Bobby looked out his front window. Amber and Castiel sat on the swing on the front porch, her legs in his lap, laughing and sharing a bowl of ice cream. They were happy and at peace when they were together.

"That's the damnedest thing." Bobby said chuckling as he turned back to Sam and Dean who sat on the couch. "Who ever would have thought...those two would fall for each other..., you think they'll be able to handle this lifestyle?"

"If they made through the past few days, they'll be fine....seem pretty hell bent on being together." Dean laughed as he sipped his beer.

Bobby's phone rang and he left the room to answer it.

"You coming across any ideas on killing Lucifer?" Dean asked Sam who was concentrating on reading one of his Dad's books they'd pulled from his storage container.

"A few...." Sam answered still reading from the literature.

Bobby came back in the room from his phone call. "Listen up sports fans, just got a call from a buddy in Virginia, said omens are poppin up like crazy...."

Sam and Dean looked at each other. It was time. They grabbed their stuff and headed outside.

"Got some demonic omens showing up in Virginia, kids, get your crap." Dean said to Amber and Castiel as he stood in the doorway.

Castiel looked at Amber. "You ready?"

"Let's go." Amber replied smiling.