Tales of Paradise Valley
by Maetch

To sum it up, this isn't a full-blown fanfic, but a series of smaller ficlets and one-shots that (I think) helps to add a bit more depth to the Alex Mack metaseries (namely the show and occasional reference to the books).

For those who came in late, here's a quick refresher...


Alex Mack
The star of the show, a young, wide-eyed teenager who's a little lacking in the self-confidence department, but is always looking out for everybody. She has a careless side and is easily swayed by praise or flattery, and she can have one heck of an imagination.

Oh, yes, we forgot to mention... she has powers. A freak chemical spill accident while coming home from the first day of Junior High has left Alex with some of the most amazing abilities, mainly in the forms of telekinesis, electrokinesis, and shapeshifting into a liquid puddle. These are the sort of powers people would kill for, so it's no surprise that Alex has to keep them a secret.

Ray Alvarado
Alex's bestest-best friend. They've been pals since preschool and confide everything to each other... including secrets as big as Alex's powers. He does have his occasional moments of causing trouble, but he never does it with the intention to cause harm.

Annie Mack
Alex's older sister. She's a certifiable genius and sees her scientific future in Alex's misfortune. Though Annie tends to get too wrapped up in her research to remember that Alex is her sister and not a science project, she cares deeply for Alex.

George Mack
Alex's father. He's a brilliant scientist, and it's no surprise where Annie gets her own genius from. George has a hard time relating to Alex, though, mainly since she doesn't quite share his aptitude. He doesn't know about her powers, either, so it all balances out.

Barbara Mack
Alex's mother. She's a very down-to-earth woman who has a better understanding of Alex's pressures in the teenage lifestyle, though she's not quite up-to-date on teenage life in the 90s. And, of course, she's got no clue about Alex's unnatural issues.

Robyn Russo
Robyn's life is best summed up as "Murphy's Law defined". She'll find the worst-case scenario in virtually everything. She's also a bundle of nerves that's quick to freak out when things go wrong. Still, Alex stands by her as a friend (though one who doesn't know the full truth about Alex).

Nicole Wilson
If there's ever something to protest in Paradise Valley, Nicole is always the first one to take up arms over it. She's headstrong, opinionated, and doesn't tolerate injustice of any kind. She's another good friend of Alex's, though she has no clue about her powers, either.

Louis Driscoll
Ray's best friend from Cincinatti, Louis isn't exactly one of Alex's favorite people. He has a bad habit of running his mouth faster than his brain, and he's always thinking up one crazy plan after another. Alex generally tolerates him for Ray's sake, and wisely keeps Louis clueless about her powers.

Danielle Atron
CEO of the Paradise Valley Chemical Plant and self-professed genius. Atron's financial strength and planning has allowed her to practically run Paradise Valley unopposed. In public, she is celebrated by all and respects the working man...

... but behind closed doors, the facade fades, and Danielle Atron's true nature as a power-hungry opportunist arises. She trusts no one but herself in her endless quest for ultimate money and power, and even her closest subordinates know to fear her. In the wake of the chemical accident, Atron sees the unidentified "Kid" as a threat to her plans, and desires "him" captured, tested on... and possibly eliminated.

Vince Carter
Vince runs the security force at PV-Chem, and often heads up the search for "The Kid". Though extensive details on him are classified, it is widely known that Vince was once a Navy SEAL before serving Atron, something to which the military-like security team can attest to. Vince prides himself on being able to catch anybody, but he's obviously never gone up against someone like Alex before. Although Vince eventually gets fired from PV-Chem, he still lurks Paradise Valley in a solo campaign to catch The Kid.

Lars Fredrickson
Lars is one of the brightest chemists ever to come out of Vienna, but he's also a notorious sycophant, always sucking up to Atron and being quick to put anybody under suspicion of betraying her.

Dave Watt
The dull-witted truck driver at PV-Chem who unintentionally caused the chemical accident that affected Alex. Thankfully, his memory isn't too sharp, so he doesn't know who "The Kid" really looks like. He's often stuck with Vince in trying to catch "The Kid". Despite his job, Dave is actually a pretty nice guy.


The main timespan is four years, from 1994 (the year of the accident) to 1998 (PV-Chem's destruction). Each full season of the show runs a full year from September and concludes around the same time the next year. Basically...

Year 1 (Season 1) - 1994 to 1995
Year 2 (Season 2) - 1995 to 1996
Year 3 (Season 3) - 1996 to 1997
Year 4 (Season 4) - 1997 to 1998

In general, this is to help solidify when these tales take place in relation to the show. That way, when I say "the so-and-so incident from a year ago", you'll be able to recognized what and when I'm talking about. I know that shows like this don't keep strong continuity, but I'll be damned if I don't try and keep it sorted somehow.

Anyway, that's it. Hopefully, I'll have my first tale up after this. Depending on how that goes, I'll plan more out.