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Bella Swan's Point of View

"Where shall I put this box, love?" Edward called out to me.

"Uh… by the sofa will be fine," I replied as I continued stacking the book shelf with the many books down by my feet. The shelf was almost full and there were only a few more books to go. I was grateful, I'd been at this for most of the morning!

He carefully placed the box down where I had told him and stood back up, stretching his arms, letting out a breath.

"That's nearly all of them," he smiled.

"Thank god," I said in relief. "What's in that one?" I pointed to the box that he had just put down with visible curiosity.

"Just my CDs," he smiled.

Jeez, I didn't realize how many CDs he had! The box was huge!

"Ok, well bring in the rest of them and then set up the TV," I told him as I continued filling the book shelf.

"Will do," he said as he left through the front door, heading down to his car. I smiled to myself and carried on with my job.

Today was moving day, a day that I had been dreading and excited about all at the same time for months now. Considering it was just Edward and I living here, I couldn't believe how much stuff we had. It wasn't just the furniture, it was the personal things too, like Edward's CDs and my books. The two bedroom apartment was already small enough, and our things were only giving us less room. But I didn't care, this place was perfect. It was just mine and Edward's - our safe little haven and I couldn't be anymore pleased with it.

We had brought it with the money my mother had left me and money that Carlisle and Esme had given us. I was so pleased with the place and I couldn't wait until everything was moved in and set up.

We would be starting our first semester at Dartmouth next week, Edward studying Music and me studying English, so we had moved closer to the college. We were just down the road from the main campus and we both wanted to get everything moved in as quickly as possible. The furniture was pretty much done, it was just the little things that had to be settled in - books, ornaments, the TV. Edward was a little upset over the fact that he could not bring his piano with him, but he agreed to settle with a keyboard for now. I let him believe that because I didn't want to spoil his surprise… Esme and Carlisle were bringing his piano during their next visit and I was going to put it in the spare bedroom for him. I couldn't wait to see his face. I knew it would be a picture.

We had been 'moving in' for a grand total of four days now and the two of us were beyond tired, especially with the constant lifting of things. The bedroom and bathroom was done, it was just the living room and kitchen that had to be finished. I just wanted everything settled so that we could enjoy ourselves together before college started.

It had been a long 6 month wait between my return from Phoenix and moving to college, but it was the greatest time in my life, especially since I officially lived in the Cullen home for he entire duration; a home which I would now greatly miss. I spent every waking moment with Edward during that time and we could freely express our love and affection without fear of being found out. Esme would coo every time she saw us together and Emmett would constantly tease us saying he heard wedding bells heading our way. We both laughed that off. We weren't ready for that, we were only 18 for Christ sake. Alice however had a theory about Rose and Emmett being the ones hearing wedding bells. She was right. He proposed 2 weeks ago and they are getting married next year!

As for my dad… well, lets just say he's going to be locked up for a long time. All the Volturi are. 3 life sentences he got. One for murdering my mother, one for attempted murder on me and one for the crimes he had committed in the organization. I didn't have one ounce of sympathy for him. Good riddance to bad rubbish I said! I didn't need him anymore, I had a family who loves me. He was out of my life and he would never be in it again.

"Hey, love," Edward called as he re-entered the apartment, only a small box under his arm. I turned to look at him with a smile. "Mom and dad just phoned. They said they are coming over to visit at the weekend to help with the last of the decorating."

"Great!" I smiled. I had missed Esme and Carlisle since our move and so I was excited to see them again. They didn't realize how much they had helped me these past few months. I would be forever in their debt.

"And Alice says she misses you, but she really misses your cookies."

"What?!" I exclaimed. "I made them all at least 4 jars full before we left."

"Yeah, well you know Emmett and Alice," Edward said as he put the box down. He walked over to me and held me in his arms. "They eat them in less than 5 minutes." He kissed the top of my head.

I let out a sigh. "Well I suppose I could make some more for Esme and Carlisle to take back with them."

"I think they'd appreciate that," he chuckled.

They better appreciate it! The things I did for the big teddy bear and the pixie…

"Are you almost finished with the books?" he asked me sweetly.

"Almost," I said. "Just one more left." And upon the shelf I placed the first edition of 'Pride and Prejudice' that Edward had brought me for Christmas. This caused a joyful and full grin to appear on his lips and he held me tighter.

"Done?" he asked.

"Done," I replied happily.

"Good," he said contently. "Because I've been waiting to do this all day."

He lowered his head and pressed his lips to mine in a heart melting kiss. I smiled against his lips and moved to deepen the kiss, threading my hands through his magical bronze hair, tugging on it a little. He tightened his grasp on my waist and pulled me closer, sending delicious shivers down my spine. Lord, I would never tire of Edward Cullen!

We eventually pulled away, only for breath.

"You know," I started, breathing heavily. "You didn't have to wait to do that Mr. Cullen.

"Well perhaps I might carry on then, Miss Swan," he replied, giving me that lopsided grin I adored. This however only spurred me on and I crashed my lips once again to his. Our lips and tongues moved in perfect sync and I groaned when Edward suddenly picked me up bridal style. This caused me to break the kiss and give him a confused look.

"I have been lugging boxes around all day," he explained, his green eyes sparkling beautifully. "Now all I want to do is spend some quality time with my beautiful Bella."

That made me blush, his words always did. I would never get used to them. They caused butterflies each and every time.

"I love you," I whispered.

He smiled. "I love you too."

I grasped him tighter as he carried me into the bedroom, kissing my lips lovingly, closing the door behind him.

I would never regret everything that had happened to me throughout my life; I had to take the good with the bad. If everything hadn't happen, I would never have met Edward and my life wouldn't be as amazing as it now was. Sure, my life had been rough and full of depression and disappointments over the last few months, but when I wake up each morning and see his beautiful smiling face looking down on me, his eyes full of joy and love, then I know it was all worth it.

I loved Edward Cullen and I would spend the rest of my life with him. I knew it wouldn't be a smooth road from here, there would still be many ups and downs to encounter, but I knew I would be alright. He would be by my side through everything, keeping me grounded and loved.

And if I were honest… that's all I could ask for.

My Prince Charming…

My knight in shining armor…

My Mr. Darcy…

My Edward…


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