Chapter 7 of Linden Gardens, Notting Hill has just been published at my new home, Archive of Our Own.

This is how you find it-
archiveofourown *dot* org/series/21607

Liz - OhJasperMyJasper - is now blogging all of her incredible E&O books. This is how you find her-
ohjaspermyjasper *dot* blogspot *dot* com

As you probably know by now, Liz has fallen victim to the witch hunt and was removed from FF entirely without warning or notice of any kind. As a result, we have both relocated to places where we are free to act like the adults we all are.

FF has chosen, rather than amend ridiculous and arbitrary rules that would then allow them to embrace their writers and especially readership, to enforce these rules, which will without question result in the loss of at least 90% of their readership, and thus hits on the site, thereby causing all of their advertising revenue streams to dry up. I wish them good luck with this obviously absurd folly.

See you at AO3.

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wanttosuckkellan *at* gmail *dot* com

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