Screw Me Senseless

Author's Note: My study hall is so boring so I randomly wrote this up…it's a Sasori/Deidara story that will probably have two, maybe three parts, so if you want me to continue after this, review, review, review!

Warning for yaoi, lemons, and adult themes.

It all started with a question.

"Since you're a puppet, Sasori no danna, can you even have sex? Hmm?"

And it ended with an answer supported by physical proof.

Frowning and setting the puppet he was working on aside, Sasori narrowed his glinting brown eyes to glare at Deidara. "And why does that concern you?" His tone was portentously malicious, coaxing a sly grin from Deidara, who shrugged nonchalantly in response.

Deidara evenly replied, "You're always so uptight." He smirked evilly. "Maybe you need to get laid, hmm?"

Reddening, Sasori was sorry he asked; that is, until an amusing plan formed in his head, a capricious leer tugging on his lips as he stood, striding towards Deidara. The blonde cocked an inquisitive eyebrow, leaning back on the bed he was sitting on as Sasori moved forward, gait predatory. Sasori's eyelids tapered slightly, eyes hiding behind a cleverly gleaming sheen, a gaze so lustful that it made Deidara's stomach tighten.

Sweeping over to the bed, Sasori placed his knees around Deidara's stiffening legs, reaching out to caress his partner's flushed face, chuckling darkly. "Can I have sex?" Sasori questioned rhetorically, warm breath fanning over Deidara's blushing features. His lips moved closer to Deidara's slightly ajar ones, voice becoming deeper. "Would you like to find out?"

"Uh, Sasori no danna…!"

Before Deidara had the chance to finish his answer, Sasori plunged his tongue into the blonde's mouth, knocking him onto his back and hungrily kissing his lush lips. At first, Deidara struggled, startled by the abrupt action, but slowly conceded once he found that his arms were already wrapping around Sasori's back, inviting him closer.

Deidara wanted Sasori.


He always had.

Deidara gasped for air when Sasori pulled away, instantly lunging forward, lips seeking Sasori's mouth. "Sasori no danna!" Deidara exclaimed, breathless, eyelids fluttering. Sasori could not deny the smug smirk encircling his lips at Deidara's adorable expression, the desperate look of yearning and need was reflected so vividly in his ingenuous ice-blue eyes.

Sasori thumbed Deidara's chin, placing his mouth beneath Deidara's earlobe and sucking on that tender spot. He felt Deidara convulse underneath him, his grip tightening. Sasori continued moving his lips against Deidara's skin, making him groan, both their bodies relaxing with the sensual movements of Sasori's lips. The redhead casually lowered his hands, fingers running along the seam of Deidara's pants and making the blonde shudder.

Voice low and seductively husky, Sasori calmly ordered, "Screw me senseless."

Grasping Deidara's hips in a sudden moment and squeezing, Sasori attacked Deidara's lips with an upsurge of vigor and passion, trapping him in his arms until Deidara was melting in his embrace. Sasori continued assaulting his lips, tongue prodding at his mouth as one of his hands began rubbing at Deidara's crotch, making him groan, delicious sensations pulsing through him.

"Ahhh…ohh…Sasori no danna!"

Sasori seized the given opportunity to tear off Deidara's shirt, then removing his own. He claim Deidara's coveting lips again, hands touching his taut skin and making Deidara tense to a point where his entire body was rigid, the bulge in his pants nearly perceptible. It was certainly tangible, Sasori had noticed, as he continued rubbing where the erection was blooming in the confinement beneath his fingers.

"Danna! Oh danna, don't stop! Oh! Ohh…!"

Wriggling beneath Sasori, Deidara shifted, trying to sit up, but was quickly dragged back down. There was no escaping the dizzying sensations, the sinful pleasure; it was everything Deidara could have ever wanted from Sasori. Above him, the redhead chuckled lightly, staring libidinously at his trapped partner.

"You're mine Deidara and you know it," Sasori purred, straddling Deidara's hips.

