" and Sam have to save her. She is out in the open and unprotected. Her death will bring about the apocalyptic endgame. Millions will be simultaneously killed to populate the armies of heaven and hell if her blood is spilled."

Dean knew he was dreaming. He was standing on an empty stage in a large theater. He began to see shadows of actors performing on stage. He was invisible to them as he walked through their shadows trying to understand why he was here of all places. Castiel appeared beside him "She is in trouble and time is running out..." he said with urgency in his voice. His icy sapphire eyes caught Dean's attention as stared as one actor in particular. A beautiful young woman with porcelain skin and long light brown hair that she tucked lightly behind her ear as she concentrated on her lines and her cast members. Her smile bright and kind kept Dean and Castiel's glaze steady.

"Cas?" Dean turned to him uncertain as how he could be in existence even in a dream after his battle with the Archangel at Chuck's house. "I don't have much time....they're coming for me...." Castiel whispered. The stage began to shake, tremble and crumble and Dean heard deep, hardy evil laughter penetrating the walls. Deep black smoke crept down the theater aisles and up onto the stage and surrounded Castiel. "DEAN, YOU MUST SAVE HER!" he shouted frantically as he stole one last glimpse at the young woman. The black smoke snaked up and around Castiel engulfing him and suddenly as though a giant gust of wind had blown through the theater....the smoke carried Castiel away as a large slab of the theater roof came crashing down.

"DEAN!" Sam yelled shaking Dean out of the bad dream and back into reality. "Dude! I stop for 5 minutes to get gas and a coke and you sack out on me! Get your ass up, it's your turn to drive!" Dean shot straight up in the passenger seat. "Sam....I just saw Cas....he's in trouble, the demons have him...or what's left of him." Sam looked at Dean in utter dismay. "Ummm....Dean? Cas is dead, he was blown to bits by the saw his tooth in Chuck's hair...there's no way to come back from that."

"Look I know what I saw was Cas and he was trying to tell me that this girl was in trouble....she's unprotected...if she dies then the apocalyptic battle royale will begin and millions will die. We need to find a way to bring him back for his sake and if this chick is as important as he says she is....we're gonna need all the help we can get to protect her. "Why is this girl so important?" Sam asked skeptically. "Hell if I know, Sammy....Hell, if I know. Dean slipped over into the driver's seat as Sam got in. "First things first, get to Bobby's and try to figure out a way to get Cas back."