Much Ado, Commander


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Note: This is an answer to the Shakespeare challenge on the 'Gel-in' site

"YOU WANNA HEAR WHAT YOU'RE PROBLEM IS?" Tucker was seething, turning red from anger. T'Pol leaned back in her chair listening to his tirade, "I'm sure what ever problem you can imagine is not nearly as bad as your own inferior genetic structure." She said in her usual monotone voice. Her continued inability to become angry with Tucker made him even madder. It was like she was being hostile WITHOUT actually being hostile. "WHY YOU LOUSY…"


Archer sat down in the mess hall, hoping against hope that he would finally be able to find some peace. A little shelter from the storm that was Tucker and T'Pol's increasingly heated exchanges.

"Obviously, you're in the same boat as me sir."

He was a little surprised to see Hoshi settling down beside him. Well actually that wasn't true. Hoshi had recently pulled bridge duty with both Tucker and T'Pol at the same time. She probably wanted to enjoy a few last minutes of blissful silence. "Well, Ensign if you're here trying to escape those two, Then yes, you're right." Hoshi just sighed, "You're the Captain, can't you do something?"

Captain Archer shook his head "Every time I try to say something I spark another argument." Hoshi nodded at her Captain, feeling his pain. "What kills me, is that She so obviously wants him.." Archer nearly spit out his orange juice. "WHAT!?"

Hoshi smiled "Anyone can see it."

"T'Pol? She hates him!"

Hoshi just shook her head "No she doesn't, sir." She said, "It's just like that play where those two people fight all the time in order to hide their..."

A wicked grin spread across Hoshi's face as a sinister plan began to develop. "Sir? Have you ever read any Shakespeare?"