Sasori drew his face to Deidara's heaving chest, while his hands reached up to entangle themselves in Deidara's soft, golden locks. Sasori's tongue slid out of his mouth and over Deidara's skin, teasing his nipple and making it tighten.

Deidara gasped aloud. "Ahhh…ahhh! S-Sasori no danna! Gah…ah……mmm…nnn…!"

Moving his hips beneath Sasori's, straining for movement, for liberation of his sinful bliss, Deidara slammed his eyes shut and arched his back as Sasori played with his nipple. Deidara didn't want Sasori to stop; he would make whatever noises Sasori wanted to hear, do whatever it was Sasori commanded him to do if only he would continue pleasuring him like this. He locked his fingers behind Sasori's head, groaning and panting.

"Mmm…ahhh! Ahhh!"

Sasori began moving his lips steadily lower, kissing Deidara's beautiful skin, the conceivable erection in Deidara's pants making it harder for Sasori to resist that area where he would do whatever he had to, to make Deidara cry his name in utter ecstasy. An uncontainable, sexual urge was burgeoning in Sasori, ebbing throughout his veins.

"Sasori no danna! Mmm! Nnn!"

As Sasori kissed down his stomach, lips nipping, mouth pleasuring, Deidara felt his entire body slip out of his control, spasming as Sasori reached his waist, hands already reaching for the top of his pants. The puppet nin effortlessly drew the troublesome article off, making Deidara nearly lurch forward, stomach coiling, as his navy blue boxers were revealed. Deidara's breathing quickened, mind spinning uncontrollably as Sasori stripped him of his underwear too, hands immediately attracted to his rigid cock.

"Oh God!" Deidara couldn't restrain the sounds collecting in his throat and bursting from his lips as Sasori started rubbing and stroking his upright length. "Oh God!"

Planning to make Deidara scream his name, Sasori took the sensitive head hungrily in his mouth, swirling it around his hot cavern with his tepid tongue, using his fingers to fiddle with Deidara's loose balls. The blonde suffering through the pleasure almost couldn't bear it. Moans were slipping from Deidara's lips as fast as the heat was pooling in his groin.

"Ahhh…Sasori! Sasori! Fuck! Ahhh! Ah! Ohh!"

The harder Sasori sucked, the more unbearable it was; the louder Deidara's groan, the kinkier Sasori was.

"Damn it! More! More! God, just don't fucking stop! Please!"

Deidara felt like he was going to burst.

Moans became sounds that were mere illusions of words, but as Sasori pulled Deidara's length farther into his mouth, he was eventually able to understand some of the groans Deidara was spewing, commands that he heeded without question. "Faster Sasori, faster! Ugh! More! Nnn! More, more, more! Oh God…I'm going to come! Ah! Nnn! Keep…going…ahhh!"

The accumulating heat reached its limits, boundaries breaking as Deidara released his hot, sticky fluids into Sasori's mouth, dick still erect. Sasori slowly drew back, licking the cum from his lips and bending back down to lick the remaining seed from Deidara's quivering member, the blonde breathing raggedly.

Sasori returned to Deidara's yearning mouth. "Oh, did you like that, Deidara?"

Before Sasori could continue his playful taunting, Deidara recovered in time to throw his arms around his neck, tackling the startled puppet nin onto his back. That grin that seemed to have vanished from Deidara's lips during his sexual turmoil had resurfaced, reinvigorated. Deidara's smirk returned with the turning of the tables, wiping a trail of saliva from beneath his chin.

Sasori had his fun tormenting the blonde with compelling pleasures, but now it was Deidara's turn.

He was going to make Sasori drown helplessly on the edge of sexual, criminal ecstasy.

He was going to push Sasori so far to the brink of paradise that he was never going to return.

Fully aware of the roguish, handsomely devilish leer spreading amid prurience uncontained across Deidara's lips, Sasori knew that there was no way to evade the fact that he was now fucked; literally. Deidara lavished his lips with his tongue; it was payback time.

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