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Chapter 2: Payback's A Bitch

"Sasori no danna," Deidara seductively cooed, lavishing his lips with his tongue and smirking wickedly.

Eyes widening in surprised shock, Sasori stared up at his simpering partner as he lay on his back, unmoving, allowing the mattress and sheets to slowly swallow him beneath the weight of Deidara's portentous gaze. Deidara readily straddled his prone body, tormenting Sasori by wiggling his hips in a vulgar manner, swaying them playfully from side to side. The blonde's blue eyes danced knowingly.

"Now who's the master, hmm?" Deidara grinned triumphantly, knees sinking into the bed.

Sasori held his cool, a weak smile surfacing. "Don't get cocky, brat."

Deidara arched a golden eyebrow. "Don't be so hasty, danna."

Before words of quarrel could escape Sasori, Deidara claimed his mouth, seizing both sides of his face and merging their lips with a passionate, wet kiss. Deidara pressed his mouth hard into Sasori's, tension building as he swept his hands down Sasori's neck, tracing a path for his lips to follow. His lips and teeth nipped together, following his hands as they dropped down Sasori's bare chest.

"Sasori," Deidara murmured between kisses, sucking down the puppet's throat. "Mmm…"

"Deidara!" Sasori gasped, unable to control the words sliding through his lips. "Nnn!"

Working his mouth roughly against Sasori's skin, Deidara bit down lightly on his collar bones, testing Sasori's reactions. Sasori arched his back, groaning, begging with sexual moans to go further. Deidara licked down his chest, mouth sliding towards Sasori's erect nipple. His tongue wiggled out of his mouth, prodding the hard nipple playfully, and making Sasori gasp when he took it into his mouth.

Suckling, Deidara listened to Sasori moan as he bucked his hips, pleading and yearning for Deidara. The blonde smirked, continuing his work and sucking harder, making sure that Sasori would know the pleasure inherit in his mouth when it came time to move his lips down to Sasori's southern regions.

"Ahhh…! Ah!" Sasori's head fell back into the pillows, clutching Deidara's head. "D-Deidara!"

Switching nipples, dragging his moist tongue across Sasori's chest, Deidara continued sucking on Sasori, keeping his mind occupied, as he stripped his partner of his pants. Sasori went red, beginning to sweat as his lower erection blossomed beneath his boxers. Soon, Deidara's hand was down there, fondling his length and making Sasori gasp and moan yearningly.

"Stop…fucking with me!" Sasori ground out each word, struggling to keep himself under control.

Deidara stopped suckling, bringing his lips to Sasori's mouth, hovering for a moment. "Do you really want me to stop, danna? Hmm?" Sasori narrowed his glinting brown orbs and Deidara chuckled huskily. "That's what I thought." He plunged his tongue into Sasori's mouth, kissing him deeply. He then slid his knee between Sasori's legs, rubbing it against his aching member. Sasori's breathing quickened, heart suddenly pounding so loudly his eardrums were throbbing.

"D-Deidara! Deidara!" Sasori cried before being silenced by Deidara's eager kisses.

Keeping himself motivated as ever, Deidara pushed his body against Sasori's, the contact of bare skin being simply tantalizing. This only drove Sasori madder with sexual craving. Deidara was more than well aware of his partner's growing impatience, but strived to hold out just a little longer so that he could really have some fun with his beloved partner.

Slowly, ever so painfully and aggravatingly slowly, Deidara began inching his hands down Sasori's sides, allowing the practiced mouths on his palms to nip and lick, sending shivers piercing throughout Sasori's body and causing beads of sweat to roll like pearls down his pale skin. His groans were immortalized in the echoing walls of the room, his moans serving as a reminder to Deidara how much he was both enjoying and loathing the erotic experience.

"Ugh…Deidara…don't keep me waiting…damn it…!" Sasori's eyebrows knitted together.

Deidara didn't stop his slow torture. Rather, when his hands were just above Sasori's waistline, he began taking his sweet time pulling down his boxers. Sasori couldn't take it. He was losing control of both himself and his temperance quickly. Dropping his hands to yank the wretched clothing off, Sasori suddenly found Deidara seizing his hands and pinning them above his head, taking both his wrists in the confinement of five of his fingers.

"Behave yourself, Sasori no danna," Deidara chimed whisperingly.

"Deidara!" Sasori urged out in a gasp.

