Title: Definitely a Villain
Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon
Version: Anime

"What did you do today, Fisheye?"

"Oh, you know, kicked puppies, ate babies, those evil things that I do. Because I'm evil."

"Thank you, captain obvious." Hawkeye rolled his eyes.

"Flirt with any cute boys?" asked JunJun.

"No!" Minako panicked and Fisheye's eyes widened. Had they caught on to the body switch and were just stringing her along, weren't they? "I never flirt with boys! Ever!"

"Oh yeah, we believe you."

"Stop mocking me! Or I, Fisheye, will do something evil to you. And I'm not acting strangely."

"For you, no," CereCere agreed.

"Ladies, gentlemen, gentlemen who dress like ladies," Zirconia clapped her hands for their attention. "Did anyone happen to collect any dream mirrors today? Fisheye?"

"Someone was too busy flirting, weren't you?"

"Shut up! I don't have any dream mirrors because I was busy… doing something evil… like I do."

"Right." They moved on like they'd been expecting to hear that. "Tigereye!"