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CHAPTER 9: Collision Course

In the 23rd Century…

McCoy was standing in sickbay, when the emergency com channel activated. "This is the captain, speaking to all decks, stop what you're doing and stand still!", Kirk shouted down the line.

McCoy materialized in the Evenstar's sickbay. "You must be, Dr. McCoy.", Phixan said, cheerfully. "That's right. And who are you two?", McCoy quizzed. "I'm Julian Bashir.", Bashir said, giving a little wave. "And I'm Phixan.", Phixan said, lightly shaking McCoy's hand.

"Is that everyone?", Garfield asked. "Yes, sir. All, living, biological lifeforms.", Shekan replied. "Good.", Garfield said.

"Mr. Xon. Take us out of here at full warp.", Garfield said. "Aye, captain.", Xon said.

Five hours later, In the Evenstar's briefing room, Kirk, Garfield, McCoy, Phixan, Spock, Shekan, Cyborg, and Shekan, all sat conversing.

"So? What's our next move, Captain?", Kirk asked, looking at Garfield. "I have absolutely no idea, Jim.", Garfield said.

Garfield's com-badge chirped. "What is it, Julian?", Garfield asked, after slapping the badge. "You'd better come and see this.", Bashir said

Garfield strolled onto the bridge, with Kirk following him.

"Oh, you've gotta be kidding me!", Garfield screamed, as he saw what was on the screen. A Borg armada.

"Excuse me, gentlemen. But I may be of valuable assistance.", Q said, seconds after appearing. "Q! Get us out of here!", Kirk commanded. "Your wish is my command, Kirk.", Q said in a sly voice.

Kirk was, one second on the bridge of the Evenstar, and the next, on the bridge of the Enterprise.

"Q! What have you done?", Kirk screamed, once he had realised that he was alone.

Garfield was, one second on the bridge of the Evenstar, and the next, in the sickbay of the Enterprise, with Terra.

Cyborg, McCoy and Spock were, one second in the Evenstar's briefing room, and the next, in the Enterprise's science lab.

Kirk ran over to Spock's station, and began typing wildly at the console.

Garfield ran onto the Enterprise's bridge. "How many are there, Jim?", Garfield asked Kirk. "There's just me, you, Terra, Cyborg, McCoy and Spock.", Kirk replied. "So what's happened to everyone else?", Garfield asked. "We have to assume that...", Kirk started. "I know.", Garfield said, hanging his head solemnly.

Cyborg, McCoy and Spock, walked onto the bridge. "Where's everyone else?", Cyborg asked. "We have to assume that they're dead, Cyborg.", Garfield said. Cyborg just nodded in acknowledgment.

Q, in a flash of light, appeared. "YOU!", Cyborg shouted. Q looked at Cyborg, and said, "I'm sorry.". Cyborg leapt forward, with amazing speed, and wrapped his hands around Q's neck. "I'm gonna kill you!", Cyborg shouted. "Cyborg, stop!", Garfield shouted. Cyborg replied by removing his hands from Q, and getting off of him.

"Thank you!", Q said, only to receive another punch from Garfield.

"Why, Q?", Kirk asked, simply. "Because it must happen.", Q replied. "What does that mean?", Cyborg quizzed. "It means that It had to happen.", Q said simply. "But why?", Garfield asked. "Because only the six of you can save existence.", Q said. "But what about our friends?", Cyborg asked. "When this is all over, they will be resurrected.", Q said. "What does that mean?", Kirk asked. "The only way to stop this, is travel through time.", Q said. "But where to?", Garfield asked. "You know when. You picked up their distress signal.", Q said. "The NX-01.", Garfield said. "Correct.", Q said.

"Why can't you just take us there?", Kirk asked. "Because up to now, I have been preparing you for this.", Q said. "You're not gonna help us.", Cyborg said. Q looked at Cyborg, and said, "The six of you have the power to stop it yourselves.", Q said.

Q looked at Spock and said, "You'd better get those calculations done, Spock.". Spock stared at Q coldly, before saying, "I am going to do it now.".

Back on the Evenstar, Bashir had taken command.

"What's the current status of the Borg armada, Mr. Shekan?", Bashir asked. "They are approaching from all sides, Sir.", Shekan said. "Is there anything we can do?", Bashir asked. "No, sir. They have us completely surrounded.", Shekan said.

Bashir looked at the floor, and screamed, "Damnit!". Phixan looked at him, and asked, "What are you going to do?". "I'm going to set the ship to self-destruct. I will not let the Borg assimilate anyone.", Bashir said. "Julian, I think that you should see something.", Phixan said. "What is it?", Bashir asked. "Just follow me.", Phixan said, in a commanding tone.

Phixan and Bashir stood in Garfield's quarters, looking at the Evenstar's secret plans. "This is un-believable.", Bashir said.

Bashir and Phixan strolled onto the bridge. "Mr. Shekan, activate the ship's self-destruct system.", Bashir said, with a small grin.

"Why are you grinning, Sir.", Shekan asked. "Because, Shekan. When this ship detonates, from what I've seen of classified documents, It will almost certainly take out the Armada.", Bashir said. "Activating self-destruct, now.", Shekan said.

Bashir spoke his code, "Computer, this is Omega 1. Activate.". Phixan spoke his code, "Computer, this is Omega 2. Activate.". Miral spoke over the com-link, "Computer, this is Omega 3. Activate.". Bashir then finished the code, "Authorize, Alpha-Cochrane 317, and set for three minutes.", Bashir said. The voice of the computer confirmed the, now, imminent destruction of the Evenstar, "Self-Destruct system activated, countdown set to three minutes.".

Three minutes later, the Evenstar was gone, taking ninety percent of the Borg Armada with it.

Back on the Enterprise, Kirk sat in his chair, while Spock typed away at his station. "Captain, I believe that I may have calculated the precise date, to travel to.", Spock said. "Then get down to Engineering and let's get going.".

Garfield stood in the Enterprise's sickbay, while McCoy examined Terra. "Well all signs of any Chrono-Magnetic or Tachyon energy seem to have vanished.", McCoy said. "Could you wake her up, please?", Garfield asked. "Of course I could.", McCoy said, as he pressed a hypo-spray to Terra's neck.

The ships intercom system activated and Kirk spoke, "Bones, Garfield, Terra. Cyborg and Spock are about to begin the time travel sequence.

Outside in the vacuum of space, The Enterprise shot off into warp. Shot off towards its destiny.

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