Smirking cruelly, Deidara gently reminded him, "You just put me through the same kind of torture…I want you to know exactly what it feels like, hmm?" Deidara used his one free hand to create an unbearable friction on the inside of Sasori's leg. This made Sasori's erection harden even more, the dull ache prodding at his core becoming even more excruciating.

Sasori began to buck and moan, becoming spastic. "Deidara! Deidara! Deidara, fuck me now!"

Entertainingly surprised by Sasori's reaction, Deidara slammed his lips roughly into Sasori's, consuming his shouts with invigorated passion. Sasori struggled to wriggle free of Deidara's hold and to just hammer into him, but Deidara was too strong. He kept him at bay as well as at his mercy; this was almost too much for Sasori to bear.

Throwing his hips at Deidara's, Sasori made a connection, and the tip of his covered head brushed against Deidara's, halting the blonde's persistent kisses. Deidara reigned in the intriguing sensation, looking back at Sasori with vigilant eyes, and realizing that of the two of them he was not quite so sadistic—just stubborn.

Without much more pretense, Deidara heeded to Sasori's desperation and tore off his boxers.

By this point, both of them had endured enough time waiting for the other.

Interlocking his legs with Sasori's, Deidara threw his arms around the redhead in a tight embrace, pressing their bodies together, kissing and dynamically making out with the puppet nin, touching and caressing his soft body. Sasori draped his arms around Deidara's neck, burying his hands in those silky blonde locks that he adored.

When their lengths would brush against each other, both of them would moan in unison.

"Ahhh…Deidara…Deidara…" Sasori whispered between kisses. "You're mine…all mine…"

"No," Deidara replied, sadistic nature taking over again. "I don't think so, Sasori."

Before Sasori could ask, Deidara flipped him onto his stomach and pressed his muscled abdomen against Sasori's stiff back. The redhead reacted with alarm, waiting for Deidara's next move as the blonde smirked against his neck, murmuring, "You are mine."

Sasori gasped, lifting himself up as Deidara tightly grasped his hips, holding him firmly. The puppet nin knew what to expect, but wasn't sure he was prepared as he felt Deidara's cock press in warning against his back entrance. Excitement overwhelmed Deidara; he could feel the adrenalin pulsing through his veins as he keenly eyed the spot he intended to make his target. Balling the sheets between his interconnecting fingertips, Sasori braced himself as Deidara began his merciless penetration.

"This is for you, Sasori no danna!" Deidara cried aloud as he slammed himself into Sasori.

"Fuck!" Sasori shouted, entire body shoved forward, sweat falling.

"Sasori!" Deidara moaned with each tumultuous thrust.

"Ah! Deidara! Faster! Faster! Nnn! Ahhh!"

Pumping and thrusting, Deidara went in and out of Sasori, reaching around his stiff body to fondle his length, gingerly prodding the ball sac with his fingertips and caressing his member with the palm of his hands, allowing the mouths to take part in the pleasuring of the puppet.

"Mmm…oh! Oh! Oh!" Sasori spasmed, moaning and twisting. "D-Deidara!

"Ah! Ah!" Deidara struggled to stay within the redhead. "Sasori!"

"K-keep going! Fuck! Fuck…" Sasori felt Deidara completely sliding into him.

"Nnn…ohh…ahhh…" Deidara groaned sensually, member entirely encased.

Waiting for the release, Sasori panted heavily, able to hear Deidara's labored breathing behind him, lurching forward when Deidara finally ejaculated, his hot fluids streaming into Sasori. With a loud cry heightened by his sensitivity to his sexual situation, Sasori screamed Deidara's name as he pulled out, "Deidara! Oh god! Deidara! Deidara! Deidara!"

Falling loosely beside the still moaning redhead, Deidara tumbled into the pile of sheets that quickly and easily accepted his fatigued body. Sasori collapsed beside him, inhalations hot and heavy as perspiration poured from both their bodies, mingling when they pulled each other together in a tight embrace, kissing breathlessly.

"I love you, Sasori no danna," Deidara murmured amid kisses, eyelids fluttering.

"Love you too, brat," Sasori growled, not wanting their kiss to be interrupted.

Simpering complacently, Deidara decided that he could always talk to Sasori about how much he loved him later. Once they pulled apart, Deidara was the first to fill his lungs with the suffocating heat of the atmosphere which was enflamed by their impassioned efforts. Deidara then returned to ardently showing his zealous affection, breaking their kiss only to say, "You know, Sasori no danna, payback's a bitch."

To this, Sasori replied with a fond smirk, "Don't give me any ideas; you might not be able to handle me a second time around."

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