's bare hairy muscular thighs. "You are so beautiful," Nasir lowered his head to one strong inner thigh and gave kisses slowly upward. Emmett smiled as he watched his lover make his way toward his quivering erection. Nasir nuzzled into Emmett's shaved sac and savored his lover's scent. He gave a wet kiss on each testicle and ran his tongue underneath the heavy orbs.

"Ugh," Emmett dropped his head back and closed his eyes as he felt the warm wet sensual tongue lap at his nuts. Nasir gently pulled one of his lover's swollen eggs into this mouth and ran his tongue around it. Emmett reached down to run his fingertips through his lover's very short black hair. Nasir let the wet stone slip out of his mouth and ran his tongue up between Emmett's sac and leg. He gently took hold of his lover's bone and held it up.

"Huh," Emmett moaned as his lover ran his tongue up his sensitive cum tube. Nasir wrapped his hand around Emmett's pole as he ran his tongue through his deep moist slit. He gave the big joint a stroke and watched as clear syrup welled in the deep slit.

"Oh, you're leaking," Nasir slowly and sensually ran his tongue through his lover's slit again.

"Mmm. You turn me on," Emmett smiled down on his lover.

"You taste so good," Nasir looked up at Emmett with smouldering eyes. Nasir held his lover's gaze as he lapped at the big snake's head. Emmett dropped his mouth open as he watched the kneeling man make love to his aching cock.

"I want to suck you," Nasir gave another slow lick across the serpent's leaking head. "Can I suck you, Habibi?" Nasir continued to tease.

"Ugh. Suck me," Emmett bid. Nasir did not hesitate as he took the rock hard rod in his mouth.

"Hoh. Fuck!" Emmett arched his back as his spear sank down his lover's throat. Nasir pressed his nose into his lover's trimmed pubes as he moved his tongue against Emmett's sensitive cum tube. He slowly drew his mouth up the throbbing mast and sank back down.

"Oh shit, Nasi," Emmett twisted in the deep leather seat as his lover began to suck him in earnest. Nasir ran his hands up his lover's torso to massage the smooth developed pecs as he moved his head on the straining spike.

"Ugh," Emmett ran his hands over his lover's head as the loving mouth moved up and down his pole. He felt the fingers gently take hold of his nipples as the warm wet sensual lips massaged his shaft. Nasir relished the feel of the cock he so craved as he took it back in his throat and slowly pulled back up. How had he gone without this for over a week? He brought one hand down to cup Emmett's heavy nuts. Nasir fondled the smooth sac that was slick with his saliva. Emmett closed his eyes as his lover tugged on his balls. Nasir went down fully on Emmett's engorged bone and just gave short deep siphoning sucks on the throbbing pole.

"Huh! Jesus, Nasi. That feels so good," Emmett felt his lover's tongue move against his sensitive cum tube. Nasir slowly pulled his mouth up and off Emmett's straining post. He took hold of it and looked up into his lover's eyes. He gave a gentle lick at the base of the snake's head. Emmett smiled at Nasir and put a hand to the side of his face. Nasir wanted to give his man time to cool down, but not enough. He quickly took the spear back in his throat. Emmett squirmed in the plush seat as his lover bobbed his head on his iron hard spike.

"Nasi, baby, you gotta stop," Emmett ached for release, but he wanted to wait. He wanted to be naked with his lover. He wanted them to come together. Nasir had other ideas. He continued to massage the hard shaft with his lips as he drew his mouth up and down his lover's crank. He felt Emmett's big balls begin to pull up to the base of his cock. Nasir gently tugged on them. Emmett could not hold his body still.

"Ugh. Nasi, stop. I'll come if you don't stop," Emmett's muscles grew tight. Nasir drew his free hand down his lover's big pec, across his abdomen and hip, down his quivering thigh and muscular calf and back up. All the while he maintained his pace as he sucked his lover toward orgasm. Emmett was reaching the point of no return. His eyes flew open and he looked down on the bobbing head.

"Nasi!" Emmett reached a hand to Nasir's chin in a last ditch effort to stop him. Nasir took hold of Emmett's wrist and pulled his hand away as he continued to draw his mouth up and down on the throbbing organ. Emmett rasped in a deep breath. Nasir relished the feel of his lover's body as he tensed from head to toe and the taste of the precum that flowed freely into his mouth. He held the big stones that now crowded the base of the straining post. He felt the already big dick grow even harder.

"Hoh. Nasi. Oh, God!" Emmett's breath caught in his throat and he threw his head back on the seat. Nasir tasted his lover's essence even before he felt the prominent cum tube expand against his tongue. Emmett's back arched involuntarily as he blew out.

"Ungh!" Emmett exploded in his lover's mouth. Nasir continued to suck at a slower pace as a torrent of semen flooded his mouth. Emmett thrashed on the seat as his seed gushed into Nasir's mouth. Nasir thrilled to the powerful spurts of jizz as he drank from the blasting hose.

"Ungh! Emmett's chest heaved as his juice continued to squirt into his lover's gulping mouth. Nasir gave slow gentle sucks on his lover's pulsing pole as more spunk flowed into his mouth.

"Ugh," Emmett panted as his thick cream ceased to blast, but gave way to a steady flow into Nasir's loving mouth. Nasir massaged the pulsing organ with his lips and the sensitive cum tube with his tongue as he drank his lover's hot nut oil. He slowly drew his lips up the still hard shaft until just the big snake's head was still in his mouth. Nasir wrapped a hand around the quivering cock. He slowly stroked Emmett to milk him of every drop of nectar he had to give. Only then did he relinquish the yet hard bone. Nasir massaged the loosening testicles with his other hand as he gazed lovingly up at his lover. Emmett lay on the seat with glazed eyes and open mouth entirely spent.

"I needed your cum," Nasir smiled.

"Oh my God, Nasi," Emmett panted.

And then the limousine rolled to a stop. A quick glance out the windows told them they had arrived at their building. Nasir moved quickly. Before Emmett could reach for a single article of clothing Nasir rose up, grabbed his head, and covered his mouth with his own. Emmett welcomed the invading tongue. He liked that he could taste himself in his lover's mouth. They shared spit and semen and forgot all about the driver who walked slowly around the car.