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A/N: Okay, so where did this come from? Well; a few areas really. 1. My fave Spectacular! character is Janet. I love her faith and naivety. She believes in yetis and the Loch Ness Monster! She's adorable. 2. My crush on Simon Curtis. He's sooo hot. *claws* and 3. The scene from 'Something to Believe In' during Janet's chorus where Royce is enjoying it all just a little too much. So now you know how my brain works (and just how closely I've been re-watching Spectacular! since it aired here a few weeks ago), I give you…


Insufficiently Spectacular!

Summary: Royce bargains his way back into Spectacular!, but is the backstabber really in for the long haul, or is he playing games? (Love Square - Janet/Royce/Courtney/Nikko)


"Roll call tachies!" Courtney's voice carried over the empty auditorium as she walked in, clutching her clipboard under her arm. It had been eight weeks since they'd been brutally disqualified from the Nationals and since then Courtney had started dating Nikko, Robin had broken her ankle twice and fallen down a flight of stairs, Nikko had toured five states (including their own – Washington) and Flux's album had sold over 500,000 copies. In such a short space of time great things had happened for almost everyone in the group, rising from the Nationals until they had reached new heights. Now, even though they hadn't won the Nationals search, they had been handed a Wild Card into a Kentucky-based competition. It was this good news that came clipped to Courtney's clipboard that afternoon. "Are we all here?"

"All minus one." Caspian said from the front of the stage where he sat, one leg curled beneath him. "Still no sign of lover girl."

It had been Spectacular!-wide knowledge for a fortnight now that Janet had a new boyfriend. Being her best friend, Courtney had known for a lot longer than that, but still the identity of the mystery beau remained, well, a mystery. "Well, that's okay, I can tell her later. I have great news!" Courtney withdrew the poster and held it up for the others to read. "What is it?"

"We're playing guessing games now?" Tajid grinned as he looked up from his computer.

"'Kentucky Show Choir Championships.' Read it tachies. Read it and feel inspired!" She handed it to Lara, the girl nearest to her. "Pass it around and remember: this is our Nationals people. No obsessive judges, no numbers limit and, most importantly, no Tada!"

"Kentucky Championships? You have to be a Nationals winner to get into this." Robin said, passing the note on as she leant all her weight on her one good leg.

"Or a Wild Card." Courtney grinned. "Guess who's a Wild Card?" She withdrew from her clipboard another slip of paper. "Wild Card 2 of 3: Spectacular!, Washington State. Get excited! We're going to Kentucky!"

The group before Courtney got very excited, but it was Caspian's reality check that brought them back. "Wait, Kentucky is in eight weeks. Nikko's on tour for the next three months."

Courtney sighed. "I know, he says he's going to come back for it. He promised."

"Or you could give the lead role to someone else." Came a voice from the doorway. They all looked up to see Janet had finally arrived, covered in a large waterproof jacket that Courtney recognised but couldn't figure out why. "Hey, sorry I'm late."

"It's fine. I've got some good news. We got a Wild Card to Kentucky Championships." Janet's eyes went as wide as saucers.

"That's why you want Nikko back? Wow, that's awesome. I thought you meant another performance, sorry." She gave a small grin. "This is so cool Court. We're going to Kentucky!"

"Wait a minute again…" Caspian spoke again. "You said 'no Tada'. They should be there after winning Nationals."

"Apparently Royce has gone AWOL. No news on what's happened to him."

"Uh, I might have an answer to that." Janet spoke up from just behind Courtney where she had stood reading the Wild Card news off the clipboard. All eyes turned in her direction. "Tammi kicked him out of Tada after they won Nationals. She obviously forgot the Kentucky Championships were on this year."

Courtney failed to hide a smile. "I knew she was a fraud. Everybody knows what years the Kentucky Championships are held. Every five years since 1994." She stopped the grinning and looked at her best friend. "Wait, why do you know so much about Royce Du Luc's fall out with Tada? It wasn't in the Show Choir News."

Janet got nervous, twisting her toe into the carpeted auditorium floor. "Long story."

"Then shorten it." Courtney returned, uneasiness appearing in her voice.

"I might just show you." Hurrying back to the auditorium doors, Janet pulled them open and waved to someone outside. The group inside watched on in silence as their ex-member and one-time enemy walked back inside. Royce gave them all a half-hearted wave as he took Janet's hand. "That mystery guy?" Janet tried not to look too guilty, but she failed under the glare she was receiving from Courtney. A look as cold as ice.


Next chapter: What's Royce's story? Will Spectacular! welcome him back after everything he's done? And what news does Nikko have that will hurt Courtney's dream?